Friday, August 16, 2019

paint party Friday

Welcome to paint party Friday!  I am still drawing or painting every day, increasing my skills, learning about supplies, learning by doing and by tutorial. I now have several brands of paints, papers and application techniques to experiment with.
I tried using my florescent KOI paints to do another water lily, but used the other paints and tombow markers as well.
The thing I noticed this week is that a cropped image can greatly improve composition.Now how will I use that when creating the original work? I do not usually sketch first.
I do most of my drawing and painting at the kitchen table, next to my computer. I use whatever is handy to sketch on,

I'm inspired by views I see like my coleus
to try to capture perspective. I do not like the simple coloring on the leaves but do like the overall sketch being somewhat in perspective.
I loved this simple sunflower I saw last weekend, so did a VERY simple one using tombow markers and my waterpen to soften it. I liked drawing a simple blue line around it, then dragging the color outwards to settle it on the page
I don't know why but I just love this little flower painting in person. It's soft but recognizable, and not overworked.
I saw an image on someone's blog of clouds and wanted to capture the line dividing clouds from sky. They were golden. I got a bit too much color from the florescent yellow of my KOI set, but generally I liked making it. I'd say the finished piece looks more like surf though.
as artists we can lead the viewer to see what we see, but I am not always in control of the finished product!
I followed a tutorial, kind of, by Shayda Campbell this week, to make a little card for my friend. Shayda was talking about the Victorian language of flowers, I was trying out the tombow markers, how quickly they stain, which colors blend with water even after drawing.

the backs of the little cards/paintings. Top left is overlying stamps using tombow avacado green marker, little bird used tombow marker in bright blue and orange, message done with black pigma 05 and a stamp
A youtube tutorial (AmberK Creatives on how to draw whimsical houses with watercolor markers led to this. I used what I had, bright tombow markers not Arteeza, but I learned a lot about dragging color, creating depth, shading and mixing on the paper. I like the "fluid" square paper I'm trying this time. Very stable, able to lift color easily with no pilling, nice weight, easy to use paint, marker, pencil on.
I loved putting in lines of color along the sides and pulling color out with waterbrush. I went in with staedtler gray markre and pencil for texture, and might leave the window box flowers... not sure. I wanted to create a balcony over the door but not sure how.
One afternoon I wanted to create my own little simple whimsical house, in honor of my two friends moving into new homes this month... After being done, I went in with pencil to create roof slats but don't think it works. I liked the stained class window, and the little word on the mail box, as well as the stone chimney and curved roofline.
completely done with tombow markers and waterpen, then staedtler marker at the end for definition, and white gel pen for highlights in windows.
So what did I learn? how the marker colors can move on paper, how to sketch more in perspective, how child like my style is. DH helped with that. I whined about being childish in style, and he said it was like a child's illustrated book, maybe because of the bright colors. That made me feel better.

I know bright colors make me happy, but I also like realistic colors too. Well, there's room for all.
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  1. Oh I love your art works--especially that coleus one...glad to hear you're enjoying your "painting party"...hugs Julierose

  2. I love everyone of these paintings but especially your whimsical house. The details are perfect-the color choices, the design. Just really good.

  3. Lovely drawings...I really enjoy all the colors you're using!

  4. The little houses are especially sweet. Whimsical - not childish.

  5. Your work keeps getting more and more beautiful. I love your use of bright colors, which make me happy too. Happy PPF!

  6. Lovely paintings, soft and beautiful.
    Happy PPF xx

  7. My favorites are the Victorian flowers, and the three colorful houses!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Your paintings are so beautiful - each and every one of them!

  9. Beautiful pieces, nature is a wonderful mind source and is my main go to for inspiration. Have fun with all your findings and equipment when you find what medium works best for you it will become a great companion. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work, Happy PPF Tracey x

  10. You are right, daily art makes me improve as well, but I'm not anywhere near daily these days. I should try some of the YouTube tutorials. Your works came out beautiful. And I enjoyed your calendar drawings. So much fun. - Margy

  11. We must have had a Vulcan mind meld here with water lilies. 😍Lovely.

  12. Lovely artwork and photographs! Love the bright colors!! Happy PPF!

  13. Woow you are really good at painting. Congrats...

  14. I adore your work. Each piece reflects such charm and brightness.

  15. Happy Pink Saturday, Leeann. Thank you for sharing with us to make Pink Saturdays special. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one that caught my eye".♥