Sunday, September 1, 2019

good morning Sunday... stories

just a closer walk with thee... from New Orleans

"don't just play the music... feel the music
don't just write the story, feel the words
don't just paint the picture, feel the colors
join in, it's where the magic happens "

things I noticed while watching this group:
these people all came together to form something great
they are all talented but beyond that they work together
each person relaxes into their talent
they allow others to shine in their moments
they are happy

as workers walk by, they dance by. Imagine living in a place where you hear music as you go to work.

each band member does his own thing, taps their foot their own way, plays their chosen notes yet they all come together to make compelling music. They feel passion for their chosen instrument, have learned it's abilities and joined with it to work in unison to make a song.
What do you feel passionate about? Do you learn all about it and become one with it, becoming more than a sum of parts?

a group of all trumpets would be good, but a mix of diverse instruments  is more interesting, right?
Then someone breaks into song.... the music too compelling to ignore, they must use their own God given instrument too!

If you saw one of these people sitting on a bench without their instrument nearby, would you step aside, and judge them as unsuitable? Imagine all the talents people have, all the interesting stories, all the riches to share, that we walk by daily..... missing....
People like to judge others, and find them lacking, but do they know the people they judge?

The people who go to a different church or none, and yet seek God. People who try to love and contribute but are  told they look wrong. People who seek to belong and are rebuked because they don't have enough money to dress well. Know what I mean?

My musical talent only extends to a study of piano and clarinet, time spent in marching band in high school, but  I am an appreciator. My talents lay elsewhere but I wish I could be part of a group like this.
now dancing... dancing I know. This is another song with some mighty fine swing dancers and worth a look at the sheer joy they feel dancing

Forgive me if this sounds Pollyanna-ish.... but it struck me while watching this group play... and it's Sunday so this is my Sunday story for today.

Real life.


  1. Oh we watch tuba skinny on youtube and lots of others--such fun and happy music...lots of talent there...hugs, Julierose

  2. What joy and what a community.

  3. They play with such joy! We could all take a cue from that kind of community.