Wednesday, August 7, 2013

thinking of vacations

come on in!
Thinking about Lake Placid... we have settled into a pattern. We found Lake Placid in the Adirondacks of NY a few years ago and loved the whole atmosphere. We visit wineries and quilt shops along the way up. We stop in Saratoga Springs and walk the town.  Cole comes with us of course, and loves being with his people all day for a week. He is packing bandanas and toys now in anticipation.
We stay at a hotel on Mirror lake in the town, park the car, and can walk everywhere the rest of the week. I like to watch the World class ice skaters each day, we walk the three mile path around the lake twice each day, visit the winery in town, sit on the balcony and read each evening, Drew goes for runs, and swims. We lay by the lake and Cole watches the ducks.  There is shopping, and all three of us like milling around in town.
The picture is Cole standing in a boathouse connected with a property for sale last year. We all three spent a minute visualizing being able to own it, and come up as often as we liked...   LeeAnna

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