Wednesday, August 12, 2020

flower series #5 my favorite


 This is Number 5 in the Flower series... all of them based on my painting, all of them 12" square

You learn so much by doing a series... imagining new ways to interpret a theme. I was looking through google images at pink flowers, and saw a close up of one... 
I noted the stamens... and remembered taking a close up of my own flowers this spring and how each blossom was made of a lot of tiny blossoms. 
I forgot to take photos in the frenzy that followed, but the process was to take a hand dyed fabric with fusible on the back, cut about 30 little free form yellow blossoms. Then to take three others in shades of blue to purple and cut 30 or so little blossoms. 
 Cut large petals from four pink fabrics (no fusible) and start piecing the green scraps to look like leaves and greenery.
I built it all onto the 12" peltex, tucking some under, overlapping others, layering and composing...
stitching and quilting and forming shape with threads and lines. I suppose my work is about color, but also texture. When I start with cutting shapes with scissors freehand, I have a general idea of the finished work to come. Then build it. Add a line of quilting... then another... then a leaf, oh that looks nice!

Oh it needs some shadows... get out the dark purple thread for that...
How pretty the little bit of fraying looks to me...
Now for the four edges detail shots...
 The green bits are pieced not appliqued... rounded seams create the idea of leaves to me. A big mix of scraps makes me happy 
It's important to know when to stop with the quilting line too.... leaving open areas to contrast
When I did the green areas, I had no idea where they'd go in the piece... I stitched curves... they were in probably 5 or 6 sections... then as I began to build it, I seamed two of those together, and so on til I had green around the perimeter. Then overlapped the petals to applique over them.

See how I carefully pieced the binding to continue the lines to the outside? A lot of people prefer facing so as not to have a binding edge but I like a tiny frame usually.
This is #5 and #6 is finished now... and very different. # 7 is designed but in process of making a pattern... it's quite different from any technique I've done yet.
 #8 was started yesterday on the painting table outside.
Yes, this one is my favorite so far... There is such life to it. The colors are happy. The exaggerated stamens and variety of prints makes for a united whole piece of art. 
It's great when it all comes together isn't it?
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  1. yes!!! there is life in it... you said it perfectly!

  2. That is really pretty and filled with happy!

  3. Gorgeous!! And I think it's my favorite too.

  4. wonderful works of art. a good size.And because you can't put all ideas in one area,as they do pop up as you work along, a series is a wonderful way to try them all or some at least. so calming and every color goes happily with green!!

  5. Absolutely stunning and flat out lovely. This is my favorite so far.

  6. I've been loving these. This one is amazing.

  7. That really is beautiful! I love the quilting and that binding - wow! Looking forward to seeing the whole series together.

  8. That is a beautiful flower! Yes, doing a series is a great way to learn and experiment. Have a great day!

  9. Hi LeeAnna,
    Just cutting out all those little stamens is art in itsself !
    Love how this one turned out ! What a creative adventure! It's fun what we learn by doing :)

  10. This one is really lovely! Might be my favorite so far!

  11. Just lovely, so pretty, I love the details like the yellow flower parts and the fabric choices.

  12. Love, love, LOVE this one, LeeAnna!!! (Of course, you already know that.) I'm amazed that you are now working on number eight in the series. SEW many ideas to explore on the theme of your single pink flower!

  13. This is gorgeous - and so happy! Love how you shared your thinking process as you built this piece of art. Thank you for sharing!

  14. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your creative process.

  15. It looks great. Well done. Thanks for linking up with Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday.