Friday, August 9, 2019

paint party Friday

I merged two tutorials to paint this. It looks vibrant in person but I can't make the image match the true rich colors. I watched one tute on painting water lillies, and one on painting overlapping petals.
"Summer Chorus"

I wanted to try out the new to me paints, so I put blobs of color on the sketchbook, then drew faces under them. I wanted to try to make some female and some male... how to do that? If you can't tell, the yellow flowers are guys, slightly square jawlines, heavier features and an adams apple.
It makes me laugh, and what more can you ask of your art?
again, very washed out colors in this image
As you may remember, Milo tried to eat my free sheet of "good" paper from the art store, but I decided there was enough left to try out the paint on. I tried blending by dragging the color next to each other while wet. I liked the way it blended, but may still use the cheaper paper to learn on.
It looks like geodes to me. I used the new brush, and again, it's okay but a challenge to control. I'll continue to use my waterbrush and KOI paints along with the new ones.
"There's a bunny in the Garden"
one of the shards became this little painting, and know what? I might tear paper in the future as I like the odd shape to paint!
the back of that one...
Thanks Milo, for your help
I was chatting with a new friend, and she said her daughter loves to draw. I asked if she would teach me some things about shading and perspective. I went over Thursday for a lesson, and learned a bit about how Brianna works. She approached drawing with more planning and intent than I do. She sees shapes in each object, and enjoys drawing animals at the zoo. she has all the best art supplies, and takes a lot of time on each picture.
both of us drawing the same lily

I acknowledged the value of that but that is not my jam. Nope. I prefer faster, looser, approach and often like to just start painting, then turn it into something. When it's a goal oriented piece like this lily from my friend Joann's blog
I wanted to learn more about illustration, shading, and drawing, so no color on this one. It was harder to draw than to paint, in my opinion. The image isn't great but I like it in person. It's recognizable as a lily and the bee looks like a bee. When you create any artwork, it's up to you to make decisions about what to include in your composition, and what to leave out.

 I decided I will likely develop a style, not truly realistic, but representational. I'll continue to learn from anyone willing to teach me.
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  1. In college I took some art classes as electives, and really loved working with pen and ink. I enjoyed it a lot for many years - basically until I discovered quilting. Haven't done any of it in decades now, but you are poking my interest again. :-)

  2. The blending and dragging reminds us of a beautiful sunset and we love your water lily and your lily and bumblebee drawing is just gorgeous!

  3. Just love your free-flowing pieces--the funny hair is so adorable--flower-heads instead of "pot heads" hahaha lol--glad you are staying with your own style and passion...hugs, Julierose

  4. Love the water lily. I enjoy your art.

  5. I really like that water lily but your chorus with that butterfly is priceless. It's so cool you can bring humor into these paintings!

  6. Lots of beautiful art again this week, love the water lilies. And the blob-faces made me smile, great play idea, I will try that. Have fun, and keep it playful and colourful! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  7. You water lily is so pretty! I enjoyed your faces. I like all of your other paintings on the torn paper. Your illustration is lovely. I need to do more practice like this of both drawing and painting.

  8. I'd love to make a collage
    with your torn papers. Lovely paintings and shadings.
    Happy PPF 💗

  9. So very beautiful!
    Love ❤
    Happy PPF 💮

  10. Your waterlily is beautiful! Looking forward to you becoming a fabric designer so I can add your beautiful images to my quilts ... :-) Pat

  11. I am really enjoying your painting - the results and especially the process. But don't stop quilting, please.

    1. I don't think I could ever give up quilt making! The painting is informing my quilting! LeeAnna

  12. I think Milo was on to something, I like the torn paper as well and used to apply that filter when I still had a working Photoshop. You are so talented, love the colors and drawings. I don't have the patience for tutorials.

  13. Your water lily looks spectacular, even though you couldn't show the accurate color through your photograph. I LOVE the idea of using torn scraps of paper to watercolor on. Happy PPF!

  14. I like your work on the torn pages. Perhaps they work for you because you are also a quilter and used to working with scraps and pieces.

  15. It's good to experiment. It looks cute. The first painting looks beautiful. And the last one ---the pencil sketch ---is really good! I am at sketching.

  16. Hi LeeAnna,
    that torn paper....that's one way to turn lemons in to lemonade!
    Your painting and drawings look great! Just like quilting, keep developing your own style! Love it!
    thanks for linking!
    have a great weekend!

  17. Your experimenting added so much interest to your pieces this week. Nicely done