Thursday, October 18, 2018

I Like Thursday #111

this little piggy still has flowers!
welcome to this week's list of likes. Mostly just pictures for this week's list.
blue skies, yellow leaves
blue skies with snow capped mountains appearing overnight
Apparently they moved in to the 'hood overnight. We haven't seen them since we moved in June, but maybe the wildfire smoke is finally out, and it's not raining right now so....
leaves painted on every edge
Guard Ghosts
small town America
small town cemetery
Peek-a-boo scarecrows
Like Peek-a-boo Snow-mingos
and Peek-a-boo cows on bikes after a snowfall
lindor truffles in a fall dish
snowflake lights that come in a little IKEA box
that will light up when we get the right size bulbs!
freshly groomed guard poodles in moon sweaters
front and back guarding
first snow that sticks 4.5", now all melted, icicles falling off mailbox like daggers!
then no snow...
then falling leaves...
then nightfall

I like doing the Happy Homemaker's posts on Monday, in case you missed it...(click here)

I also like Survivor this season, and the Durells of Corfu on PBS.  

I liked the four part series on youtube, if walls could talk 
about the four most important rooms in a home (set in Britain) 
This episode is on the bathroom and how it's changed since Medieval  times to now. The others follow the bedroom, the kitchen, and I haven't seen the fourth one yet! Link is
I've learned the origin of a lot of phrases like hit the hay, curfew, baby with bathwater, etc. I love history and watching shows like this that entertain and inform. 
                                        Milo's Moment

Wooooooooo! I'm a ghost! 

No, I just got groomed... POOR ME!!! (send condolence cards please!  #getmeouttahere" 
Once again, I had to suffer the agony of the bath, and hair trimming, including foot-touching. 
I got so mad I had to show my displeasure with this box...
I tore that thing to smithereenes and put the confetti all over the family room.... so my people can think about what they've done. I needed to wear a sweater y'all! Just so I didn't freeze my cockles,  off. (editors note: the "cockles" have been gone for months)
Oh they tried to apologize with the rice box from the Thai food they ate...I'm no dummy, I ate the rice  then tore up the box.
Then had my Man-Servant feed me my dinner
(Editor's note: no poodles were harmed in the grooming process. There may have been a close shave in certain areas but he looks good with no matts now.)

Please visit these kind folk counting the things they liked this week too.

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Monday, October 15, 2018

the week ahead # 6

Welcome to this week's Happy Homemaker post... and my "week ahead"

The weather in Aurora CO this week
cold. Like many places in the US we went from hot 90's to 30's in a moment. We had snow 5 times in 8 days and yesterday we got about 4 inches or more. Last night was supposed to dip to 10F. We dug out the cuddle duds long 'wears and the poodle's sweater
can you just see my sweater?
and went for a walk in it. Might as well since it went on all the livelong day. It is supposed to go up to the 50's this week though.

Yea for strong coffee! It's sunny today, which makes for a nice change, and we have bagels purchased Saturday at the bakery because we knew the snow was a comin' so I'll have one toasted.

                           As I look out my window
the snow is beginning to melt, the sun is bright giving me hope for the future (we went through 7 days of gloom here in "sunny" colorado which reminded me of my life on the East coast. Milo and I slept in til 8 when that sun came right through the blinds and said, "get up already!" I also see doggie noseprints all over the glass door, ewwww.

                        as I look around the house
the words from an old Bette Davis movie come to mind... what a dump! 
why am I so messy? I am still holding on to the fact that I'm not unpacked yet, but suspect I'm just messy and have a high tolerance for stuff sitting around. I type at the kitchen table, so I look into the family room, which has horizontal surfaces which collect books, magazines, pens, blankies, dog toys,people toys, etc.

                                             to do list
Well, number one, dammit is get the garage door opened. The torsion spring broke and the cars are trapped inside and dh can't get to work. Life is a brat. We got a home warranty when we closed on the house, and so far they are virtually useless. The AC went out in the horrible heat wave and they didn't even call back. Now they want to send Sears out in 5 days! I would not recommend buying a home warranty because of the delays.

Otherwise I continue to seek control over the house. My body wouldn't cooperate last week for the studio set up, however we did change out the summer clothes for winter, which is a big deal of lifting bins in and out of the spare room. Done! and I got a start on going through the boxes in that room which holds a lot of studio stuff.

I got Milo groomed this weekend too, had put that off for two extra weeks of hair growing so that done, I moved the grooming table up to the studio area to help me sort stuff.
That's my inside goal this week, get garage door fixed and get dryer lint cleaned out, and finally get back to making art.
Whew, that won't be hard.
Oh, and figure out how to use the new dremel tool toenail grinder on Milo's claws.
Oh, and all the other daily things that come up... handle those

                       Currently Reading
I finished the last fun romp of a book, and have started on the next in my Tea House series by Laura Child. Set in Charleston (how I love Charleston!!!) ( I grew up in Florida, and lived in MD until recently) the owner of the teashop finds her ex boyfriend floating in the new aquarium and works to figure out what happened. Agony of the Leaves 

                      On the TV 
well, I'm enjoying dancing with the stars and despite not knowing most of them, I like the ones new to me, and do not like the ones I recognized! Just goes to show
1. You do not have to be well known to be fun to watch
We are on our last season of "800 words" a series made in New Zealand. I LOVE this show! I found it on ACORN on roku, and we've watched series one and two and are on three and hope they are still filming new shows and I am in love with the characters.
Did you ever see the old show Northern Exposure?  This reminds me a little of that feel. A modern family loses their mother in an accident, and moves from Australia to NZ and finds a place to belong in a quirky town.

                      what I'm creating at the moment...
what I want to create is my new Halloween Pillow kit

purchased this weekend at our local quilt shop. They had double stamp days, for each dollar spent they stamped 2 on my card, so I splurged. Got the kit home and found out it didn't include the floss needed for the embroidery.
just one of my random sketches... "Idea girl"
ack, back into the archeological dig that is the studio space.

I had hoped to artfully decorate the yard for halloween this weekend with whatever made it's way into the garage but then the ground froze. We moved plants and pumpkins into the garage to wait for this week's 50's to return.
Creativity... what a concept!

                                            tips and tricks 
We moved from a teeeeeensy little master bath to a mongo ballroom of a master. It's cold after a shower so we pulled out the portable heater, and turn it on for evening showers. Quite nice! And I got out my terry robe to put on after toweling off, which keeps me warm while I make myself beautiful for bed.

                               Lessons learned this week
I met a lovely woman house sitting for her son, several months ago. She was walking some dogs, and impulsively I stopped the car and asked if she would let our dogs play sometime.
Now most people might shy away from some stranger doing that!

Not Fran, she gave me her number, and we did get together and I now count her as a new friend.

I like to think Heaven put us together. Like a lot of kindred spirits, we have important things in common and like people in general, we are quite different. It's the important things that matter.

She is a caring woman who was elected to the State legislature for the maximum four terms, and worked hard to take care of people while in office. Both parties loved her, and worked with her. She still works hard to help the State's citizens, despite being of a certain age and retired. She is smart, funny and kind. When she visits her son's house, now on market (sad face) she calls and we get together.
She called on Friday, and since DH had come home early we all walked and chatted. Her son travels and she came over to check on the house and found a totally empty fridge so DH offered to make her lunch. She happily accepted and we got a chance to catch up while she had an impromptu sandwich.

Food is love in many cultures, which I forget.  Because dh thought to offer and Fran accepted, we made a deeper connection by sharing our home with her. Sharing brings people closer.  On a grander scale, sharing resources brings citizens closer. On an even larger scale, cultures sharing with each other brings us all closer.
It's the same concept... sharing and understanding, counting on each other brings understanding. Understanding brings connection which breeds a happier world, no?

I'm thankful that Fran accepted our offer of hospitality so I could realize this lesson.

Here's hoping for a successful week, one of growth and health and laughter.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday's stories

Sunday's story this week is autobiographical... the word prompts from Sunday's Whirligig are:
 shelf, look, hole, end, cardboard, tube, turn, strange, patterns, pieces, wherever, will

Seems like she spends more time looking for things lately than doing things.

No she's not a hoarder, well not in the truest sense of the word, but having moved house, she felt lost. She had a tactile memory of where to find things in the old house, the kind of memory that builds up over time. Here was a different story. Even if she found a new place to put things, she couldn't remember where that was after a day!

She wondered if the packers had put her valuables in a blender and poured them into brown cardboard boxes after the mixing process. Seemed to be no rhyme nor reason to it.

"Wherever  there's a will there's a way" was an old saying. Could she turn this around and get organized? She had pared down her belongings before the packers showed up, but they still mumbled under their breath about how much she had. And she felt the beginnings of guilt for having collected things over her long life.

Then she got a grip. They were paid to do a job, so they should keep their judgements to talking about her at their local bars after they finished! Who cared what they thought!

She looked around, tried to get a sense of what was left of her belongings and where they would now live... they had to move and get used to new digs too.
The studio was the hardest part to look at. Pieces of fabric, patterns, books, tools were in a pile in the center of the room like an archeologist's dig. She longed to sit at her sewing machine and just put color next to color but she couldn't find comfort in sewing til she sorted the mess.

She looked at the empty shelf and wondered which of 200 items should live there now. Her back ached from bending over trying to move things. Her heart ached from the disarray she saw here when her studio at home was so organized.  Being here still felt strange, like she was just squatting here in someone else's house, even though it was their mess to clean now.

Okay, just breathe, go make some tea and have another snack, maybe turn on the boobtube just for a moment, just to get lost in a story not your own.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

I Like Thursday #110 Easy as 1,2,3... fall snow festivals and a poodle

It's as easy as one, two, three! Welcome to this week's list of likes! Each week I try to focus on the small fun things to enjoy. On a walk this weekend, I happened onto the wee little pine cone, then the twig. One, two.
three. From a lovely bright golden tree. I was pleased with this, although Milo thought I should give the twig to him, then saw this across the street from our house... Four/ Fore!
We live in a golf course community
 I like doing a Monday Happy Homemaker post that is fun! (here) and writing fiction (here)

We went to the Horseshoe Craft show in Denver on Saturday, the three of us, and had a grand time
I liked this vintage party dress, complete with fancy footwear...

looking at fun crafts,

 meeting with lots of dog owners
These three moved here a year ago from... Rockville MD! What fun we had comparing notes and upon finding out they like cards, we exchanged numbers feeling the meeting was meant to be.

It was more fun than a Barrel of Santas!
The food lines were too long, but not at the vegan truck! We tried chia pudding for the first time, with mango and lemon zest.. It was... uh... the mango tasted good!
we passed on the sweet buns with bacon... allergic to pork (thank goodness) or the enormous s'mores
from a place called Love Pop
we had a quick lunch on our way to the container store to look for a really thin rolling cart for the studio...Milo enjoyed the view and the employees enjoyed him
the store is a riot of color! No cart for me, but I left with some colorful labels and this sweet little holder for tools...
Would you enjoy some bat soup???
Next stop was Crate and Barrel where we wanted to find a bench or sofa for the end of our bed. Something to keep a sleepy pup from falling off, and to sit on while dressing...Look at the cool bowls they had on sale! Yep, I got one! and two web plates for snacks!
bite the apple, my pretty!

And look at the beautiful pillow they have in a quilt pattern!
We finished the errands at Barnes and Noble looking for that Halloween magazine I got from the library. We can only keep them a week. Of course the September/October issue is gone, and the December issue is there (sad) ... and Milo finally had enough of the errands and shopping, so we went home. (we knew his displeasure because he began to attack his leash)
We did not go here
but it was tempting.
 And for an evening walk...
Come on Mama! We're missing everything!

You know how I was not happy with 95 F days in Fall? Well the temps fell to high of 30 and we've had snow four times this week!!! (We haven't seen the sun in a week now. Feels more like the gray east coast winter than sunny CO).
 The trees barely have time to color up! But I LOVE Fall colors
and going for walks wearing jackets
seeing gold and red and rust

And Halloween decorations hanging around...

Sure is windy here!
Rust, gold, orange, red and Pink for Fall

I like the enormous moths I see here. Isn't this fellow interesting???

So I'm thankful for fun outings with my husband and poodle...
Crate and Barrel
and a tired dog is a good dog
      Milo's Moments
Hi peeps! It's finally cool enough to be wearing a black fur coat! Yes, in case you're wondering, I DO have naturally curly hair! I narrowly missed getting groomed last weekend because
1. I'm not supposed to get my ears wet for three more days and
b. it got cold
Anyway, I got some good salmon treats at the fair and I've been eating my TJ's pumpkin cookies a lot
And I have been working hard on dismembering my "Indestructible Chicken" each night with Daddy
This is no Fly-by-night project y'all.
 It takes perseverance. I've had this toy for at least a lifetime!
One day last week I got a wing off, and tonight the final leg. I tried to get to the marrow but there ain't any! Dried up old chook. I let Daddy play with it for just a minute
I don't think he even knows how to take apart a chicken, he's holding what's left of the top, and I got that off once I got him to "drop!it"
How embarrassing he is! I mean, of course I love him, and don't mind sharing my game of "Destroy the Toy" but he's got no idea how to play! sheesh! People!
Just between you and me and the lamp post, I'd just as soon do it all myself.

Well, I like tearing stuff up, in fact I'd better go look for a pair of socks to chew on... you guys stay here, don't tell mama about the socks, and pretty-please with a pouf on top, visit her friends also keeping it happy this week!

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