Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just for today...

This is a page from my journal, drawn and written on Sunday when I put on a coat and was able to be on the porch perch for an hour.
 It's just ink pen on ruled paper. Nothing fancy.

I was inspired after looking into my neighbor's yard and seeing these two tall trees.

They made me think of Valentine's day that is approaching.
I make a quilt every year, but this is the real valentine. The daily love shared between us.

I also noticed the shadows on snow...
So many shades of lavender, blue, gray, black, white. I said to DH did you notice all those lovely shades? He looked again, seeing them.

"no I didn't. Hmmm"

It's interesting to see life through another person's eyes.

Remember when I made my list, the list of fun things I would like to do? Not counting the mundane daily lists of life, but the little fun things.( the post is here) I wonder if I accomplish anything, if I am underachieving? I suppose we all wonder that now and then. Well, I wrote a note to myself on Sunday:
The last line, I acknowledge myself and my offerings... this is a goal, and a change for me.
Just for today (Tuesday) up to now at 3pm, I have:

I have listened to http://writersalmanac.org/ read to me by Garrison Keilllor.

I read http://painterskeys.com about Renoir, an excerpt is here...
“If a painting is not a pleasure to me I will certainly not do it,” he says. He seems not to want to stop until he feels the pleasure coming on — then he announces “Here.” “You learn about painting,” he says, “not by looking at nature, but by looking at your painting.” Renoir

I wrote a blog post for Cole to publish tomorrow and saved it
Cole and I walked a mile, stepping around ice and listening to the snow melt

I finished a puzzle while having coffee, and listening to a tv show.

I made iced tea from a mix of two blends from Teavanna brought home as a gift from a doting husband who knows I love it but am reluctant to pay so much for tea. I make iced tea because I am from the South and that's what we drink.

I cleaned the burnt adhesive off the bottom of my iron from pressing over some tape the last time I paper pieced and had to join two pieces of the pattern.

I put away the clean dishes, and loaded the dirty ones in the dishwasher
I got dressed and put away clean clothes

I read emails from friends, and from blogs I receive that way
I trimmed my bangs (fringe) because I was so annoyed by hair in my eyes

I planned this year's Valentine quilt
Since the color of the month on Rainbow scrap challenge is brown, (!) (YIKES) I began to look through my brown scraps...
 separating the piles into, "sofa", "dress" "tv"  "strata blocks".
 I printed out paper piecing patterns of the sofa, tv and dress, cut the sections out, grrr, on the faint thin blue lines, glued them to paper and copied them so I can have seam allowances on the sections.

I'm in the middle of reading this book by Brian Weiss. I have read so many books on this subject, but he remains my favorite author.

I have read about life after life, NDE's, extensive scientific studies by reliable Doctors, and they all seem to say similar things.

Love. Compassion. Understanding. Experience.
These things are most important to life. 

They can't be checked off a list. 

I am not making monumental discoveries here. I am just going through the day, trying to live a creative life, noting the colors of the day. I realized I can check off a few of the items from my fun list today!

As my journal notes, I won't do ALL of it EVERY day, but I will do some.
Hopefully I will grow, and learn, and experience life even on these days. Just for today...
Love, LeeAnna


  1. Your Sunday journal about you and Drew was so touching to read.

  2. and that each year u build a quilt in honor of DH and you is wonderful, in many ways. what a treat when you present that body of work to creative types!!!.
    i see the colours of shadow and that looks like an inspiration for a watercolor to me...Be well
    and listen to your own wisdom.aloha, sonja

  3. I sometimes think the key to a happy life is to make the ordinary, extraordinary, like you did here today:) :)

  4. I love this post. Your introspective view of your daily life is amazing :-)

  5. I love this post. Your introspective view of your daily life is amazing :-)

  6. Another wonderful thought provoking post from you LeeAnna - thank you!
    I was interested to see your reading interests, one of which was NDE's I am one of those folk who had "anaesthesia awareness" during major surgery, you may have read about this - quite an experience I can tell you! I still suffer the after effects and always will.

  7. You have probably made all of your readers do some thinking about our day too. Your book is one that I know my mother would have read eagerly too.

  8. One day at a time!
    You inspire soooo many !
    Tahnks for sharing and keep blogging! So glad you do!

  9. Lovely post and a great full day you had, you inspire so many.

  10. "live a creative life, noting the colors of the day", that really touched me.