Thursday, September 19, 2019

I Like Thursday #159

Welcome to I Like Thursdays... I like cut flowers in the house, especially sunflowers this time of year!

I worried I couldn't find things to list  but the more I thought about it, there is an abundance...

I like:
1.having lots of good food in the house after making a run to Trader Joes

2.DH's mechanic said they figured out at least one of his car problems... they researched it and repaired one of the big problems. He should get it back tomorrow.

3.We are headed for cooler weather, about 81 for a high next week, and had rain tonight
pumpkins are available all over and we got one for the front entry!

4.pumpkin bagels at trader Joe's monthly art quilt meeting was a lot of fun and they were complimentary about my latest work
6.Milo has been exceptionally funny lately, and loving

7.I finished the studio book on disc and it was really good, and am nearing the end of my nighttime book (monday's post lists books, shows, etc that I've enjoyed)

8.I quilted the SW quilt and it looks good, just needs binding and beading
while I added up how large the lattice quilt should be, I realized I need about 100 more blocks
While sewing on it, I thought, "hey... don't I have a box of triangles somewhere? Sure enough there are LOTS of triangles the perfect size of my 5" blocks cut on diagonal. Someone gave me most of these, so they must have had a similar block going! More on that on Sewing Saturday
9. we met the new people moving in across the back yard, and they were quite nice
10. I really like the paintings I did this week!
11. When I told Milo's bestie's mom, we went to the farmers market and got cajun flavored okra pickles, she just stared at me and asked, "why are you so weird?" I started laughing, took that as a compliment because she was was just teasing me which means we're good enough friends to do that
12. I love my upstairs laundry, and do not mind doing lots of loads
13. I got a tomato that doesn't have black spots, finally. My beans started producing again too.
and some dried lima beans
 14.Mums are back and we got two for half price. What a pop of color!
fun display at the bead show
 15 . DH went to the bead show with me, and we had a great time.

a platter of fish beads!

16. I found these wonderful fabrics at the quilt store, to get me in the mood for this year's Halloween quilt!
available at Holly's Quilt Cabin

17. I received this prize in the mail this week, from Podunk Pretties/ Jacquelyn Steves giveaway
18. The finale of bachelor in paradise was so much fun, as is the great British pottery throw down, and the Bake off. Survivor is returning... can't wait. Also the new season is starting on tv soon.
19. my olukai sandals, all four pair are so supportive and comfy.
20. Lancome special with purchase, and I actually needed some cleanser (doesn't dry out or cause blemishes) and some mascara (only one that doesn't irritate my eyes) AND Nordstrom was price matching Macy's 15% off!

21. The yarrow I planted this year is going gangbusters in a pot. In fact I can't even cut the old blooms as the bees are enjoying it still so much! I like the red color.

Milo's Moments
did anyone order a chicken leg?

Parts Department
I've been busy with my chicken collection. I won't let Mama throw away the chicken on the left , the one who looks like a scrap is still good for grabbing and running. The middle chicken is good for chewing off wings and beaks still, and there's some good fluff left in it. The one on the right is the latest "indestructible" chicken, and still has most of it's parts, and two working squeakers.

They all have their jobs, and Mama doesn't get it. I have to keep an eye on her so she doesn't accidentally throw one away.
LeeAnna here: well, he comes by this hoarding naturally, by seeing me keep every little scrap of fabric and bead.

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easyweimaraner said...

I like the fidhy idea!!! it#s so simple but makes such a mighty fine eyecatcher!

Roseanne said...

Hi LeeAnna! I just love that you have a good friend that can tease you about being weird. You could have retorted with a first grade comment like, it takes one to know one. HAHA! Sweet Milo - of course, each of those chicken legs have their own purpose for you. No need to throw them out yet! Happy Thursday to you both! ~smile~ Roseanne

Scrapatches said...

I really enjoyed the list of likes you found this week. I almost wrote a list with no photos. I like life without my camera sometimes. I finally settled on one photo that I did not even take. I love looking at it. Thanks to you and Milo for bringing a smile to our faces and inspiring every week ... :-) Pat

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

What cool "likes". I never heard of yarrow before. Pretty sunflowers, too. We've cooled off too-to 99. The Halloween trees fabric is cool.

Lea said...

Love the flowers - the cut ones and the blooms outside!
Hugs to Milo.
Have a wonderful day!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Sunflowers are always great to start with!

Sara said...

Love those Halloween fabrics! So fun! Your flowers look good. I have a pink hydrangea that has started blooming again. I'm not sure that's normal but it's pretty.

Brian said...

That was quite the amazingly good list and Milo, those parts are something pal. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Pumpkin bagels at Trader Joes - yum! I like any baked thing with pumpkin in it - will have to go looking for those. I love your fall fabric purchases, too. I'm ready for some of those myself! Lots of great likes this week!

Mary in Boulder said...

Loved this list for its "ordinariness." That may not be a word, but you get the idea. It's so good to be reminded of how everyday ordinary things can bring joy, if we take the time to notice them and be grateful for them. I especially loved #12 "1 love my upstairs laundry, and do not mind doing lots of loads ." Life is so much better if you have a good way to get the laundry done! said...

Your yarrow is gorgeous. My chickens like to stomp through. Great list of likes for the week. Bobbin has been known to tip over a garbage can when I throw a toy away. Right now I have a deflated alien laying on the floor.

Molly the Airedale said...

The pumpkin bagels sound so yummy and we love the Halloween fabric and the sunflowers! Mom has been watching Gilmore Girls and she LOVES it! Thank you, thank you!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Parts is parts and always good for a toss or two (so long as there's no noshing involved). No rain on this side of town. 😧 Still. *sigh*

Keeping The Tie That Binds said...

Milo is so adorable! I love seeing his pictures!!

Jeanna said...

Love the chicken parts collection, of course they all have their purpose.
You have a LOT to like about Thursday. Maybe I like to bitch and complain because that's what I've been doing today from the comfort of my couch.
I like the looks of the yarrow and what a cool name.
Haven't had any good tomatoes since some this spring which is weird. Lots of good apples though and gonna have one in a bit. My obsession with corn has turned into one with apples. I cannot get through the day without one or two and they must be from a stand or farm.
I thought you had a plate of fish heads, remember that song?
Hope you get cooler weather soon (but not too cool). Muggy and foggy and too hot lately but I've got the patio door open now and can see a little bit of color in the front yard.

piecefulwendy said...

A fun list! I hadn't thought of just making a list -- I just haven't had time to take photos! The chicken parts made me chuckle!

Laura said...

I love that you won a prize. You will put those pretty colours of thread to good use.

Jeanne said...

I envy your Trader Joes abundance -- our closest one is more than an hour away. Laughing about the chicken parts. Our little Jake had his dog bed in the back seat of the car for our trip, and one day while he was nesting, he shredded through it -- stuffing all over everywhere!!!

Michelle said...

I LOVE Trader Joe's and I live so remotely that it is a 2 hour drive to get to one! Seriously! Enjoy some of that for me! Thanks for linking up and enjoy your weekend.

MissPat said...

So you didn't think you had much to like, but you wound up with 21 things, plus the Milo moments. Love the Halloween fabrics, especially the neutral one on the left. Gotta try to find some of that. I have some yarrow, but should look for more next year as the deer leave it alone. We're having 80's this weekend, but then dropping back to the 70's. I have way too much outdoor work to get done. Looking forward to your painting and sewing round-ups.

PaintedThread said...

So many likes! LOVE those fall prints! The orange with the birds is just so yummy. My sunflowers finally bit the dust. I'm hoping my neighbor will cut a few more. Love Trader Joes - we now have one closer than before (but no wine). Milo! That's quite the collection of parts!

Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
Love those Halloween Fall fabrics!
Yarrow! Great plant! I grew up in a town named after that plant. Yarrow, British Columbia
have a great weekend!

Michele McLaughlin said...

Love the chicken legs, made me laugh out loud!!! What a great post, love the fabrics and have a great week!

Tom said...

...what colorful life!!! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

Sheltie Times said...

A pretty impressive list.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

So many great things to like! And so happy to see Milo enjoying himself!

Sandee said...

Awww, you know how much I love to see Milo. He's a handsome one.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to Milo. ♥

Angie said...

LA - for someone who thought her Like list would be short this week, you sure came up with a lot of things to Like! I laughed when I read your friend's comment about the okra. Isn't it wonderful to have someone that you can josh with so lovingly? And Milo's chicken collection is adorable! Yep, he is modeling Mama!