Tuesday, August 13, 2013

time saver

not fun daily task
We all have less-than-fun daily tasks. I love having a dishwasher but unloading the utensils is one of my daily annoyances. One day I decided instead of picking through one at a time, I'd dump them into the drawer so I could quickly find a fork.
Wow, what a difference this made to a boring task!
First of all there's that tinkling noise.
 No stabbing myself with knife or fork points. The way I see it, some of the items fall in their appointed spaces automatically. The others are quickly sorted visually.
The whole thing is over in a second and I'm on to more interesting work in the studio. 

now, I know this procedure isn't earth shattering or bringing about world peace. Thought I'd share it, just because it's one of the many weird things that I do differently than most people.

On another note, I had a big compliment yesterday from my friend Ellen.
Ellen is a very experienced and accomplished quilter.

Ellen Moran's tool tote
 She asked to use a pattern I developed for a rotary tool tote as she wanted to corral her mat/cutters/rulers to travel. I gave her the pattern but we discussed how to  tweak it to suit her needs. Mine opens up flat with slots for rulers. She wanted one to slide over her rolling bag handle.

 She came back this week with a terrific bag made from the mariner compass she did last month in bee, and a pieced back that reminded her of one of my tote bag patterns. 
The whole thing is unlike any of my patterns so where does the compliment come in you may ask??

She said I inspired her to do her own thing and she left knowing she could do it. That's a great compliment.
 I've heard back from several people this week that I was the reason they began making art quilts. This is the universe balancing the pendulum of loss from last week.
I can teach skills, and love to do that. I teach about 15 different workshops.
The most exciting part of sharing what I do with others is encouraging them to work originally and having them leave with the confidence that they can make whatever they can conceive.
 I love to see that spark when they realize it's all there in them and they just need to start.
I am so thankful to Ellen and the other lovely people who contacted me this week for encouraging me.
love, LeeAnna

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