Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sewing Saturday southwest edition

I've been using my bag of cherrywood hand dyed strip scraps to paperpiece some components.
then moving them around and around the central painted mesa piece. I cut down the aspen trunks yesterday, pieced another strip of geese, and then really started designing...
My husband prefers the geese angled out like above. What if the stars went above and one was added in the bottom?
I'm just moving components around, and made the bottom straight line of geese yesterday.
I've had a bad back and seem to have trouble rotary cutting these days. I made sure to line myself up at the machine while paper piecing yesterday, to minimize back and shoulder issues.

 With paper piecing I can sew without rotary cutting.

I love the bags of hand dyed strings for this, just the right size and all the colors one could want.
the width of strips goes from real strings at 1/2" to about 3" wide. I forgot how rich hand dyes look when used... I have a stash of them but hesitate to use them on just stuff... they do cost a lot and are one of a kind. Altho cherrywood has it down to a predictable range.
My lattice quilt is still on the design wall, filling it now. I had to stop working on it but you see little blocks set up ready to sew in the pic above.

This week I also printed cotton, then silk with my waterlily photos from last weekend. I hope to sew on them soon.
such lovely color. I preferred the cotton print this time, to the silk which is so sheer but with a pretty sheen.
silk on top, cotton underneath
I would have said these are more my color scheme but I'm enjoying working with the deep rich earth colors on my southwest piece too.
I just love color!
What do you think about my little southwest piece? Opinions welcomed... when there are too many choices I go a bit bonkers!

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  1. The Cherrywood hand-dyed are so rich. I have been hoarding mine for years. Maybe it's time to release them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I just love that Cherrywood piece LeeAnna--it is so beautiful--you have done fabulous jo of paper piecing..I haven't done any of that in a long time--forgotten how to do it actually ;000
    enjoy your "shuffling around" I am doing that with my snowballs--
    By the way what color is that lovely background--did you dye it? Gosh it's just perfect hugs, Julierose

    1. the tan ish? I have no idea! It came in a kit someone gave me that I used bits of for one of my STAT artist quilts, the Modigliani poodle. Scraps, leftovers, bits and bobs all come together

  3. I still struggle with improv piecing. My brain wants to even blocks up and balance where different block go. I think I have only one pack of hand-dyed fabrics in pink, bought many years ago, with no purpose in mind. It's like buying fat quarter bundles or charm packs, I never want to break them apart, but I never make anything with them either. Gotta start using up some of this stash.

  4. I like both of the water lily prints - each are beautiful in their own way. :)

  5. Flowers are gorgeous and your quilt is really coming along. I think I like #3 the best. I love the curve, and somehow it feel like it stands out more when there's not something above it? All of pretty and will make a great quilt. Whichever one you choose.
    Traveling Suitcase

  6. Such gorgeous fabrics - both the Cherrywoods and your waterlily prints. I hope your back improves. Smart of you to watch how your stand.

  7. Your southwest quilt is going to be a stunner when it's finished! Love it! And I love the waterlilies too.

  8. Your Cherrywood piece is coming along nicely, and your water lily prints are just beautiful. I prefer your last layout of your southwest piece with the star blocks at the bottom and the flying geese making V's pointing outward. There is something about it that speaks to me, sort of in a sacred sense honoring the land. With the star blocs at the top of the other layouts, they look very top heavy to me, just my opinion.

  9. I really like that Cherrywood piece! The curved flying geese and the aspen trees are wonderful!

  10. I like the side Vs pointing inward, guiding your eye to the centerpiece, not away from the quilt.

    I also feel the straight strip of flying geese is rather "grounding", and looks better on the bottom.

  11. That southwest piece is beautiful. I love the colors and the layout. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  12. Isn't Cherrywood fabric heavenly? So soft, and the colors so rich. mmm mmm mmm!

  13. This is going to be gorgeous. I like what you have going so far.

  14. I love your southwestern piece, especially your aspen tree trunks.