Thursday, February 4, 2016

Is this a gift... or an opportunity to give back?

the diamonds are about 4" across
You know the old belief if you save someone's life, you are now responsible for it?

Well a friend gave me a bag of scraps. I washed them all in mesh bags, and found these after...
29 hexie/diamonds ready to be stitched together. They are a little wonky. There are about 30 more hexies cut to go with them, without the red triangles. All an  I-spy that reminds me of the old view master toy.

I want to pass these on to someone who would like to put them together into a quilt for a child to enjoy.
If you want to do this, I only ask that the child be one in need... foster care or illness for instance.

Is anyone out there willing to take these blocks from me? I will draw names in a few days,  if there is more than one hardy soul willing to take on this small project. It will be a connection, my friend=to me=to you=to a child.
It's a good thing.

Update, I am going to send them to Sonja. If you will be next on the list in case anything happens, please let me know,
Thank you so much!


  1. pick me pick me!!!! i love red and all the other colors and would love to donate a quiltie made from these and some of my fabric.

    1. you know what? OKAY! I will gladly pick Sonja and as soon as I get her addy, I'll mail them to you! Thanks so much!

  2. Great connection, cute pieces.