Saturday, August 3, 2013

home again

She put on her power suit everyday by LAPaylor

haiku detail of power suit
"She put on her power suit every day..."  has been gone for two years and been places I've never been.

The quilt holds a poem I wrote about living with pain, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, pain can be all encompassing. The choice to continue is made daily.
"Sometimes it takes super human power to just face life bravely"

The figure is me, both in the mirror as my old self, going to court each day to protect children, a business suit and briefcase, and as I live today as an artist. There is a tiny free form quilt hanging in her studio, as it mine, and the letters under it are scrabble tiles.
(Better keep all those bits and pieces as you'll need them)

Note her messy hair, her bare feet, her comfortable clothes. 

She holds a magic wand as so much of life seems magical.

The piece is very personal to me. If you can relate to chronic pain, here's to a good day.
Love, Lee Anna


  1. Love. It.
    Sometimes it is really brave to step up and live lie every day, when all you may want to do is hide under the covers. This is a beautiful statement about that very thing. Well done!
    --Toni in Milwaukee (Often looking for the covers... :) )

    1. oh thank you Toni
      I wanted to hide all weekend. Thanks for telling me you relate.

  2. How true your poem is. It reflects what many of us go through daily.

    1. If you have a website, I'd like to visit because your artist/composer tag is intriguing. Do you deal with pain too? LA

  3. I think it is "Meant to be" that I now follow your blog, so I have added you to my Bloglovin' list. I have been browsing quilting blogs for a couple of hours now (love doing that with my Sunday morning coffee.) I told myself "just one more" and since I love using color, the name of your blog caught my eye. The hexies lured me in but within seconds I knew I needed to read and absorb what I was seeing and reading.

    You now have a place in my morning ritual. Thank you for sharing your vision, or wisdom and your words.


  4. Just beautiful! So much depth in this piece. It truly tells a story.

  5. That's a beautiful quilt. Thanks for linking up at Throwback Thursday today.

  6. Your quilt has such a powerful impact. I love both the design and the poem.