Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine quilt components

Not Done yet but will be!
I finally found a border to satisfy me after auditioning a lot of fabrics.
I finally decided on a binding after auditioning even more fabrics.
I just took a scrap of the back to do the sleeve, and a leftover block for the label. I chose a thick variegated gold thread to couch along the binding.
This is to show you some of the quilting, a mix of straightline echo and free motion. All of it done with halogram mylar sprakly metallic thread, in pink and red. Used a superior topstitch titanium needle in size 90.
Just to prove no space is too small for a free motion unplanned feather...

It would have been wasted on busy prints, but the sparkling pink called out for it, as the red above called for spirals.

I still love all the heart fabric.

I have so many quilts to make.
probably 50 UFO's or WIPS
Likely that many PIGS (projects in grocery bag)
Hundreds of patterns I want to try
Hundreds of books with ideas
Journals with sketches to make
and I get inspired every day looking at things other people make.

So much to look forward to. I'd better finish this fast and get busy!


  1. Love all your pretty hexies and your quilting, which is amazing.

  2. So colorful. I bet the gold thread show up so much better in person.

  3. I love color too but I also love prints - way too much. I have fabrics that read like a solid in my stash but I have no solids. I read with interest how you did feathers and finer FMQing only in the solid portion where it will show. That is an inspired idea. I have heard guidance that the entire quilt should be quilted with equal density but your approach proves this rule of thumb wrong. My eye jumps to those feathers, all the more to appreciate them.

  4. Your quilting is lovely. The feathering is wonderful.

  5. I knew you would do a valentine's quilt! Love your quilting, it is wonderful!

  6. Great finish - love your tiny feathers!

    1. oh this is not finished, it's not even bound yet! Still to come, binding, couched threads and crystals! LeeAnna

  7. You sure do have a love theme going this week. The romantic flamingo story was so sweet. Give your doggie a special Valentine hug from me. I'm trudging along with HSTs this week, slow going. It's the tremors that make it hard. I looked online for a sand board, but they are no longer being stocked. Must be a patent fight. I'm going to make my own with ultra fine grit 9 x 11 sheets, very cheap. Have a good week.

  8. It's just beautiful! I love the little feather - such a sweet touch.
    Can't wait to see what you do next!

  9. Wonderful quilting! Love your terminology: "Auditioning" fabric sounds like so much fun. :)

  10. That's lovely and perfect for the holiday. I especially like the metallic threads running throughout it.

  11. It's so beautiful. I do not have sewing or quilting skills so I'm always impressed with people that do.

  12. Your quilt is lovely already and you say more to come yipee

    On to the poor puppy dog feet and people too. There are many trees that "drop" stuff that is dangerous harmful or stinky.
    For the dogs paws I was told that the top of their paws are very sensitive .... so figure out a way to clean and check without touching the top of the paw( yah right, good luck)

    Also another tip this one is better. Handle the dogs feet often and give a treat so the dog gets used to having the feet handled and knows a treat is coming

    The handling the feet often is what worked for us we were having nail trimming issues

    We have a cat now that was super sensitive about being petted or brushed but now does a head butting behavior to our hands to get a pet or brush

    Good luck with those feet ? Make boots ?
    We had a dog years ago who disliked getting her feet wet she would walk with two feet in the air across the wet grass too too funny I did buy her special rubber boots but she was able to take them off too easily and well was not smart enough to know we were trying to help
    Colleen waiting in beautiful sunny California waiting for rain and snow please

  13. First snow and ice and now this!
    This years valentine's quilt is a beatiful addition!
    Enjoy usung all those creative insiring products and projects!
    take care,

  14. Love this years Valentine's quilt. As always your attention to detail is fantastic. As for projects queuing up in your head - it's a common quilters' problem I think!

  15. Wow, that is going to be such a pretty quilt when it is finished. You sure do a good job. Thanks for coming by our blog. Nice to meet you. Glad you like our pictures.

  16. You always have the best fabrics! Nice quilting too. PIGS - love that - lol!

  17. Love the fabrics, love the quilting choices of feathers and spirals.

  18. Gorgeous fabrics and quilting, so happy and bright!

  19. Fabulous colours, LeeAnna! The FMQ detail really stands out.

    Gosh, 50 UFOs... I have trained myself not to get frustrated when dreaming up projects in five minutes without being sure I will complete them within five years - if ever.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv