Friday, September 6, 2019

paint party Friday

Welcome to paint party Friday!
I didn't do a lot of painting this week, with the holiday on Monday and our travels, I blended gardening, travels, sewing, and sorting stuff with creative time. But the image above is an exercise for me believe it or not!
Getting the feel of a brush, learning how to mix paints, creating a composition of the same shapes and how to put some in front, some behind are all skills. After painting, I would use a wet brush to push the paint around, then a dry brush to lift paint off in areas. After that I would drop in a different color to see how it affected the look, how it mixed on paper, how pens drawn around a damp shape would blend and accent, like in the top left blue/green circle where I drew in a line of bright gold.
I liked how the pale almost colorless circles show up as background.
I continued to sketch on my weekly calendar... note to self, don't drop liquid on Staedtler fineliner...

gesture drawing... quick captures
I watched another Shayda Campbell video where she mentioned you can turn regular writing into something like caligraphy by just going over one side of all the letters. Interesting....

I watched another creationsceecee paint video, and got  the idea of using zendoodle to fill in shapes
I tried painting some of my flowers from close up photos I took of my back yard... simple is better in some cases... remember that LeeAnna. this is just in my sketchbook but on real waatercolor paper I would stay simple, not outline.

Life is so daily. I do a post on Mondays, a list of things I liked all week on Thursdays, and a sewing post on Saturdays... if any of that interests you I invite you to come back! It's all about living the creative life, noticing the details and interpreting them in paint, fabric or words.

My favorite painting/sketching video this week.
Simple way to create a little book to doodle in, and with a bit of watercolor and a pen, you can turn shapes into birds!

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  1. Great color works on those circles--they look like lovely
    bubbles ;)))
    Happy you are enjoying your painting...hugs, Julierose

  2. Lots of fun art play, and great coloring with the circles/bubbles! happy PPF!

  3. Your colors are beautiful and drawings nice.
    Happy PPF 💗

  4. Your painting was a bright spot in my day (of invoices and spreadsheets).

  5. Hi Leanna, I love your post - lots of different kind of art. Your circles in watercolour are gorgeous and the calendar doodles so cute. I often make that note to myself, keep it simple ;D)
    Lots of fun and Happy PPF to you xx

  6. I like the simplicity and transparency of watercolors. Your circles look like a fabric I have in those lovely pastel colors on a white background. Your varied talents are inspiring.

  7. That's interesting about the lettering. I was doing that with the words in a drawing the other day. Seeing your calendar doodles has me thinking I ought to do that again. I enjoyed it. I wonder why I stopped. My brain freezes when I try drawing what I see.

  8. Love your work and the colorful "balloons"!

  9. Thanks for the video-can't wait to try it.

  10. Lovely circles, pleasing composition and nicely painted too. Thank you for sharing the video. xox

  11. What a fun post! I LOVE your doodles. They made my heart smile.