Thursday, February 3, 2022

I Like Thursday #282

 Welcome to this week's list of likes starting with a collage of my painted bits to hand embroider...

It is dominated by lovely songs of love, and thoughts on love. There is so much to love, and so many forms of love. For me love is tied up with acceptance, sharing, laughter, inspiration and encouragement, and going through the challenges of life together. This happens in many ways... 

I love reading and this week I am reading on ebook... character driven story of families living in a wine region of Washington, intriguing stories and relationships between characters. First book in series


and listening on audio.. in the cupcake mysteries... funny and interesting, good reader


 I'm having fun working on project quilting due Saturday... "kitchen" but that has to wait til Saturday (hopefully!!!)  

I made soup this week, with what was in the fridge... onions, carrots, celery, lentils, ginger and garlic

so nice to have a quick lunch side...

 I had some leftover ricotta cheese that was nearing it's date, so I looked for a dessert using it, found this which is gluten free and seems fairly healthy. I made a half recipe since I didn't have "600 grams" of cheese... after figuring it out, I had just over half the cheese. Actually a good way to try a new recipe 

I'd say it was a bit like custard, and satisfying 

four servings so two nights of dessert

I had the best time watching and drawing along with this video

The Olympics!! yea! Curling and ice skating! Speaking of curling... I like seeing my latest quilt hanging in the family room

dh and I are both loving the game CanadianNeedleNana shared a few posts ago... woordle 

we hit refresh each day to start again and compare how difficult it was.... thank you Jocelyn!


continuing my songs of the heart in February (trying to do one daily) 

 this always makes me smile, I sing along, and get that little feeling that life is okay.

do you remember meeting someone that made your heart flutter? You knew them from some lifetime and recognized them?  I've had that happen. 

When I first saw my now husband, we were at a conta dance (my first) and as I saw him coming down the row the room blurred and his face was in focus, just for a moment. My spirit guides wanted to make sure I didn't miss this! 

I've also had this happen with friends... there was a recognition from the start... and a trust

... for love of friends... 

I never tire of this song and the way these two women embody friendship. I know my friends, are special to me. We understand each other and accept each other and are lucky to find this kind of grace and acceptance in a world where many people only look for differences. 

To those who contact me, and it feels like we have never been separated by space and time, I am grateful. To those who make me think, bring me laughter and share my tears, I love you. 

Don't forget how much I love this little chap...

who has matured into quite the little gentleman while still retaining his sense of humor

Mama: Milo what the heck are you doing? 

Milo: fighting off the invaders! Look out Mama, get behind me!

Mama: er, that's Daddy and he'd like to take a shower and go to bed

Milo: awe Mom... we were having fun... just go back downstairs and don't worry about a little growling and romping... heh heh

now please visit these fine folk with lists of likes to enjoy

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rosie and the boys nature pics 




easyweimaraner said...

Milo you are amazing!!! and thanks to your mama for the fab ricotta recipe

Sara said...

My thoughts of love this week came as I was reading about a couple who had been married over 60 years. They had rarely been apart and passed away within hours of each other. That felt so full of love, rather than sad - although their family probably would disagree.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

John Denver is the sound track of my college years! In fact, I walked down the aisle to Annie's Song at our wedding. Still love that music. Hope you're staying warm!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Lots of yummy food and we've been making the most out of Soup Season here too, I made a batch of Cabbage Roll Soup last week. Milo, you're a hoot pal. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Shannon said...

I love the idea of embroidering some of your painting! And I too love John Denver. One of my favorites will always be Take me home country road. Hugs to Milo!!

Libby in TN said...

My kids got me started on Wordle. I was so smug when I mastered the first two in four tries, but totally bombed today!

Kathleen said...

The Ricotta cheesecake looks amazing. Embroidery and painting would be lovely. John Denver was one of my favorites and still is. Milo, you are too much but what a handsome boy! said...

Oh I know how it is when you meet someone and you feel like you have known them forever. Last week would have been Jeff and my 9th wedding anniversary. Lots of smiles, and no tears. John Denver Annie's Song....I have been tempted by wordle. I am trying to resist the pull.

Sherrie said...

Hi Lee Anna,
I haven't read any of your books. I'll have to go and check them out. Your soup and dessert looks really yummy. Have a great day!

PaintedThread said...

Ooh - that cheesecake! Soup looks good, too.

Annie said...

I just love Milo...such a character. Your choice of music made me really smile for obvious reasons....we met new Dutch friends while on holiday and that song was sung just for me by them...such happy memories.
Annie x

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Ah, Annie's Song- I never tire of hearing it and John's beautiful tenor voice. Love cheesecake and soup...perfect. Your cute snowman quilt has the perfect spot there. It will be interesting to see embroidery on your paintings. I like that Wordle doesn't take too long to play and it does test the brain a little too if you really try to work on it. I also like that the answers are regular words and nothing too fancy.

Rebecca Jo said...

mmmm.... soup... I love eating soup in the winter

MissPat said...

I love John Denver, especially Rocky Mountain High, but Annie's Song is good, too. I've been playing Wordle, too, since Jocelyn wrote about it. Snowed all day yesterday and today. It can stop now.

riitta k said...

Thank you for reminding me. I ought to make a soup these days, vegetal or salmon. Yes. The Olympics are starting, I love to watch alpine skiing. Happy weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Milo is wonderful. He has such a sense of fun. Actually, loved your post, it's such a good read. I like your collage of painted bits and that soup looks delicious. I'm tempted to go down to the kitchen and get some soup going in the slow cooker. I have a lot of lovely Annies in my life so 'Annie's Song' is always a favourite. Have a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth x said...

Enjoyed this post. The colors in your crochet-work look like a Monet painting. Gorgeous. I am experimenting with collage, too, these days. Have been doing online courses with Jennifer Chamberlin for a very minimal fee.

Thank you for the cheesecake recipe. Followed your link to pin it. I don't have a spring form pan - they always looked like a leaky messy waiting to happen to me. Glad to see you baked yours in a casserole dish.

Absolutely love John Denver. Need to play some tomorrow when I clean house.

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