Saturday, February 6, 2016

A favor, a connection, and a thank you gift

The kindness of others!
It is the connection that makes life sweeter.
Sonja in Hawaii, so geographically far from me, offered to put together the I-spy quilt pieces a friend of mine here gave me. She was given the pieces from a friend, gave them to me, I washed them and am sending them to Sonja to make and give to a child...
One good deed deserves a reward!
A while back, I made some 6" friendship exchange squares in honor of Independence Day.
This is one I kept, and it's great to send Sonja as she has a lovely cat.

(As I have said before, perfection is So Yesterday! Stitching with gold metallic threads that won't obey, through thick stabilizer you'll see I didn't stop to worry about anything while hand stitching )

She is an artist so she can appreciate the way it went together. I did it freely, with abandon, happily combining bits and pieces to make my heart happy.
When I chose it to send to her, I added the metal charms, the heart the star sequins and embroidery to represent flowers she loves and the imagination that fuels an artist.
Thank you Sonja!
yep! All that in 6"


  1. Yippee Skippie! We can hardy wait for our baby quiltie blocks parts.i see a certain banana fabric in them that lives in a
    box in my studio. we being Ruby and i. We love fabric. Ruby was so named as she was a rescued cat, just moments away from being shuttled to a shelter and brought home the day before 4th o July so I called her" tiny shiny Ruby!" we both have July b-days. one more thing LeeAnna did not know until now, July 4th is my Birthday!

    tiny shiny Ruby! one more thing LeeAnna didnot know til now, July 4th is may Birthday

  2. How fun to see what Sonja makes of them. I love this little cat block you sent here, too. You and Stephie are certainly the Queens of intricate small blocks. How do you do it?
    Great quote.

  3. What fun!

    I love the artistic block.

  4. it is fabulous... I wish we had such talented paws too.... sadly we even fail with replacing a broken zipper lol

  5. Sweet little block. I'm sure she'll love it.

  6. Very definitely a sweet little block to share with a friend! And what a great idea to pass along the quilt pieces to be finished by another quilter.

  7. Nice block! And great to share your I spy squares also!

  8. Love, love, love the friendship square you are sending (or sent) to Sonja. One kindness for another.

  9. What a nice collaboration / love the kitty! :)

  10. Lovely connection, lovely thank you. ღ