Sunday, August 2, 2020

sunday's getting to know you better questions

1. Name 5 people you admire and why
A:in general, kind people who really listen when others speak and accept them as they are. That's a very nice gift to give.
1. my husband who is honest and caring, my best friend
2. I really admire Jimmy Carter for his humanitarian efforts
3. Myrtle Terry who took care of me through childhood. She alone was the person who made me feel safe in my home, she showed grace while being persecuted for being of color, she always responded with kindness even when I was a brat(seldom in her presence) If I have any humanity today, it's because of her.
4. FDR who gave us something to believe in, during the depression and WW2, and his wife Eleanor who worked tirelessly on behalf of women.
5. Helen Keller, M.Ghandi, Mother Teresa for their great contributions to humanity

2. When was the last time you did something adventurous?
A: I was in dangerous situations when I was a social worker, but adventurous... unless you call taking the risk to leave the front door for a walk every day, in a 'hood where no one wears a mask or stays back adventurous... in my early 30's I took a trip to Europe with a eurail pass and traveled all over by myself. I had to speak different languages, get on and off trains, find rooms each night, and met some interesting people along the way.

3. You felt you got older when _______
A: I bought my first house on my social worker's salary, then got my labradaughter . It was she and I, and I was the bottom line for us both.

4. What one thing that could happen today would make you extremely happy?
A: the neighbor with the VERY LOUD car would have moved out or gotten a prius, and I'd know he wouldn't wake us every stinkin' morning coming in at 1 or 2 AM

5. An experience you don’t want to go through again.
A: there are so many, I'll just say, I never want to be sexually harassed again ever. EVER.

6. One decision you made that changed your life completely.
A: I decided to trust my now husband enough to marry him. Trust was hard, I was older and been hurt a lot, but I decided to trust. We've been married over 25 years.

7. How do you participate in saving the earth?
A: I speak up to the people who say there is no global warming. I recycle. I'm aware.
We pay an extra fee each month so all our power comes from wind.

8. A gift you would like to get on your next birthday?
A: what I want, you can't buy... peace and security in my own country again.
Aside from that, I'd like things that have gone away... the Avia style sneakers that were perfect, the lipstick color no longer made, the Nanette LePore purfume no longer made, and diamonds are always appropriate.

9. Things you miss about your childhood?
A: Christmas was the good time then, lots of gifts magically showing up. We were safe to ride our bikes all over the place alone, I seldom feel safe any more.

10. The greatest invention?
A: air conditioning? I hate to be hot. TV? more please   telephones?

11. Your favorite super hero
A: I have no idea... not a big fan of superman kind of heros... I saw Dumbledore as a hero and anyone who stands up for justice and the rights of other living creatures are heroes to me. Women who are beaten down and still calmly get up and are not cowed by men, those are heroes.

12. Your views about veganism
it's much healthier to eat mostly vegetables but I don't think it's in me to give up milk or eggs. I'm highly allergic to soy, and that's in a lot of vegan food... all in all, I think balance is more important than extreme choices of food. I do think vegetarians are easier on the environment overall.

13. If you could be anything else in the world, what would you be?
A: I wouldn't know what to be, I'm having a hard enough time just being me!

14. How did you parents meet?
I have no idea how the birth parents got together and made me... or how the adoptive parents met or why they stayed together.

pick up the dog's toys?

15. Your morning routine.
A: I'd like to sleep in but it's not possible here. The sun is intense thru blinds and curtains, dh gets up at 6 and I am a light sleeper so I get up soon after. He makes coffee for us, so I come down in pj's and the poodle waits outside the door for me escorting me to the table. I read emails while having coffee. I write posts, and join link parties. I read some news, and sometimes I do a painting in the morning. Breakfast is not typical food for me, but I have something to eat, get dressed in casual comfy clothes, don't brush my hair or put on make up any more, go for a walk with dh and the poodle.
I'm retired so I then do daily chores like empty the dishwasher, make iced tea, laundry, etc. I used to watch morning shows but no longer want to. Sometimes I watch That Girl or something on the DVR like Watch what happens live while I eat breakfast. 
The day really starts when I trudge up the stairs to the studio, where I turn on an audio book and make art.

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  1. I didn't mention them, but thought of bikes as something I miss from childhood, too. Gosh, we'd head out in the mornings on our bikes and our parents would have no idea where we were half the time but no one worried and we were safe. Sure do miss those days.

    WE have a neighbor with a very loud car, too. He is actually on the next street over and we still hear him! I feel your pain. lol

  2. #2 - I travelled with a Eurorail pass when I was 19 and 20 (two separate times) but I was with others. I would definitely travel alone now - I have done with work but it's not the same - it just prepares you for lone travel. Travel is good for the soul - alone or not.




  3. I miss riding a bike, having a sense of wonder of the world, joy and hope of the future that I had as a child. Oh, and of course innocence. I took many risks when I was younger and oblivious to danger. These questions really made me think , but I have no answer for. Weird. I must be operating on rote. Lol.

  4. One way we know we are older, I think (now that you mention it) is the first Christmas when you are not waiting for Santa.

  5. I remember the days of traveling solo. I'm glad I did. Today, after having lived 35 years not alone, the thought of doing things solo is scary.
    We have a neighbor who loves to play the bass LLLLLLOUDDDDDD in his vehicle. It's a recent thing, which has me wondering what changed in his life.

  6. Really like your photo for the Shadow Shots!

  7. I think a trip anywhere by yourself counts as an adventure! Good for you for braving that.

  8. I don't know, LeeAnna... I think my current favorite invention is video conferencing via the computer! :o))