Monday, August 26, 2013

Missed you!

our baby goes to Princeton
We have been on vacation for 10 days. It was a big push to break the gravity of the house-that-needs-too-,much, and get the heck out of dodge. We headed North, and the first stop was a quilt store in NJ. Certain stores along the way to Lake Placid  are must stops, and Pennington Quilt Works near Princeton is one of them. It  has the latest/greatest stuff and lots of cool sales too. Bead and wool  shops next door.

Then we go into Princeton  and walk around  town. We all  had a great time taking in the college, and imagined we got to go to school there. Then we strolled the town, and  happened onto this little hole in the wall  deli named Olives,and it had so many items we wanted, but we chose  buffalo chicken mac N cheese, green beans, & asparagus for a picnic dinner.
We spent the night in Albany to break up the trip. Or to allow me to visit more quilt shops...

The next day we went into Ballston Spa where there is a wonderful little quilt shop. I visited with the ladies there and bought a few yards of fabric. Then we went into another of our favorite places, Saratoga Springs where the horses are racing! Put on your hats y'all!  Cole apparently had a hot date, with about 20 dogs and even more dog loving people. 
 This shop positively dotes on him, giving him biscuits and pets and people took pictures of him in his mickey mouse bandana.

Here he is kissing yet another cute dog.

Then the serious dog shopping began.
 Cole shops. He goes into a store, and by store, I mean regular people type stores. He looks at every shelf close to eye level, misses very little, sniffs now and then but only a few times in his life has he picked out items he wanted. One was a boiled wool hat. Usually it's a candle, or a pig ear.There is a pet section in this store. They love dogs here!!

Next...What else do you do in Saratoga?? Eat.
 This is another fave. Putnam Deli has great sandwiches and you really need to be accompanied by a dog to sit on their patio. Not really, but there were several patient dogs ignoring each other lest they miss a tidbit dropped by their people.
While I shopped for clothes, DH and Cole watched this 12 year old play some of the best old rock and roll I've heard on the street.

We loved the cool sunny weather but there were quilt shops to get to before checking into our home away from home on the lake. 
By the time we reached the Adirondacks we had visited 5 quilt shops, several wonderful towns, many little gift shops, and reveled at the mountain views and cool weather. 
We got into town, checked into our room, and walked around Mirror Lake breathing in fresh air, seeing lots of dogs and people, deciding on dinner plans, and stretching our legs. The walk around is about 3 miles and to our surprise Cole did the whole thing with us, culminating in a swim  for him in the cold mountain water. 
Mirror Lake view

I will continue with the pictures and the stories I wanted to tell along the way.I ended up taking a complete vacation not even looking at the computer the whole time. I missed talking with you all. 

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