Monday, September 16, 2019

the week ahead September 2019

zucchini blossoms that don't turn into vegetables
It's Monday, and we're looking at another busy week. Aren't they all?
For some reason it feels like a fresh start each Monday morning, not just another day.
the one tomato without a black spot the whole season, and some dried beans from a new pod!
This morning...
I'm still having my first cup of strong coffee with milk, and waking up from a lot of dreams. Ever notice some times you have lots of dreams that leak into the day? Sometimes not?
Milo greeted me with a tail wag and hug, DH handed me a cup of coffee and said good morning. He took Milo for his first walk of the day leaving me to slowly wake up. That's a good start, right?
see the big green grasshopper on the porch ceiling?
The weather in Aurora this week
The forecast fools you into expecting cool temps, because they say it's "cooler" but the temps are in the mid to high 80's all week still. In the thin atmosphere and high altitude with sun here it feels plenty hot! At least that gives the vegetables another week of growing!
It hasn't rained as much this month as all of Spring and Summer here, and there are wildfires going on. That could mean smoke throughout the area soon, and hard to breathe.
cajun spiced okra, dressing, cherries with no corn syrup
we got these specialty items at the garden center, and the okra pickles got a thumbs up from the clerk. We know the cherries are really good from experience.
We went to Trader Joes yesterday and stocked up (it's far away), also getting pumpkin bagels!
I got a big green cabbage at the garden center's vege stand, so I hope to make some old fashioned cabbage soup... shredded cabbage, onions, celery, tomatoes, garlic and chicken broth.

we shared a bottle of Riesling over two nights this weekend. How pleasant to have a glass while sitting on the porch in the evening. We bought another bottle, this time a red mix at the local farmer's market, so that should be much healthier for next weekend. 

We are both enjoying the great british pottery throw down (on youtube) and it's nearing the finale. We are also watching the G.B.baking show (last season) on netflix and each time someone goes home we feel we've lost a friend! Such a good season.
Tonight is the final Bachelor in Paradise, and it's been lots of fun. Big Brother has been odd this time to me but it's approaching the finale too.
I am sad that Dancing with the stars is starting... I LOVE that show but this time there is a contestant I won't watch, so no live show for me, it will have to be DVR til he's booted off. I've never felt that way before, and I wish I could tell the producers they are losing a loyal viewer.

The good shows are coming back soon, here's a link to descriptions of when, and the new shows:

I had no idea the work that goes into getting a show on tv... some of these that didn't make it sounded good to me... but so do some of the ones on the schedule.

As to returning shows... here's the premier date

book cover of The Little Teashop on Main
Jodi Thomas (the little teashop on main)  which has captured my interest and heart. I now want a long series on these characters but this is one of her one-off novels. Apparently she's been busy writing.
I am finishing up the Kate Morton boon on CD in the studio... last disc and as usual it's engrossing and fascinating. I love to be read to! (the Garden)
Library books have been wonderful this time:

we went to a wonderful bead festival on Friday afternoon in Denver.

 I was almost overwhelmed, but did manage to choose a few new beads to come home with me. I have a great love of beading, so just seeing all the possibilities was great. Plus I met some awesome people! One vendor was from Maryland too, so we talked about the adjustments. She talked of the same things that are hard for me, so I know I'm not alone in this. One artist making huge glass lampwork beads was VERY chatty and we laughed and had a grand talk. Even my engineering husband was laughing and joining in. I'll talk more about her later, but the thing that struck me was, I almost walked right by her booth. You can't judge people quickly or you miss the opportunity for a real connection.

We spent more time at home, and on errands this weekend than we have for a month. Our goal is to explore the area, and we will but this was a calm weekend for us. We still did errands meaning we had long drives where we talked, and I sewed.

One of the people in my art quilt group has found an exhibit opportunity for us as a group, so I had to scramble to find images of some of my work for the proposal, as an example of our skills.
Interesting exercise.actually, choose three works to describe you... if we are accepted I have to choose actual artwork to hang, which will be much harder.
For those who don't enter shows, it's risky to leave your art where it could be damaged or stolen on display in a public place. I've done it of course, it's a way to share your work, but at least this will be local so no shipping risks of loss, and it will be fun to be part of a group experience again.

I've been painting or drawing each day, to build up my skills and for self expression. I've been sewing again, so both design walls are full. I hope to start beading again, this time bead embroidery. Writing has taken a back seat for the summer. I hope to locate my sock knitting stuff this week, and use some of my sock weight yarn this fall.

Purchase of the week
not only beads, but I needed some face cleanser from Lancome, and since Nordstrom has a special (freebie) , that's where we went. One had to spend 39$ so I got the cleanser and a mascara (it's the only one not irritating to my eyes) and found out at the register that Nordstrom was price matching Macy's 15% off! Yea! two bonus's.

To Do
last but not least...
There are the usual daily, weekly maintenance things, the usual books and tv shows, but my big hopes are to finally organize my finished quilts onto the shelves DH put together for me this weekend.
This goes way beyond hobby for me, and I have MANY finished quilts that are in spreadsheets, and in groupings but in the move they were stored in the second bedroom and need to be more accessible.
 we had the broken drain cleaned out last week by a plumber, who found the tree toot had grown into the buried pipe, causing the whole thing to burst over the winter. Now we have to figure out what to do to fix it all. Oh and by the way there needs to be expensive work to repair another pipe.

My teeth are not right after the big dentist trip... I have to face that and go back now that time has passed and it's not well still, and possibly get the root canal repaired. Why can't people do anything right the first time any more?
 I want to finally be able to bend over and mop the wood floors after a long back issue.
I have an art quilt group meeting this week.
I'd like to write my weekly posts, today's, Thursday list of likes, Friday paint party, saturday sewing
I need to pluck Milo's ear hair... that's a major undertaking as he is not happy with the pain it must cause
can't we just not pluck and say we did??

I'd like to find perspective on life, to stop feeling so anxious, to grow in wisdom and be aware of the great chances to connect with lovely people this week.
Wish me luck

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  1. Wishing for a good week for you! The bead festival does sound like fun. A gal in my Sew Vintage group Saturday brought an antique beaded handbag to show us. The tiny beads made this elaborate floral design and it almost looked like fabric from a distance. Gorgeous handiwork from someone over 100 years ago.

    I have a goal of putting together my new 9-cubby shelving unit this week. I'll have to take the parts out of the box in garage and carry them downstairs in stages since I can't lift the full box.

  2. We have a busy week here too. Oh well we'll get it done.

    Hey Milo. It's so good to see you. It always is.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your peeps. ♥

  3. Glad you enjoyed the book festival and the library books. I like the fact that you stop and TALK to people... most people don't even take the time anymore. Very lovely creations that you have made.
    Have a great week

  4. You certainly had a good week. Enjoy this lovely autumn. I hope the wildfires die away quickly.

  5. You've had a very busy week! If you can find it, this book (here's the Amazon link) is excellent: - I loved it. I know, it is sad when someone leaves, isn't it? They seem like such a family.

  6. Sorry, Leeann, I don't think that link came out the way I thought it would. Anyway, the book is called The Story of the Great British Bake Off by Anita Singh.

  7. I've got the same issue with my zucchini blossoms. It's because the bees didn't pollinate them. However, I'm sure you know..a friend told me the squash blossoms are edible :) Haven't tried it yet but I'm planning on just frying mine for a fun dinner side one night. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  8. Love the Great British Bake Off, and I understand what you're saying, I always feel like a friend has left when someone is kicked off.

    Have a great week.

  9. Here's to a good week with more enjoyable temps. And beautiful autumnal light.

  10. The cabbage soup sounds so yummy and the bing cherries are going to make an awesome treat!

  11. You may not have to wait too long to watch DWTS. I heard talk that the dancer had no sense of beat at all, coming in second from the bottom. I got a quick glace at the ridiculous costume someone had him wear.
    Big Brother has been interesting with 2 underdogs getting to the final four. I think Nicole deserves winning. The jury may see her as a floater though.
    I love the sound of your cabbage soup. I can hear the Husband opening the potato chip bag, which means it's time for me to go downstairs soon and suggest we go get burritos.
    Cheers, Lee Anna, to a wonderful week with less anxiety feelings and lots of color!

  12. LA - I think I am exhausted just reading your plans for the week ahead! And I am curious which participant on DWTS that you don't like, but I am sure there is a reason you did not mention the name, so I don't expect you to tell me! Here's wishing you luck for all the things you want in life!

  13. We only watched DWTS to see how bad a certain person was and we were not disappointed. We won't watch it again as I was angry DWTS had that person on at all. I gave up coffee a month or so ago as a regular breakfast item, but there have been a couple of days when I had it to function. That soup sounds good-I've never had it but might try it. We have been waiting desperately for our shows to return next week!Enjoy this day! mary

  14. The bead festival sounds really neat! I love beads of all kinds, but am most often focused on Native American trade beads. Your artistry is inspiring and your work lovely! Hope you're having a great last week of summer! :)

  15. Having been a one time poodle groomer professionally for a couple years, I can understand Milo's reticence to having his ears groomed. Now that hubby is an OLD man and growing a forest in his ears, he doesn't like the plucking either!

    Regarding toe root canal, perhaps it was a different root that was infected, or perhaps both?