Monday, February 8, 2016

Steps to this year's V-day quilt

In Progress, now about 20" X 38"
Every year I make a Valentine quilt to celebrate the love I found with my husband. V-day is in less than a week so I started this yesterday, lol! That's just the way I am.
My motto this year is "Use It" and I wanted to use some of my V-day fabric stash. Each year it's a different style, a different size, a different look but always...about love.
First choose some fabrics...
Of course my Valentine collection is all over the place since I collect heart fabric in any color I find.
Second, make a few strip sets in order to cut out some 60 degree triangles...
then cut out the triangles and arrange them on your sewing table.
Next sew three of the triangles together...
Note, you now have a half hexie. I am making these by machine so the easiest way to sew them is in long strips after arranging them on the wall..
like that.

When I am ready, I'll sew each half to the other into strips, then strips together with long straight seams. All straight seam sewing here! Fast. I made all these since yesterday afternoon.

It's messy, and fun, and busy and colorful and happy.

I must tell you a secret.
When I made the first two blocks I thought, that's it I wasted fabris, time and now I can't let myself throw it away.
I considered doing an art quilt instead that's on the back burner of my mind.

But, I know this syndrome... I've had it with each quilt I ever made.

Just about a fourth of the way along the process I begin not to like it, growing fear that I wasted fabric and time on it, then just before it comes together in the final top I love it again!
I mean, look at these fabrics!
Some scraps, some stash, all love!
I do a lecture on working in series and show all 22 quilts... but if you want to see just one more...
check out last year's  (  HERE 
Love, LeeAnna


  1. Beautiful project and beautiful tradition to make a quilt to celebrate your love every year! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love the peek at this year's quilt. So bright and cheerful.

  3. I so love that you make a new valentine's quilt each year. That's a lot of love, and it's so sweet! Glad you know that you have this thing about falling out of love with a project because I think this new one is awesome!

  4. A great start to this years Valentine quilt LeeAnna!

  5. A great start to this years Valentine quilt LeeAnna!

  6. "Love is all there is ..... " and you make it visible (to all who read here)with most yummy fabrics at you finger tips!
    "Love is all there is" ......i can almost hear the Fab Four singing this song as i view your series valentine quilts!

  7. Love how this piece radiates warmth--perfect for V-Day! As per usual I love your color choices...really neat hugs, Julierose

  8. It's lovely and a special way to acknowledge some heartfelt feelings. Bravo to you! ღ

  9. What a great project and a great way to commemorate true love! You're tempting me - like I need a new project! LOL (That's never stopped me before.)

  10. Wow, what a great spiderweb variation. Love all your hearts. Happy Valentine's Day.

  11. That is a fun project, and I'm so impressed that you make a new one every year! I went over and looked at last year's and it is gorgeous! You've made me want to collect heart fabric!

  12. What a colorful fun project! I'm glad you're back in love with it, because it really is lovable!

  13. Self doubt is a problem but lucky you have some experience and can shoo it away! Great way to celebrate the 14th! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  14. I love your wild color choices! Their making a beautiful quilt!