Thursday, September 5, 2019

I Like Thursday #157 exploring Colorado

Welcome to this week's list of likes! The above picture is from Breckenridge CO and I loved the cropping of this image... it could almost be a colored image of the 1800's.

Here's the vegetable pic of the week... my tomatoes all have black spots... what is that? 
looks like a bird doesn't it?
I liked that we balanced the long weekend, with Friday eating take out Thai food, then going to the big mall. I used to go to the Mall in Annapolis often, but the closest mall is a ways away, so I got to shop at all the big stores and even get some cozy warm new pants for winter.

On Saturday we drove South to Manitou Springs for a craft show, and all three of us had a great time til the sun came out. We met lots of dogs, talked to a lot of artists and I had a mini interview with a wonderful artist... hopefully I'll write it up and combine the last few interviews for you.

After the show, it was too hot to look around the cute town, so we drove to Old Colorado City again, to pick up some more wine from vino winery. We tasted a few more, and purchased four bottles because they were half price! Then we wanted to try their lunch, and it was okay for us to plop down and enjoy a chicken salad while having a glass of white.
cute store front winery
I not only liked the food, but one could go order it, then sit in the front to eat or drink a glass of wine.
All three of us!
too young to drink but not too young for some turkey!
 The owner came out and asked Milo if he was hungry, returning with a handful of turkey for him. He wants to go back soon.

We talked to a group of people from VA on the shady street while they petted Milo. It was fun to chat about our old stomping grounds.
In fact I liked all the people we met all weekend, most were visiting from the east coast.
While walking around Old CO City, we stopped to chat with a couple sitting with coffee's and books. They were just fascinating, visiting for a week from Texas. The husband used to be a writer for Reader's Digest (in NYC) so we compared notes on writing. He said he's an introvert, and glad his wife brings him out but sometimes he just wants to return to his shell! He doesn't miss deadlines... she was so funny and told me her word of the year was adventure. She just returned from a trip to Chichen itza with girlfriends. They did a three day hike to it!

I love to meet interesting people, and stop to chat with them.

I found an old hand sewing project to work on for the long drives... I'll show that on Sewing Sat.

Sunday we drove to Breckenridge for another art show, but stopped for lunch and shopping in Frisco first. I really love this little mountain town! We got the best turkey reuben sandwiches and fries and sat in the old gazebo amid the historic homes on display.
I liked this old mining cart done up with gorgeous flowers... we toured several of the relocated historic homes and met people from Georgia!

Lots of people out having fun everywhere we went this weekend, and we talked to a lot of them.
but it was hot, too hot really. We clung to shade and rested a lot, drank lots of water.
Milo charmed a lot of artists with his poodle style. One set of artists want another poodle, but they are too expensive here. The wife got the name of  Milo's breeder and is considering a long drive to visit the east and get a poodle. She told me about their poodle who used to sit at the table when they had dinner parties. I like poodle people. When we were moving on, the wife bent down and hugged Milo who likes hugs, and she wiped a tear from her eyes. Their girl passed about a year ago.
Here is the cow picture of the week, a display in a Breckenridge store!

I liked this flamingo painting done a few years back, put on this post:Here!

Hi y'all... I love to go for a rideinnacar.... never know where the pawrents will stop... always an adventure!
I love an art show, and I look at the art, sometimes pulling Mama into a booth to see it. This time I was happy to see this little fellow keeping his artsy mama company.
"nice ride buddy!" I said, he said, "I know right? I'm at eye level with you this way"
I would have asked him to get down and play but I was hot and tired by then! He was ready to go but his mama said, nonono.
we had a great time anyway!
I also love to play with my ring toy, even at night, heh heh. Adds a degree of difficulty to the game!
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  1. oh to be there with you... the mining cart has something special... it jumps into our eyes and into our hearts somehow ;O)

  2. Your cabin photo does look like it could be from another century! Hope it's cooling off for you.

  3. My tomatoes got some of those spots, too. I have no idea what caused them.

  4. Oh looks like fun. You go exploring nearby. I am always so tentative. Black spot is blossom end rot and is caused by a lack of calcium in the soil.

  5. Thanks for sharing your Colorado adventures with me. Great photos, especially the mining cart filled with flowers. Where I live we only see them planted in things like wheelbarrows. I think the tomato spots are some kind of fungus but they are still edible if they are only on the skin. I think it can be caused by too much water and humidity. I try to always water at ground level, but spots happen. Just cut them off and enjoy the good stuff, which is what we do and we are here to tell about it. Milo is a poodle ambassador. I have never had a poodle, but even I want one after visiting with Milo. Since I have a small house that is run by tree cats I shall enjoy my Milo. Happy I Like Thursday ... :-) Pat

  6. A fun weekend adventure! I'm envious!

  7. Wow= you travel a lot-I'm jealous. What wonderful stops too. Sorry bout your tomatoes.

  8. Great visit to the Quilt fairs...looks like Milo has made another doggy friend...hugs Julierose

  9. What fun and Milo got to go along too. Even better.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  10. You had a busy weekend! I'm ready for this heat to go away - it's September after all! Every time I see standard poodles, I think of you guys and Milo - I imagine that woman you met loved being around Milo.

  11. A craft show and a winery sounds like a terrific day. Milo, dude, turkey? You are one lucky guy!!! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. So fun that Milo got turkey from the restaurant. I love the windmill hung behind the cow, it makes him seem more majestic somehow. I'm sorry it's still so hot, hopefully fall will come soon!

  13. Hi LeeAnna! It sounds like you had just a fabulous weekend. Breckenridge looks like a fun place to visit. I'm sorry it was so darn hot - that's not fun. Milo is such a sweet social pup. I can see why people stop to talk to and pet him. ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. Lucky Milo! I chuckled over that bird-tomato. The craft fairs must have been so fun. It's been a while since I've gone to a good one. Love that cow!

  15. Arts and craft shows are my favorite thing! I can't wait for them to start here in the South!

  16. I love a trip to a good winery, even better if they have food :) Even better when Milo gets food, too! Thanks for linking up.

  17. The Arts and Crafts Fair looks so fun! What a nice weekend you had! The mining cart is transformed with those pretty flowers. So glad to hear Milo got a nice treat!

  18. We think it's just great that you get to go to so many fun places with your peeps, Milo.

  19. Milo has charmed me and I haven't even met him! He is quite the boy.
    As always, what wonderful outings you three get up too. Love the eating out and meeting interesting people. We need to get out more!

  20. Great likes! It's a perfect weekend! You are so lucky you can take Milo to so many places!!!

  21. You know, I've never been to the Manitou area so need to check that area out. What a fun place and pawsome photos!

  22. Pretty cool that Milo got to enjoy some turkey! That first photo in Breckenridge is a beauty. It does have a timeless feel to it!

  23. Just realized tonight that I had read your post but didn't comment. Looks like a fun stroll through the craft show. Milo looks pretty into it as well! I don't know anything about tomatoes, but is that some kind of blight? I like the cow pictures!

  24. About 20 years ago we went to Breckenridge for one of his continuing medical education seminars, he had become a Physician's Assistant. We lived at that time in Walla Walla so we were accustomed to elevation of about 860 feet. We (I) were nearly breathless at the elevation of Breckenridge, and would have appreciated some O2! Loved the shops I found there while he was in classes, and I got numerous goodies while there. Very picturesque! Thank you for taking me back there. Over the years we have had 2 miniature poodles, loved them dearly! If we were in a bigger house I just might go for a standard sized pup, if I could find my clippers again! (I had trained to be a poodle groomer and had my own shop for a while.)

  25. It's so cool you take Milo to the arts shows. And, of course he charms everyone!! Better stock up on that wine just in case winter comes with a vengeance. That's my plan. :-) Hope you get out and about a lot in the next month or so.

  26. Hi Milo, we've got some hot and humid weather in for a few days before fall takes hold. Don't you hate what it does to your hair?
    I stayed in Manitou Springs for a week or so, very nice but the lack of water got to me, I'm so used to seeing lakes or rivers where ever I go. I remember some nice little waterfalls though. And also, warnings about look out for Mt Lions? It was a whole different vibe than CO Springs that's for sure.
    Love your painting and yes the tomato reminds me of a chicken.

  27. LA - there's never a bad time for a glass of wine, IMHO! We have spent many a happy vacation in Breckenridge, but most of it during ski season. My younger brother used to live there … Thanks for the link to the MooseStash Quilt - I LOVE IT! Enjoy your weekend!