Saturday, January 18, 2020

sewing saturday... which way do we go?

5 blocks on the design wall
I sewed this week on a couple projects with bright green scraps, for the rainbow scrap challenge.
this means pulling down the stringy mess of that box of leftovers and sorting through to find the lightest and brightest of my scrap greens that are the right size.
I have wanted to try this paper pieced pattern of crazy geese for a long time now, so I went to my old sew precise software, found the blocks and printed them out to finish at 6" square.

It takes a while to sew these, because the angles are all wonky, and when you paper piece then flip the fabric over, sometimes it doesn't cover the area. But I still like doing it a lot.
the back of one block
I finished the susan wiggs book on disc while sewing these.... cute fabrics but very odd and busy with the four blocks next to each other. Not quite what I hoped it would look like.
I'm thinking I should have chosen maybe one or two blocks to repeat. I don't love the skinny ones.
It might look cuter with different colors, so I'll do it another couple months in other colors before abandoning the project.
For now, it was fun.
The other project I made, I  L O V E
I'll show it next week maybe, but it came out so much better than I expected, and it makes me clap my hands when I look at it! That feels nice!


  1. Wild flying geese--how cute--now I like them..they are just in a hurry winging away from the expected bad weather up hugs, Julierose

  2. Lovely blocks. So pretty green scraps.

  3. I like your geese. I think your light and bright green scraps are prettier than mine!

  4. Paper piecing fun. I agree with you that the skinny ones are too skinny. Your idea to repeat the wider ones a bit more might work. I hate tossing things aside but have been known to do that, too. Usually I just stick it in the scrap bag and it surfaces as an interesting, unplanned insert into some project.

  5. Those are neat blocks! They look like they're moving!

  6. Super funky flying geese, Lee Anna!! Looking forward to the reveal of your happy project. Is it next week, yet?

  7. Hi LeeAnna,
    How cool are these geese! When they become part of a whole with other colours and forms and you work your creative magic by adding quilting, lettering and a bit of bling bling it will look fantastic!

  8. Love the beautiful shades of green and the flowing movement! So creative! xx Karen

  9. that is beautiful motive these blocks with color!!!
    you are diligent!

  10. I think I prefer the bigger ones, too. But it's still quite lovely.