Saturday, August 31, 2019

dance... dance I know!

I Like to dance, and watch people dance! I love the dance shows on tv but I really loved watching these videos of how regular people like me danced in the 40's... swing

And this wonderful video of the early twenties faze, the charleston... so much to it! It was happy and active, it showed off a woman's knees that were beginning to emerge from their clothing

now that's dance!
warning! personal commentary!: 
I don't like a lot of current dance that looks like sex on the floor, too obvious! Or showing too much skin in your clothing... more seductive to show a silhouette that's clingy, to leave something to imagine is under there than displaying side boob. ick.
I do love the clingy silhouettes of the 30's cocktail wear, bias cut and slinky silks.

When  you dance, feeling the momentum carrying you around, feeling in sync with a partner, being lifted and flying (I used to be lift-able and still remember the feeling) while being held onto.... it's a good thing!!!

IMHO there is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to be a partner!

I love history in most forms and know some of you might as well. Anyone out there like me, know how to swing dance or charleston ?

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  1. I wish I knew how to swing dance! That would be so much fun! Entrepreneur in not much of a partner dancer. I do love to watch professional dancers. The human form in motion is so beautiful. But, I agree....when moves are corrupted to the point of obscene, it's stops being beautiful.