Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cole's view of fine dining

Why, is that the FRIDGE?? I think it's a magical place!!
My poodle, the one who has always been given organic expensive dog food, who now is fed allergy food from the vets that costs a lot, eats weird stuff.

 my vet calls it....dietary indiscretions. 

We went in once and she asked "what has he eaten?"
blink blink
I answered, "he goes out back by himself, so you'll have to ask him"

Over the years he has eaten paper especially clean tissues from the box, TP, dance shoes, straight pins, tin foil, watercolor paintings, cigarette butts, stuffed toys, rawhides in entirety, cigar butts, wood chips, grass, and a multitude of items that are un-recognizable when they are urped up.
Dog food??? ewwww
 Who among us hasn't had that momentary panic when hearing the start of that  urp, urp, urp sound.
Woken from a sound sleep leaping from bed to find something to protect the carpet.
Gazed at it like it was a crystal ball to decipher what the fizzy it used to be.

Cole:  these days my tastes run to the after dinner Whimsey. I had one two days in a row, so now it's EXPECTED. EVERY NIGHT. Heaven forbid they stop making these, and our local store has run out.
I had my peeps order a bag from Amazon. Crisis Averted.

My lab once ate borax tablets in FL, the ones we leave in cabinets to kill bugs. She once ate nearly to the bottom of her 20 lb food tin while I was at work. She ate Christmas tree ornaments and shoes. In fact nearly everything in my house had a Chelsea-bite out of it. I called her my refrigerator retriever.

My fave story about her was the time we walked the 'hood looking at Christmas lights. She began to drag behind, we turned to see why, and she was trotting along with a full hamburger-in-bun in her mouth! Waiting for us to stop and admire the lights so she could eat it I suppose. She looked and forgive me here, a bit like Al Jolson. (Apologies for that reference but that's the first thing I thought of)

I heard a  comedian say once, when asked if her dog would like some expensive organic biscuits,
"I don't know. He's out back eating poop right now, I'll go ask him"
I ask for nothing more special than what you eat...
Does your dog or cat enjoy this kind of variety in their diet?? Tell me your story.
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  1. The kitchen is such an exciting place!

  2. My cat is the opposite - she only eats cat food and prefers kibble to the wet stuff, but will eat enough just to annoy the other cat, who loves the canned food. If I ever offer her a special human treat like cheese or ham or roast beef she instantly assumes I'm trying to poison her and runs away in fear. I don't think she understands that if I wanted to poison her I wouldn't waste the roast beef!

  3. laughing out loud Kalia!
    You are probably going to have less vet bills from weird stuff ingested!

  4. Oh, Cole! You have some interesting taste. There's nothing worse than hearing that urp, urp, urp sound in the middle of the night, lol!

  5. My girlfriend's yellow lab once at a hole in an applique quilt she was working on.... while her husband was in the same room. Guess someone was not paying attention.. That beautiful appliqued vase of flowers now has a lovely butterfly on it.

  6. OMG! you are asking ME?????? Owner of McGee the Bad Basset Boy?????? The question would be what HASN'T he eaten. The first really bad and expensive thing was a 6 foot long silk scarf I dyed for the Habitat Art Sale. Whole. I was able to pull about 3 1/2 feet out through his mouth, but it took $1200 and 5 days in the vet to get the rest.

    The latest thing he ate was exactly yesterday when he ate the first rosette from my Millefiore quilt. Check out my blog to see the damage there.

    He is lucky to be alive, that dog. But I am still not speaking to him.

  7. Other than the sock - that's about all we've ingested around here

  8. Zu Zu. The beagle chihuahua mix has her beagle noise to the ground on all walks in the woods to find any dead animal or bird. And if it's decomposed we must roll out neck in it to get the full effect. That's when mom starts to say bad words and puts me on the leash .

  9. Rita is, luckily, super picky and hardly eats most real food items, so non-food items are not on her menu! But, man, some of this could be straight out of my first novel, What the Dog Ate. In fact, the vet in the book uses the phrase "dietary indiscretion". :)

  10. Our cat ate 10 rubber ponytail holders many years ago. After surgery, the vet gave them to me in a ziplock bag labeled "Sammy's hair accessories". Ironically he has been pretty particular about what he eats after that. But because he is very long-haired, we hear that "urp, urp, urp" noise way too often as he hacks up frequent hair balls.

  11. We had a lovely chihuahua who loved popcorn as soon as she heard the kernels of corn dropping into the pan she was there. She also went for anything that was dropped or fell so we had to drive for spilled or dropped pills before she got them.
    We had an other chihuahua who would take a dog biscuit in her teeth growling the whole time up across my reclining husbands belly and chest right up to his mouth so they could each have a portion of biscuit in their mouthes and growl and play tug a war.
    These dogs have crossed the rainbow bridge thank you for bringing up fun times sweet memories

  12. WEll, they certainly don't call me hoover for nothing. I steal food at times from people about to eat them. Mid air.


  13. Thank goodness my current dogs - lab mixes - are happy with ordinary dog food, Nylabones and an occasional treat of peanut butter. Previous dogs have eaten poop, furniture, rugs and shoes. And then there was our beloved Golden Retriever, who once ate a $20K cashier's check!

  14. Dang, and that diet word is still popping up around here!

  15. Well you know Piglet's history of licking her paws so much from allergies that she caused herself a mouse size hairball intestinal blockage in which she never recovered from the botched surgery:-(
    What dog gets a hairball anyhow?!

  16. I tell you, there's nothing faster that will get you out of bed when you start hearing retching. LOL

    And Borax?! Woah! That could've been bad!

    I call my youngest Bichon Timmy Trashcan because he'd eat literally everything you put in front of him. Lol

  17. My dogs really, really like horse poop. They don't get to kiss me!

  18. Ha, ha. Sam only seems to enjoy munching on very expensive and sentimental leather items (unless you count deer droppings when we go up in the mountains). I guess I should be grateful, it could be so much worse. Sigh.
    I think they should make an alarm clock with the sound of a dog barfing, it would guarantee no more over-sleeping or turning off the alarm. ;)