Wednesday, September 4, 2019

official end of summer? then why is it so hot!??!

one of my paintings from 2011
Summer  "officially" ends on Sept 23 when Fall starts in the Northern Hemisphere. However...
this is how things get stuck in our heads! we kind of grew up saying summer was June July and August, and Fall was Sept Oct Nov, or when school started, or after labor day when we were officially not allowed to wear white pants.

Imagine telling a woman in 1837 that one day women could put on just two layers of clothing... underpinnings and jeans and a t-shirt.
She'd faint, but maybe that would be from her corset.
Look at this video of all the layers expected in 1837... OMG

Our forecast in Aurora CO this week is hot. Hothothot. highs of 86-94 plus sun all week. (pant pant)
Looking forward to Sept 23rd

I stopped a woman on the streets of Breckenridge Sunday and asked her to take a photo of her haircut. It was adorable and cut way up in back, off her neck. How I envied that! I asked where she got it done, she humorously answered from a foul-mouthed hair cutter in Colorado Springs, and our conversation took off. we parted and about 4 blocks later I exclaimed to dh, " I didn't get the salon name!!!" of course we didn't see her again.

Her words, "it's perfect for thin straight hair, and the only style that looks good on my roundish face"

in honor of the traditional American end of summer... enjoy norah jones andd summertime


  1. that's a good question... we want boots -time now... come on mister fall ;O)

  2. That hairstyle sounds like what my stylist cuts for me. She calls it a short swing bob. Up off the neck in back, longer points about jawline level in front, and easy to style for very fine thin straight hair. Also a product called "It's a 10" miracle volumizer. Changed my life! Good luck, I hope you can find a stylist to give you the cut you want.

  3. Thanks for Nora Jones! I am so done with summer. Ugh

  4. Even though it has been a long hot rainy summer I sure hate to see it end. I love fall, but it ends way too soon around here. We'll be griping about winter before we know it. :-)

  5. We took all the cold temps here in Superior WI. 60s and 40s. My hubby wants to turn on the furnace already. I tell him to wear clothes. LOL

  6. Hahaha I also stop and ask about hairdos--I have strange hair these days--since it's gotten whiter --uh I like to say lighter lol--its texture has changed totally--more flyaway and hard to manage..I used to wear a nice plain bob--but it looks squirrel-ly in that cut now--so I've let it grow...but am saying to myself--now what? Can't wear it up much as it gives me headaches...
    (shades of the show "Hair" that my hubby played sax in, onstage )
    As for the end of summer--not here either--the AC is on as I write this..our dewpoint is 72 and we are supposed to get thunderstorms later on....I am looking forward to Autumnal weather...hugs, Julierose

  7. At least you got a photo of the cut. Perhaps you can have another salon recreate the look for you. It's been up and down here. I can go days without the AC, but then we have a day like yesterday with a triple digit heat index. Today, it's back to open windows. I love Nora Jones. Thanks for the serenade while I type my comment! Hope all is well in Colorado.

  8. Those chance encounters. Argh. Maybe check out Pinterest and find it then print it out for your current stylist? Good luck.

    Yeah, I'm more than ready for autumn and actually may even embrace Indian Summer next week when the temps will be cooler. Here's to cooler days. And soon!

  9. i had a lady ask to photo my hair when i was doing the haleiwa arts festival a few years back to take to her stylist.since then my cutter moved to another state .So i have been going to billy the barber for a few years, walkin and 15 bucks and i don't need to fiddle with the back when i get home or sit for too long !

  10. Love the painting because, like you......I like color! Which is one reason I always hate to see summer end. I hate the lack of color, where green grass is no longer green but an ugly brownish green, where no flowers are blooming etc. OMG it would take forever to get dressed and you certainly couldn't do it by wonder women fainted///got the vapers all the time, poor things couldn't breathe.
    Traveling Suitcase

  11. I can't imagine wearing all of those clothes in the heat and humidity. Thankfully, our temps are cooled off a bit and we are anxious for them to drop even more. I am a sweatshirt and light jacket lover. Love your painting!

  12. Can you post the picture of her hair? I've been trying to find a new haircut.

  13. I enjoy those videos of all the different layers women used to wear. And I just got my hair cut today - off the neck, too.

  14. Send photo please - I have straight thin hair and a round face! Steamboat Springs is not that big... you could find that barber if you really tried! LOL

    1. well it's Colorado Springs which is really big... and a hair dresser not a barber so it would be a big job tracking her down. And imagine me asking each stylist, "do you have a foul mouth?"lol

  15. It has only just gotten truly hot in San Diego county! Summer absolutely doesn't start until July, and I think I just read that September is our usual hottest month, and October can be hot. I always felt behind the curve from the rest of the country. Thank goodness the seasons aren't TOO different here, because it makes it really hard to shop for seasonal clothes. I'm supposed to be thinking jeans, long sleeves, shoes? Not right now as I'm just trying to stay cool, thank you. (That's why I haven't had proper shoes for "winter" nor desired ankle boots for years, now).