Thursday, August 1, 2019

I Like Thursday #152

welcome to this week's I Like post. The picture is from the recent lavender festival, in the butterfly habitat.
I loved everything about it...
the sticks sculpture was so exciting
I'm Melt-ingggggg
despite the intense heat
and the children racing all over the maze, jostling us!
How clever it all was, and fun to walk through
the wood habitats were so clever as well as protection for the insects
I like that some vegetables are coming ripe... the top beans tasted fibrous, and the bottom are lima beans. They are small when shelled but hopefully good. I got a big lot of 20 beans, boiled them, and we'll have them tomorrow night. 10 beans each.
I loved this statue in Parker CO where we went shopping last weekend. I didn't get anything at the quilt store as a shop hop is coming up tomorrow, but I did get supplies at the art store, where Milo is welcomed in.
I saw this sign at a clothes store, and they welcomed Milo in,

does this halo look good on me?
 and since I love their clothes, I managed to find a great new white shirt. Love a new piece of clothes
Milo's Moments
 I liked going for arideinnacar with my pawrents this weekend. We walked all around a different town with new to me smells and cool people. I liked watching Mama try on clothes and poked my head around the curtain, why she closed it I'll never know. I liked stopping for some great frozen yogurt and we all had some, I had to settle for a spoonful in the beginning, then licking the container. 4 paws up for swirls yogurt.
We went to a great art festival at Cheeseman Park on Sunday and I met lots of great dogs and people, while Mama looked for jewelry and art. It was hot so Daddy and I stopped halfway and sat under a tree. We all shared a fruit slushy too, so that's how my peeps eat when they leave the house!

LeeAnna here... we love Cheeseman park in Denver, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. 
I liked this really cool fence, and love to see homes with stairs cut into the grass off the sidewalks...
Neighborhoods built around the 1910's are like this, as ours in Tampa was, with alleys and garages in back.
As I mentioned in the Happy Homemaker post Monday, I talked with an artist from Texas... and we hit it off. In a few minutes we shared our hearts, fears and interests as if we were old friends... that's a good thing in today's world. So I sketched out my feelings about the meeting

a friend saw it and said, did you have on masks? (no, just figuratively)
DH and I chose a ring for him, sliver with turquoise and a small diamond... so pretty... for our 25th anniversary... then I liked it so much I've been wearing it!!! We'll have to order another one made by the artist in Utah.

Thanks for visiting... paint party friday tomorrow, and sewing on Saturday, don't forget you're always welcome to write a list of your likes and let me know to add you in! Please visit these lovely people keeping a list of their own to share.

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  1. Great likes! You have found so many wonderful things in Colorado and that butterfly sanctuary--Love it! Milo is looking dapper and I can't believe you get to take him into stores, so lucky!!! Of course, I"m not sure I would trust Scout in a store yet...Way to go Milo!

  2. Hi LeeAnna! Congrats on your anniversary, and how cool that you found DH/yourself a new ring. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. You find so many interesting festivals and shows. And lucky Milo - so many dog-friendly stores to visit.

    The ring sounds beautiful.

  4. Your butterfly photos are wonderful! We've had some pretty ones come through the yard, but can't get them to stick around long enough to get any photos. DH's ring sounds beautiful!

  5. That butterfly! Your artist encounter painting is so cool. I wish I could go to festivals as you do-such fun. Thanks for including my likes. mary

  6. Lucky you to get to enjoy the beauty around you. The butterflies beautiful!

  7. Beautiful butterflies--it has been meltingly hot here too...
    we haven't seen many butterflies here this year but a ton of dragonflies--they are so beautiful--transparent reds, greens and deep blues..hope you have a lovely and cooler weekend hugs, Julierose

  8. I like your sketch! How clever! And I love turquoise jewelry too....oh and lavender!! Hugs!

  9. Loved your "persona" watercolor! Hope your lima beans are yummy.

  10. Milo is such a handsome dog! I love the expressions he gives. Those stick sculptures look great. The "giants" are at a hiking trail/park near us and I need to get there. Thanks for linking up and have the BEST weekend!

  11. I love the butterflies! I haven't seen any this year in my area. I love how Milo gets to enjoy so many of your activities. So lucky!

  12. The twig sculpture is really cool! I love how it flows. Looks like a fun trip. Happy anniversary!

  13. That stick sculpture is awesome! The 'dress better' sign made me smile :)

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  15. Cheesman Park was the first neighborhood I moved to in Denver; it's always been a favorite place with beautiful architecture and tree lined streets. Have a 'pawsome' weekend!

  16. Thanks for your comments at Spiral LeAnna. Came through as no-reply so I can't respond that way.

  17. You always have such interesting things to show, LeeAnna. All these places you go and usually Milo with you which is awesome. Sounds like a beautiful ring to mark that special occasion...what about for you? We continue the heat warnings and still no rain. Lawns are looking brown and I'm watering as much as I can. Surely there must be a balance somewhere in the world.

  18. I love houses with raised lawns off the sidewalk, too. Always thought it would be fun to live in such a house made of brick with a front porch stretching across the house.
    Mama was an example of that sign. She was a sharp dresser. No shortcuts for her, even to the corner store, which is probably why she sent me to the store for suddenly needed things.
    What a fun-looking maze! We have a local farmer who does an annual Halloween corn maze. Unfortunately for the farmer, new neighbors complain about the noise of happy visitors.

  19. What a great list of likes! Always glad to hear from Milo - hug him for me! Those stick sculpture things are very interesting.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Hello, the butterflies are beautiful. I would like that maze, looks like fun. Cute photos of Milo! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  21. Interesting photo stories. I like the sketch too.

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