Friday, January 24, 2020

paint party friday

welcome to paint party Friday! I'm planning this year's Valentine quilt, and sketched this little family of flamingos.... Maybe it will be the quilt or the challenge quilt for my art quilt group. 

I'm working on a couple of ideas...

Here it is 2020.... I had finished my old sketchbook, filling it to the brim with work so I had to find the one I held in reserve (hoarded luckily for years) 
I am not one who fears the blank page. 
I LOVE a blank page and book. All white, all ready, all mine! I started in by taking a class on youtube with Johanna Basford... a wonderful teacher with a distinct style. I'm loving all my sketches

I fell in love with her, and her lessons on Youtube to go with her many books... 
this is lesson 4 but she starts at lesson one and goes through 10. Lovely voice and technique.
a sample lesson:

I painted a thank you card for my scrap sharing friend Ellen...

the heart is from a card Monika sent me with confetti. I painted it first with KOI paints and a round #8 brush. Then inked with pigma black pen. I originally wanted to put this quote on the front
but it made it too busy and took away from the composition.
the inside is happy too

Look at this cool video showing us how Monet used a flat brush and two techniques



  1. love it... and I like the tuturials... Bob Ross could learn a lot about tutorials what end not with flying paint brushes and ripped paper LOL

  2. The heart-shaped flamingos are super cute!! They should definitely participate in a valentines quilt! I had to go to an all-day seminar on Wednesday, and when I got back to the lab yesterday the two ladies who worked for me had taken down all the Christmas decorations (BLESS THEM) and put up the valentine's ones. It made me so so happy to see them! The funny thing is that we have a drawer where all the non-Christmas decorations live, and the ladies decided to just put everything out. So we have a bunch of valentine's decorations up, sprinkled in with some Halloween ones!

  3. I always saw a blank page as full of possibilities - when I was still doing pen/ink sketching. The trio of heart shaped flamingos are a really fun beginning. Can't wait to see what you do with that. I have pictures in my mind already.

  4. It's a wonderful thing is the blank page, it opens so many doors to a creative mind. Pretty sketches, beautiful words from Proust.
    Monet sigh... if only we all had the skill with that paint brush.
    Happy weekend & PPF Tracey x

  5. beautiful skechtes and quote!that's fun and great your little works of art!!!
    Great videos!
    Greetngs Elke

  6. I love your sketches too LeeAnna, and the card you made for your friend is so lovely!! I think the quilt will be fabulous!!

  7. Love your work and your beautiful thank you card!

  8. Love your beautiful cards and art-you're getting better all the time! Happy PPF, and thanks for sharing the videos too:)

  9. My goodness Leanna, it was so uplifting to see your post. All your sketches and ideas, really lovely.
    Thanks too for the video, I'm really inspired to give it a go after seeing it. Happy PPF xx

  10. Oh my gosh, I hope you'll share the quilt with us! Happy PPF!

  11. You make such charming cards.

  12. What a beautiful painted card! Love it...your friend is most lucky to receive such a fine gift.

  13. Absolutely love what you created this week. I also enjoyed the video very much.

  14. Hi LeeAnna,
    Great art work and positive thoughts!