Thursday, August 9, 2018

I Like Thursdays #101 chickens, cranes, chili's and a poodle

Milo:  Mama let me start this week! Welcome to this week's list of likes by me, Milo the super Poodle! I love my indestructible chicken! It takes a biting and keeps on cluckin" ! I got one wing off, and it's not like they say... it didn't taste like chicken, BOL! Snort! wha' ??

LeeAnna: Okay, okay, I'll just step in here and do my list first shall I?
Milo: well, okay, but I'll be over here in case that chicken gets out of hand!
LeeAnna: Good to know I'm safe in your paws, darling. Welcome to this week's list of likes!

I like the old chili pepper lights that no longer work but are bright and cheerful against the walls here. I just clipped off the chord and this welcomes me home.Yes, I kept lights that didn't work.

 I changed out tote bags and am using a Flamingo one for summer...

We went to Breckenridge for a craft show this weekend, sorry not to take pics but the artists here do not want pics of their work on a blog. After seeing the show we shopped around town and I found these little tongs
How cute are they? Perfect for little stuff like a cheese tray or luncheon meat at a party. Or to pinch your poodle, lol.
I liked seeing my angel on the bakers rack again. Glad to find it!
I liked the contrast of green trees in the neighborhood
and seeing this planter
It's a metal colander painted turquoise! What a great idea!
I like whatever bush this is that is all over the neighborhood. Really purple and lush!
I loved the shadow found on the sidewalk on today's walk... what is this tree?
 Whatever it is, lots of the fruit got knocked off by large hail in last night's storm.

I love fabric! I washed some gifts this week so I got to handle the fabric even though the studio is not set up.
flamingos from Nancy
All the way from Maui... Mary went on her anniversary and brought back these lovelies for me

Isn't it astounding how artful fabric is??
She said this is specific to the shop, and has some very pretty scenes to use. Plus the other fabrics have hula girls, ukelele's and palm trees

I bought this one to go with my 1950's/ 1960's stash of fabric,   I have a plan...
and got a yard of these flowers for Mary, and a wee half yard for fresh, who could resist!
I liked going to the mountains this weekend
Driving up and down steep roads, back and forth around curves
didn't see one of those but we saw a lot of traffic.
One of the artists amused himself by folding teensy little paper cranes, and gave me one
It's probably about a half inch nose to tail!! I saw a display of large ones hanging in a store, and decided I need to make some too.

Here is a great long list of cozy mysteries series... why, a person could be kept quite busy reading all these authors and their series!

the link is:

Milo's Moments:

 Hi again, I like watching the yard, and chasing off all the bunnies stupid enough to come in this week!! I'm staying away from that attack Pomeranian at the fence, but the bunnies are fair game. I'll let you know if I ever catch any.

I like going WITH my pawrents, not hearing "Milo stay here in your crate"
Oh no you don't! Take me too!
Last weekend we went to a craft show a million hours away (ed. note: it's more like 1.5 hours) and I visited with lots and lots of dogs, and looked at lots and lots of art.

 I like pottery best. Yep, bowls are always worth a look, they could be holding a treat.

thanks for coming over, and check out mama's friends who also wrote a happy post of likes.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

a writing prompt... lessons from the sea

the writing prompt this week comes from (Sunday whirl)

                                   Lessons from the sea

She walked along the water's edge, hearing the soft swish of tide and feeling the soft sand squish around her toes as she moved. She smelled a whiff of coppertone and heard a gull call out they found a fry on the seashore. She felt clean air as it gently brushed over the little hairs on her arms.

Should she find shade from the sun, intense in the late afternoon. Intensifying as a child does just before bed, intense in the lower angle as it colored the sky, intense in it's daily goodby to the people watching it's descent into the horizon.

No, just walk and try to forget the slights she heard earlier in the day.

Why are criticisms so much stronger than compliments?

She had gained weight the last month, as she sat here watching her mother draw closer to her own sunset. She had eaten as if food could bring her the comfort she lacked. She was too tired to make healthy choices so her body had stored her dinners for later as if pasta and fried food should be kept for eternity.

Her mother was nearly all bones in contrast to her growing waistline.  Even her wig looked big on her as she turned her head on her pillow. The skein of wool in old veined hands looked round and plump next to her mom.

Little tendrils of soft water tickled her feet as it entwined round her toes.

She looked down at the water receding. Leaving her. The difference was the water would return in a moment, to swirl and twirl and twine around her again as if the sea had returned to get the shells it left behind.  She thought to bend over to pick one up, but suddenly felt self conscious about her new weight. She certainly didn't want to hear one more comment about her thighs, as if they were a topic of conversation.

With all the chaos, disasters, discontent, and problems in the world why would anyone feel the right to comment on her weight! A stranger no less! Did that make them finally feel superior and take their minds off their own discontent?

She was ashamed of her new fat cells, and herself since hearing the jokes at her expense. She paid the price for their humor in shame and regret. But why? Why should she care what a stranger thought of her? And why would a stranger throw verbal stones at her?

If she just focused on the shame of her new-found fat she wasn't thinking of the impending loss... but the loss will be there anyway... no purpose in looking the other way.

It was as natural as tide coming in and going out, life. It comes and goes, when it comes in it surrounds you in comfort, and when it goes you miss it. No amount of food will change the tide. She knew she'd lose the weight after she found her place in the world without her mom. She knew she was no less important because she now found comfort in eating despite the ugly words of a stranger.

She felt the pain of misjudgement  that held hands with it's fellow pain of loss that  seemed stronger somehow in it's numbers.

The tide came back in, and tickled her toes. She dug into the sand with them, feeling the change of stability under her feet as it subtly shifted her weight. She was still standing despite the ebb and flow.

A gull dropped part of a fry at her feet and she looked down, and stepped over it on her way back to the car.

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

I Like Thursday #100

welcome to this momentous week of likes!
This is my 100th "I Like" post and no one is more surprised than I am to have done it consistently for 100 posts!  Keeping track of the things I like each week has helped me immensely. It's easy to focus on things that need changing, that might have gone wrong, or the slights of life, but remembering the good things keeps life in balance.

I love the color red, and put the mixer on our counter this week, and draped my vintage stitched towels over it. I love vintage kitchen items!!!
I like looking over there and seeing this vignette.
the grant wood american gothic done with cows is a potholder, the framed print from one jaunt to New Orleans...

I loved this movie, based on real life
" Philomena"
I was struck by the story, an Irish girl deals with unscrupulous nuns who take her in for having a baby out of marriage. They judge her, and disrupt the search that she and her son were doing to find each other. Yet... she forgave them in the face of one calling her sinful.

The journalist helping her in the search said he wouldn't be able to forgive, but Philomena said she didn't want to live with the anger. I'm adopted and know virtually nothing about my birth parents, and would love to find a bit of family. Anyway...

I liked finding this lumbar pillow on sale at home depot this week, as it is so pretty on the sofa

 I really liked the mix of colors in the rose bouquet I found at the supermarket this weekend
what is it about fresh flowers? And the flower section smelled heavenly
We worked on opening book boxes and started organizing them into sections including this one shelf for our beloved dogs,  Chelsea and Cole:
 We put their urns, pictures and mementos  in a shelf of honor. It is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all. As we opened and unwrapped boxes, sometimes crying a little, 

 I liked that Milo provided comic relief... in his words:
Milo: "those papers aren't going to recycle themselves. Mama would toss the paper to the side, and it was obvious that I had work to do to shred it!
You're welcome!"

We would hear a noise from another room, then realize it was the third member of our little tribe shredding paper, and as the mother of any child knows, when they do a chore without being asked it's a bonus!

I liked this view while writing this post, of an old musical...
Gene Kelly, my fave dancer, with Frank Sinatra. I love old musicals.

We went to a craft show on Saturday in Cheesman park and I loved that my pup was so good with dogs and kids...
We all just dropped the leashes and the dogs ran like wild things in the open area, staying near us. This malamute was a few years older than Milo and threw herself against my legs when they were done. A gentle giant twice the size of baby Milo.

and this was like looking in a mirror!
This Parti-poodle's people said they adopted him at 9 months from the breeder because they really wanted a parti colored one but not a small puppy. Bentley was not interested in Milo at all, but the humans compared notes poodle wise while these two just got a lot of passerby's attention.

I loved the craft show and wanted many things, especially these stacked rings, and if they'd been big enough for my finger, I'd have gotten them. Ordering  doesn't have the same excitement...
I liked my story from last week's writing prompt so much, I've written 10 more chapters. I feel such an affinity for the characters... my story is not full of murder and mayhem, it's kind and funny and real, and it's been fun to write more of  it each day. The link to chapter one is here:  CLick !

I loved watching another "who do you think you are UK" with a comedian named Sarah Millican. I looked her up and found this show on youtube. It was so funny I had to share it with you...

Milo's Moment:
Barking out loud! Is it Thursday already!
I'll tell you about my mornings... I love getting up with Daddy and sorting out the back yard. Sometimes there are bunnies to chase off, sometimes people are walking by and need a word or two from me as they pass. 
 sometimes the three little dogs who live behind us with their dad, Mr. David, are out. 
Yo! Milo! Come baaaaaack!

Oh don't worry! If they are out you'll know it as the Pomeranian is very chatty, and the corgi is too. They are forever calling me back to the fence for a romp!
We will run back and forth and bark up a storm, laughing and panting til our paw-rents hold their paws over their ears! What fun! If they aren't out, I go over and look through the fence and call them. 
I wish Daddy would cut down the speed bumps in my way. Lots of times Mr David comes over to pet me, and I love that so much I forget how soft humans are and grab his hand with my enormous poodle teeth! I don't bite down, just let him know how much I love him! He's so funny always saying  "Hello Milo, no bite, what a good boy!"

Some humans are just so cute aren't they?

If I can't call Cinnamon out, I go ahead and check the entire yard for bunny invaders...
before coming back in to help and guard Mama. I love her. It's one reason why I keep the yard safe.

Now sit! Stay! clickety click on these other people also listing their likes for the week!
and remember..."Bark like you mean it!"

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

writing prompt Her own history

THIS WEEK'S WORDS from sunday whirligig: apricots, hay, appear, beef, stone, carry, shoulders, piped, sensors, running, archaic, everything


                                         Her own history

The sun was warm on her shoulders as she walked through the hay fields. She remembered being here as a child, running through these fields with her friends, playing hide and seek.

What fun that was!
The thrill of getting caught by surprise... the slight excitement from the possibility of getting lost, wondering if a mouse would appear in her path.

The drying grass that would feed their animals that winter, smelled dusty, and scratched her arms as she wove through it. She knew these fields well, had helped plant them and rode on the harvester as they cut the hay each year.

This was her history.

Now she was grown, and carried the weight of big decisions on these warm shoulders. Now that she and her new husband owned these fields she had to know when it was time to cut and bale the hay, and get it into the barn for the winter months.

Her barn.

The old archaic stone barn was now hers to protect. It protected her hay, and livestock, and she protected it.

Life was a balancing act wasn't it?
She was the child being protected right?

But everything changed when her parents passed the farm onto her,  and her new husband. Now she would continue to build the history of the place. History was important to her, as was the smooth running of the farm. She wanted everything to continue as it had since it was a part of her history.

Already they had to make a few changes like adding sensors to the barn. A nod to the present. They now piped in water for the animals instead of fetching it by the bucket as her parents had done. Did this change the charm?

Should a person protect history by not changing the present or could they coexist?

Could they keep the traditions while living in the present? Would she be able to do all that was needed?

She sensed the sun going behind a cloud for a moment and looked up. Yes there may be rain later, she knew this from living a life here in this place. She learned daily the signs given by the earth when it was time to harvest the apricots, if the hay needed to come in, that the grapes were ready to pick.


She knew the history of the place and loved it.

Yes she would carry on. She would protect the barn, the hay and the earth best she could.

( just to let you know, I've fallen in love with these characters and have now written an additional 8 chapters! Wonder what will become of these two?)

Thursday, July 26, 2018

I Like Thursdays #99 shops, festivals, and more

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Today I have a mix of cute random stuff, so grab a cup of tea, maybe pet your flamingo, and let's get started!

I Liked these Enormous flamingo sculptures at a garden shop in  Ft. Collins this past weekend.

Around the house, I like the container store pull out shelves DH installed in the bottom of each kitchen cabinet
I liked finding this cow spinner in a box, from a trip to  Rehoboth Beach MD
He keeps getting blown down because we live in a dang wind tunnel.
I liked meeting Emma in the hood...

And Milo loves this little girl who is his age and we must set up a play date
They get along great and would be running partners if their peeps would get out of the way! On the way to Ft. Collins

we stopped in Loveland at Stitches and stuff Quilt  (find them here!) store
Great owner, great supplies and atmosphere! The owner especially likes English paper piecing and has everything to do a project, and ahem, I bought a cool kit to do something later. She welcomed Milo the good in while I shopped...
He likes a good scrap project too, and pulled a scrap out of the pile they were giving to a dog bed making group!

We headed to Ft. Collins next and found a charming mix of art and high end flea market booths, gourmet food, soaps, and people.I've been having trouble with my back, and this was a level place to walk around. We try to do something new each weekend.
I took time to chat to this artist about her work and process...
She developed her technique/style from a love of fabric! She always loved fabric but did not like to sew... hmmmm..... interesting isn't it?  To take a medium I use and do this with it...

She uses acrylic paint, and thick medium to crumple fabric onto canvas, creating rich texture.

I asked if she stayed to muslin, and she said nope! Prints, burlap, cheesecloth, etc.

Also rocks, beads, metal, and other mixed media are incorporated. Her studio is kind of a mess she said.

Rocks, paint, and more

 she has a youtube channel (HERE)  with 59 videos on how to do what she does!!! How generous!

After the festival we walked around the historic town and shopped. What fun we had and I'll show you some cool stuff I found.

I liked this book on America's immigrants (that means every one of us if you go back in time)

My birth mother was from Germany and my birth father was from Italy. My adoptive parents were from Georgia and Alabama so I didn't know my roots growing up.

I liked this mosaic floor and tin goats at a store front

beautiful curved quilt stand
ceramic treasures
salt and pepper shakers, and the flask "I used to drink, but that was 4 hours ago"
from all the flamingo booty, they must be "IN" right now!
This little cutie was on the clearance shelf, must have been too expensive for a broken, repaired item, or I would have bought it. And put it where I have no idea, but isn't it adorable??!
words to live by. Or, maybe be a flamingo amidst other flamingoes since they are fun and pink!
it's why people are coming here according to many
clever business name! 
Milo here... after we walked my poor poodle paws off, we had to finish the day at another quilt shop!
This time
We went in and lookie who greeted me! Whee! Parker! A rescue shepherd who shepherded me upstairs for a romp. Boy he was a fun dude and we would have run all over that shop if the peeps hadn't gotten in the way (again)
Anyway, it was good to meet him, and we chatted while the peeps chatted.
After that we almost went to Wyoming! but stopped at this visitors center for info on future trips
Lee Anna: I liked the painted horse and view of the mountains in the distance.
I liked our sky view later that evening too
When I start painting on fabric again, when I can find my fabric and paints, I plan to use this as inspiration.

Milo's moments
 Hi y'all! Here I am surveying my domain. Yes, I'm King of the Poodles. The little Poodle Prince!
Mama told me a story about the olden days when she was a young pup. When she and her friends saw a VW bug they gave each other a little play punch on the arm, "punch buggy!"

I play a game like that and Mama hates it, heh heh.
I call it "punch bunny"
Every time I see a bunny, or, er, sometimes a rock I think is a bunny, I stop! I stalk it! I YANK the leash to chase it! Punch bunny mama!

she is not amused.
I can't help it, they are so darn cute and fun to chase so I do chase them in the back yard.
How do those things squeeze out of the little squares on our fence?

Anyway, I always like pretty much everything so there! Prince of Poodles! I like that title!

Stay and visit mama's friends keeping their own lists of likes this week. Make Mama happy and join us okay?

what the world needs now is love


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