Friday, August 2, 2019

paint party Friday

exploring shading and highlights, line and color
A painting experiment one day, using my new to me watercolors, tombow markers and white gel pen

I visited the art supply store Saturday and the clerk and a teacher chimed in on my use of less than professional paints, paper and brushes. They encouraged me to try a silver #8 round brush and some different paints, and paper.
I did, and am not overly impressed. The brush mashes down and stays there, not easy to control, the paints are no better than my KOI and less easy to use, and I haven't tried the sample paper as the dog ate it.
I get that good supplies help you improve but for now, I am content to learn using my previous ones.

I did learn that paints have different qualities, and one must experiment to learn what they prefer for their styles. All paper receives paint differently too.
I purchased a printed sheet to try markers on too, and plan to make Halloween cards with it
using new paints
 This was my interpretation of meeting a fellow artist last weekend. We saw something in each other, and both at the same time decided to let our real selves show, safe to share the person behind the persona. I came home and did this in my sketchbook...
expressing a feeling

My friend Sarah gave me a stalk of dill, to try to photo and paint, so this is my quick sketchbook attempt, using tombow markers and water.
The woman on the right, was sketched and painted as a result of a friend's in progress art quilt. She was led to represent the feelings she has in today's world of prejudice, anger, woe and grief.
She is making a dyptich, one quilt to represent the grief, and one to represent joy. She did the faces as thread sketches, and put them into an abstract background. After reading about her inspiration,  I tried to represent the way someone might show concern about injustice in a subtle way
She is so soft and her eyes show a world of love, in person but the photo doesn't  seem to capture it all here.

I found this on the internet this week, and liked it... happy paint party Friday

KS3 Sketchbook. Art & Design. Annabell Bird. William de Ferrers School.


  1. I really like those leaves. The colors and the textures are so nice. You do great faces, too. :-)

  2. Love the leaves. Had to laugh at the dog eating the paper. I always use cheap paints and paper and am happy with them. Happy PPF, Valerie

  3. Oh, those leaves! I love all of them but especially the first group. Sorry about the paper. mary

  4. Your botanicals always looks so lovely!!

  5. sounds like you got a watercolor brush. personally i like a bit firmer brush and my go to is an angle shader by Robert Simmons, expression line, not expensive and great for leaves! botanicals are a favorite around here!.

  6. I love everything you've shared with us today, LeeAnna. The piece of you and your friend holding your masks is a wonderful statement.
    I see both love and concern in the woman's eyes. Maybe what you need is a background of some sort to give her context.
    The dog ate your paper, huh? lol

  7. The botanical page you created when playing with your media would make a beautiful print for a fabric. Happy PPF!

  8. Lots of learning going on. I'm impressed that you're drawing faces with expressions. That must be challenging. Keep it up.

  9. A lot to learn in art work--but you are well on your way--interesting that you prefer your own supplies--sometimes you just have to go with what you like and use...I like the face portrait of a subtle woman very compelling...and the dill is looking so good....hugs, Julierose

  10. Beautiful leaves and your sketch is fun and nice.
    Happy weekend xx

  11. Love your sketches and Dill is one of my favorites!

  12. Hi LeeAnna,
    Love your leaves! Hostas would be a great subject matter!

  13. I like your poster, love your art, and I have very expensive art supplies including brushes and I find the cheap ones work just as good or better. Same with paints. Go with what you love to use.

  14. I love your sketches and artwork. How sweet and lovely.