Tuesday, January 7, 2020

together tuesdays

Welcome to this week's stories of  connections made with others.
won't you come play with us?
1.I posted a list of likes last Thursday, and shared a picture of some petrified wood saying it would be a great quilt inspiration. Well a reader took me up on that, and started pulling fabrics and designing methods for an art quilt! I see it as a challenge to us both. It felt good to inspire someone else with ideas for making art. When you design your own interpretive works it expresses who you are.

We can be inspired by other people and their connection stories. I was inspired by the following posts:

2. Nancy ( at http://pugmomquilts) told how she asked for birthday cards for her Dad and he received cards from all over the world, connection many people to her life through good wishes for her Dad. She is requesting cards again... read about it here: ...90-years-young
Nancy is smart, funny, kind and artistic.

3. Shannon (at imworkingonaproject) wrote this week, about her recent holiday trip to her family's home.

Everyone in her family loves dogs, and all bring them to gatherings so that the dogs have a fun time, the adults share games and art, the kids play together. In this post she tells the poignant story of a mother dog who is trying to care for her pups but is starving herself. Shannon was ready to adopt the mama dog until her minister beat her to the punch, naming the Mama Noel. (read it here)
It was a testament to caring for others weaker than oneself, that each cookie given to Noel was then taken to her pups to keep them alive. I cried!
Are humans and other species that different? We all care for our own, but it's a sign of God's love in us when we care for others who are weaker than ourselves, like our own.
Shannon is another artistic soul, who has varied interests, is intelligent, kind, funny and thoughtful.

She and Nancy are my soul sisters and I love them. They make my life feel more connected despite the physical distance.

I've been recovering from my illness, left with little energy to go out, so do not have many contacts this week. I did run into a neighbor while walking with Milo...

4. I met and chatted with a woman who walks Chloe a rescue westie. I like her, and we enjoy each other's company when we run into each other. We do not plan visits for some reason. She asked me if I still went to the neighborhood coffee meet ups. I told her no, and why. She said, she wanted to go and seemed to be asking me to go with her.
I guess it feels more secure to go with someone you've exchanged names with than totally alone.
I would like to get to know her and her husband better anyway, as they enjoy cards and are pleasant to talk with. Chloe was distrusting of Milo for months, til on walks with her Dad, she kept meeting Milo walking with his Dad and now she runs up to him and says Hi.

Whether you're a dog or a human, it takes time to trust and get to know one another.
V-day quilt for 2018

If you have connection stories let me know and I'll link to you or tell your story if you like.
do you enjoy reading these stories?


  1. we found all friends and people we like because of the dogs ... I pondered about that to find people we met for other reasons but there are none LOL

  2. When we got our Buddy about 7 1/2 years ago, my husband insisted that he be taken for walks every day; I said "Fine as long as you're the one doing it".. and he does ( I only do it when he's in the hospital or just can't do it). Because of this, he and Buddy have met a lot of our neighbors. It's been good for them to socialize.

  3. Dogs have this amazing ability to connect; I wish I were more like my dogs all the time.

  4. I'm glad the weather is good enough to get out again. Milo looks like he's having fun.

  5. So glad you shared the dog story! Dogs make everything so much better. I love reading these posts!