Wednesday, January 1, 2020

word of the year

which way do we go???
I usually choose a focus word for the year, and it teaches me.

Sometimes the word leads to great discoveries, sometimes to growth, mostly to awareness.
Life is busy, often hectic, and one must really try to remain driven by one's values.

what will my word for 2020 be? at first I thought it was 'See' what's here, see what is real, see beauty in the day to day, see things clearly, see my goals and see others.

Have you ever done something by rote, and not be in the moment at all? Sometimes surprised you drove all the way home without seeing the road? Eaten dinner without tasting it? Petted the dog/cat without feeling it.

I want a word that makes me more mindful. I hope the word helps me focus instead of having worries and intrusive thoughts swirling around interrupting living. I am realistic, if something is wrong or unattractive I acknowledge that as real but don't always let that stop me. I am not one to put on rose colored glasses so I can't see the way things are, I see them and still love.
I hope to see more beauty this year.
To see new places.
To see beyond the present.
to see what I want to paint, really see it for edges, shadows, highlights
To see the people that come into my life even for a moment
To notice and acknowledge.

I do know... you see what you look for.

but "SEE" while valuable, doesn't resonate with me. so I went to a site that tried to help one choose a word, and I saw these: connect, embrace, learn, hope, self-acceptance, courage.
In their way, they all resonate but...

Last year my word was explore, and I let fears get in the way of fully using the word. I'm only human after all. Perfectly imperfect.

so while I wait for a word to surface:

I'd like to :
write more
join a guild... one I've not done before like bead makers, writers, or doll makers
see and note the good things my husband does for us
read a lot
use my resources without concern about using them up
see people that could become friends, which means risk and effort
drink more water
do what I can to encourage Americans to respect each other again, even if we disagree, there must be acceptance of differences, cooperation, and respect. Please, start building bridges and stop wanting walls.  

I joined a free workshop at this site, to help me discover a word for the year... I like the spiritual but respectful content a lot:


  1. Hmmm. . .seems like your word is "seek," not "see." Good luck finding something that resonates with you. Happy 2020 to you (and Milo and the hubs, too!)

  2. Great post LeeAnna :) Happy New Year! I hope you find a word that describes all of your concepts, wishes, ideas and plans!! :)

    1. thanks Rain, I'm having such fun getting to know you thru the blog... glad you're there!

  3. Happy New Year! Good luck with your search for the perfect word. "Notice" came to mind as I read your post. I'm also on the word search but I think I may have found mine. No spoilers! You'll have to wait and read my post, haha ;) Happy New Year!

  4. Here's to finding the 'pawfect' word to help you throughout the New Year. 🐾

  5. The fear thing holds me back too, so I understand how that got in the way of explore, as well as the risk and effort. My word this year is "bloom", which I find very interesting. Not sure where that will take me, but I'm ready to ride along.

  6. Hi Marie!! If I picked a word of the year is probably forget it! Happy New Year!

    1. Sorry! I know you're not Marie! Got my blogs mixed up!

  7. You will find a meaningful word that will help you move forward with your desires.

  8. Yes your new topic for the new year has something very nice. you just go through everyday life and miss so much beautiful moments! It will be interesting for me to do what I want to do but I have so many things to do again and again, mainly at the age of 60, to live colorfully and take serious topics with me, this diversity with my thoughts and feelings, free and adventurous in nature and put it on paper.
    I wish you a pleasant arrival with the workshop !!!
    Greetings Elke

  9. I love that you are focusing on one word to help improve life for the coming year. I ditched the resolutions and have chosen my One Word since 2015. Sometimes it's really hard to come up with just the right one, but eventually one rises to the surface and is perfect. Some years I do well and some are complete fails....but I always learn something from the exercise. I wish you all the best for a wonderful 2020.