Saturday, August 3, 2019

Sewing Saturdays Pile of Scraps

If you need me, I'll be up in Studio One!
I'm kind of obsessed with this scrap quilt for the bed. The inspiration came from Deb at Stitchin Therapy.

I just read a post from an art blog, where the question was posed, what inspires you to actually go make something. I've long been interested in that...

For me, on this project, it was:
1. seeing Deb's tasteful floral lattice quilt
2. Rainbow Scrap Challenge to use one's scraps, one color a month
3. abundance of scraps in every color
4. simple design that creates an interesting diagonal line, where I can mindlessly sew
5. a need for a thin cool summer bed quilt for our king size, one that goes with a poodle
6. the fun of seeing the simple pattern coming together with different colors and contrasts
I go through a scrap bin and pull out anything about 5" and cut a square, anything 1.5" by 8-9" long too. I cut a lot of components.
Then I cut all the diagonals, usually about 20 squares. Lay them out to match strips to them, fold them up with the two triangles sandwiching the strip, overlap them by the machine so I can chain piece them quickly.

While this is peacefully happening in the studio, I am listening to the complex novel on cd, The Clockamker's Daughter. Periodically a poodle nose bumps into my arm and little brown eyes look up to ask if I'm ever coming back downstairs.
I take a group to the ironing board, press them and then retrim to 5" and put on the wall. Sometimes I try to rearrange at this point, but that's a fool's errand, so they are kind of grouped in colors and that will have to do.
It's fun to use the less pretty fabrics, and the pale fabrics, as well as the well loved and used fabrics.
It's fun to see the color combinations come up, to see how low contrast looks in the overall design. Our eyes like to create pattern, so mixing in low contrast is terrific.
Since I'm sort of making this in RSC colors, here is the brighter blues for this month.
They are all mixed in, and more coming with the next batch of triangles to sew.
Easter eggs next to paisley, next to checks, next to flowers.
Gotta love scrap quilts!!
the peanut gallery, or Greek chorus
"Hey! How may of those are you going to make? Are you doing anything else??"

No comments from the peanut gallery! I'm up to 175 made so far and probably need more than I'll want to make to finish, but there is enough cut out now to have about 225 blocks so I'll see you when I see you!

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  1. I love the lines/design that are created by those simple blocks - that's going to make such a great quilt! I love mindless sewing!

  2. Love your fabric placements! What a beautiful quilt this is going to be!

  3. I love these blocks. Wow. Yet another good idea for next year's RSC.

  4. What a fabulous effort! So beautiful and will be nice and cozy on a bed once all done.

  5. Beautiful QIP--I love your colors--sounds like you get on a jag like I do--when a pattern or fabric or picture on a post calls my name i have to "squirrel" on over and do it!! ;))) This will look so lovely on your bed...hugs, Julierose

  6. Loving these! Such a good way to use up an assortment of scrappy fabrics.

  7. Hi LeeAnna,
    Love your creativity! and mixy matchy style! keep at it!

  8. Beautiful. Love it.

  9. It looks better every time I see it. The 3-D effect is beginning to appear too! I like the grouped colors....keep it up until it is done:)

  10. As always, love your color buffet! But the Greek Chorus is adorable!

  11. I can hardly wait to see these wonderful scrappy blocks grow into a quilt!! One of my beemates is making this quilt, too. I think she's doing hers QAYG, as she is having a love affair with that construction method at the moment.

  12. I really like how these blocks are all coming together. The scrappy quilt is going to be beautiful. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  13. It's looking very pretty and the process sounds so restful!

  14. That's a great looking quilt. Cute dog, too!

  15. I love it - both your version and the freehand cut one that Sujata uses. Lovely colors. This will look wonderful on your bed.

  16. Milo is awesome. Yes indeed and I'm sure you need his help with many things.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday. My best to your mom. ♥

  17. Really think this looks great and thanks for showing the steps and measurements for the blocks. I just might have to give this a try.

  18. LA - it looks great. It is a wonderful thing to find an activity that consumes us completely. Hours can go by without being aware - at least, until that wet nose bumps your arm!!!

  19. Very nice scrap quit in the making ... :) Pat