Sunday, June 17, 2018

writing prompt A chance to sparkle

The words above came from SundayWhirl writing prompt this week... here is my offering...

                                                  A chance to sparkle
This was her shot at the big time!

As far back as she remembered she wanted to act on Broadway, and here she was with a herd of other actors, waiting for their names to be called.

("stop fiddling with your hair" she heard her mom say in her head)

She could hardly catch her breath... she must not forget the words to the audition song. She feels so alone here in NY with her family all back in Minnesota. Should she call her mom now? Just a quick call to hear her say, "honey, you are the best actress I ever gave birth to!"  Her mom is so supportive, she never forgets to send treats to the apt here, so she doesn't feel so lonely.

Dad is her protector from all harm.  He checked all locks on the apt door and reminded her to take care of herself while walking around the city.

He has always been her rock.

After talking to him, she stands a little taller, she feels more capable. He taught her what it means to have integrity. He taught her that a person might be able to get away with a misdeed but they will not feel real pride unless they do the right thing.

He believes in her.

Because they believe in her talent to succeed, she feels like she is standing on a firm foundation to build her life.
She can do this! She's GOT this.

If this is not her gig, she knows a role will come along for her because this is her passion in life.

Take a breath! Remember the dance moves, she's done them a million times. She knows what she's going to do.

Please let me not fall as I pass the director, please please, please let me remember the words to the song and get this part! It's so perfect for me.

I need the money. I need to believe this is my place, my future, my now.

Later I can cry, or laugh, but for now, I must be terrific! I must wow them, give them something to remember.

Sparkle! It's not enough to have passion, you must show passion... share passion with others.

What? Was that my name, I mean number? Is it my turn? Sparkle! Breathe. Show them who you are!

(thank you for reading my words... I have many older stories on this blog, written from my heart, under the category 'writing for pleasure', HERE
One of my favorites is " Litter of Extroverts"... link: -litter-of-extroverts-short-story-

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Friday, June 15, 2018

turquoise is lovely

Turquoise is the color of the month at Rainbow scrap challenge. It's one of my very favorite colors.

I did a slightly larger Dresden from the scrap bin...
Look at the little scissors, and the fish, the planets.
When you are looking at color sometimes it's hard to tell... blue? Turquoise?
That's why a mix is fun.

cut offs from Dresdens
other turquoise stuff around here...
turquoise scraps in a clear bin

brown scraps in a turquoise bin
empty bins in turquoise

sharp turquoise things plus a spray bottle
IPAD cover
Irish chair   "Paddy O'Furniture
and turquoise words from a turquoise pen on a turquoise mouse rug!

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

I Like Thursday #93

Welcome to this week's list of likes... so many.... from garden centers to videos to dogs playing on a hot summer day... Let's get started.
 I liked the cloud's intense color and highlights on our sunset walk this week. It looks like a painting to me.
This statue for the garden made me happy this weekend
 I used to go to the garden center in MD just to see all the colors, so this weekend we checked out ones in Aurora and Parker.
Mr and Mrs gnome will welcome you in to share the beauty with me...
Now I know what to do with Milo's rock collection.
BTW, I had a miracle moment this week when Milo urped up a rock he swallowed on Friday night. We were visiting with our neighbor when he grabbed another rock. I tried to get it out of his mouth but he rolled over and swallowed it. We looked for it hoping he hadn't and waited a couple days watching for signs of distress. Then on a walk, out it came, thank God! What a blessing.

I've tried to stop him from picking them up, when I see it I pull them out of his mouth, but I just don't know short of electo-shock therapy how to stop him.
Back to the garden center... look at these cobra hoses.

Wild right?

Then there were the guardians...

and the peaceful
and all the flowers!!!
So dramatic! I could do patterns like this and people would say it wasn't realistic. Thanks Mother Nature... hope we can take care of all you've given us
beautiful pots too heavy to lift!
cool fish to swim through the flowers
Love the design of this modern, yet timeless pot.

Clay, rock, and artistic!

enormous blooms

 ski chair

 I liked learning to fold a towel into a sea turtle at a neighbor's house while our dogs played.
The 9 year old daughter was learning to do it so she could show her class in a demo.

She was highly distracted and having a hard time paying attention to the video so I had her teach me.

Mine is on the left, and the mom said she saw monkeys from folded towels too...
I liked sharing the moment with them while Milo played.

We also went to some neighborhood yard sales and met the most astounding people! From the man from Louisiana playing cajun music to the massage therapist I want to become friends with (when we were leaving I said I will need your number so we can become best friends and she said, but of course! And got her card, when I found out she was a therapist! ) to the two couples who moved in next to each other when the houses were built, to the woman who used to juggle at the Renaissance Festival.

We bought an entertainment center from a man who "adopted" a boy who's father was killed in the line of duty as a policeman, what heart.
Look at the antique sewing chair I found, but didn't purchase
sure hope that didn't go to goodwill. I suggested if she didn't sell it to send it to Smithsonian! Or to historical society in Arvada.

Milo's Moments
I like yard sales too.... I met lots of people and dogs, and ate more than a few chips dropped on the ground!
  I met this dog, staying over at her neighbors... it was hot and she was older but we laid around 

and tousled then just laid around together. 

It's nice to just be with friends even if you aren't doing a lot, right?  
Mama's friends are also writing "I  Like" posts, wanna see?



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Monday, June 11, 2018

Milo's meanderings... I went to a fair, danced, and got a hat!

Hi, Milo here for my own post! Finally! I went to a street fair this weekend and took my pawrents.
It's called Parker days and it was pup-ular! Lots of people and dogs. This little boy decided to take me for a walk and I said...
Okey dokey!
How cute! I love kids and this was one good dog lovin' kid!
(LeeAnna: the mama said he has always loved dogs. He looked to be nearly 2 and much smaller than Milo and nothing mattered but the connection. Milo was gentle, the boy led him all around and Milo behaved much better for him than he does for me I'll say!) Isn't it great that size doesn't matter, these two recognized they were sympatico from the start!

That's a good thing!

Milo: Hey, Mama, this is my post!
Does this hat make me look fat?
I didn't ask for it, but the man came right out of the booth and tried it on me...
He said I'd get used to it
and I did. It did smush down my Naturally Curly Hair on top but it kept sun out of my eyes since my pawrents won't buy me sunglasses
It was a hit with the ladies for sure! I had so many compliments !

I took it off for the free Arf-er-Murray dance lessons in case someone wanted to twirl me...
Mama stayed with me while Daddy (back there in the hat) learned again how to swing dance. I thought he might need help so I started to sing (bark) along and tried to dance next to him...
Seemed like they were all playing since everyone put out happy scents and I wanted to play.
I ALWAYS want to play!
Mama held me back and petted me but what I wanted was to run along with those humans and bite at their butts! Now that would have been fun!

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Breathe a writing prompt

The writing exercise for today comes from Sunday Whirl


She gathers her favorite writing pen, her notebook and a glass of cold tea flavored with orange peel, and goes out to the patio to do her weekly writing prompt. These have proven good for her imagination and skills. She is learning by doing.

It's a good thing.

Her dog Spirit is digging in the yard again. The years have dulled his hearing but he loves to dig in the earth, feeling the dirt beneath his paws.

She loves him to the moon and back, she forgives him for leaving holes in the yard knowing he will someday need to dig his way to Heaven. She almost cannot bear the thought. She has lost other furry friends and wants Spirit to always be with her.

She is at a loss today, the words are not gathering and prospering in her imagination as they usually do. Breathe she says to herself. Breathe deeply, un-focus your eyes, listen to the sound of bird call and earth moving under big paws. Stop thinking.
Just be.

Writing is glorious, a way to feel words swirling around your head like notes of a flute, like water swirling around your toes at the shore, like the scent of bread swirling around your nose as it bakes...

breathe, and be.
Sit and allow it to form. It is kind of sacred, this letting go, kind of like letting go so God can work all the parts of life into the mixing bowl that is the universe.

All coming together in a good way.

The words are never far away.... they are like the butterfly, who will fly from you if you grab for it, but gently land on your head if you're quiet. Breathe. Be.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

I Like Thursday #92 Events,Chalk, flamingos, shoes and a poodle

Welcome to this week's list of likes... the above picture is from my post on the chalk festival last weekend in Denver. 200 artists got down on the street and made temporary art with chalk for us to enjoy  That Post with lots of fun pictures is HERE

I liked this festival t-shirt
I didn't spend the $25 bucks on it but I liked it

I liked the drink samples they gave away
Moscow Mules
Yes it had a kick... lol.... ginger ale and grain alcohol... luckily we only got a tiny sip

I liked going into stores along Larimer Square and saw this t-shirt
Good thing...
This display caught my eye... what is that chain made of???
 Guess I also like bottle cap chains

 I like snoozy dogs waiting for their people to have lunch...

It was hot hot hot this day but not too bad in the shade. This pup just eyed me but didn't raise her head, her person said she is nervous so he tries to introduce her to a lot of situations so she will grow in confidence.

I liked the cool unusual shoes in here...
A selfie, shoes and a festival....
.. as well as how the selfie shows us, the window display and the art festival behind us!!!
Love this picture! (we spontaneously combusted shortly after this was taken lol)

all made by the same designer

I liked the display of rice crispy treats and how large they were... no we didn't get one. Most marshmallows are made with corn syrup and I'm allergic to corn,
 I found these at Trader Joe's this week!
Whee! I can eat these made with sugar and tapioca starch,  and they are delish. Now the world of recipes with marshmallow is open to me!

I also liked the dish my husband got for me...
Did you think you were getting out of here without a flamingo? Silly...

I like the roses we got at Trader Joe's too... lovely shade of pink!
In my valentine vase, they look so pretty and lasted for over a week!
Wonder how many shades of pink to lavender there are in them? My inner artist wants to know

Please check out the chalk festival post as it's just chock-a-block full of cool images!

Now for Milo's moment...

Hi Y'all! I liked that Mama and Daddy left me in my cool crate while they galavanted in the heat and crowds this weekend. When they came home we had a grand walk and I played with my friends. I like that the neighborhood kids all yell my name when I walk by, and come out to pet me.

I love baby feet, don't you?

I know we're moving again, but for now I was elected CEO of the
 "Stick Relocation Project" 
 in my 'hood.
Here I am choosing the latest stick to relocate...

what's that old saying, walk softly and carry a big stick?
Well, this is awkward. I'm normally VERY graceful. On this job I accidentally nicked Mama's leg and plowed into Daddy. Well they shouldn't get so close. They seem obsessed with that short leash, I am a BIG BOY now and don't need no stinkin leash to hold me back.
Maybe I need it sometimes, to keep track of my people so they don't wander off.

Sometimes in my role as CEO I have to make the hard decisions like whether to relocate a wild branch or mulch it "in situ"
It's a big job but someone has to do it and with my ENORMOUS Poodle Teeth, I'm the poodle for the job.

Now if my paw-rents would settle down enough to let me mulch it is another problem for another day. I can only solve one problem a day. I'm only one poodle!

Now sit, stay and read about other likes from our friends...



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