Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shiny-sparkly things

beading artist divas
A new beading group has been formed! I have lots, and I mean LOTS of beads in my bead stash. I just love shiny-sparkly things. I use them on quilts. I have made amulet bags and beaded needle cases. I want to make jewelry now too. When my friend suggested we start a group to encourage use of our beads I jumped at the chance.
This may be the artist group I'm looking for. Smart funny women, making things they love. What a good time we had, and I look forward to many more laughter filled meetings and sharing our skills with each other.

What did I make today you may ask?? I started a flat peyote weave triangle and it didn't look at all like the pattern so I tore it apart for another day. I did watch someone composing a piece to wear to a wedding and her process of decision making is much like mine with quilts. I love that making art can be understood no matter the medium chosen. I learned about crocheting with wire, use 24 gauge silver plated, and how to compose a nice necklace. I saw organizational systems and tools new to me. It was fun!
Hope you are making stuff!

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