Thursday, January 23, 2020

I Like #177

from inside the train station in Cheyenne WY
Welcome to this week's list of likes.
Let's hope I can figure out dh's computer to write this and show pictures!
I love old homes and architecture.
in Cheyenne
apparently it's been cold for a very long time!
they do boot statues in WY
butterfly bench in children's area of Botanic Gardens
I liked the dragonfly bench at the children's area
hand puppet area
I liked the huge planters for eyes on this wall
this bench is even too small for me!
tree bench
Peacock bench
I liked this quote:
From an English translation of Don Quixote: "All I know is that while I'm asleep, I'm never afraid, and I have no hopes, no struggles, no glories — and bless the man who invented sleep, a cloak over all human thought, food that drives away hunger, water that banishes thirst, fire that heats up cold, chill that moderates passion, and, finally, universal currency with which all things can be bought, weight and balance that brings the shepherd and the king, the fool and the wise, to the same level."

Kansas City library list of fairy tales for adults

this was from a post about their library doing a challenge to read 10 books in different genres.
A little backstory on me:
I spent some time in acupuncture treatments for allergies/sensitivities, and couldn't go home right after so I stopped at the library. I went up and down each aisle pulling a book from each aisle to peruse for a couple hours. It was life changing. I especially liked the big overview books on a topic like castles, or orphan trains, written for kids. I learned a lot in a short time.

I was looking for old movies or tv shows to watch at lunch one day. I started with saying, "old movies" to the remote. Long story and search later, I found the Donna Reed Show on tubi on demand. 
I started series one, episode one and even dh laughs at the show. It was rare that a woman carried the show, it was focused on a woman, it took on topics that are still important, it was funny not silly or slapstick. There were a lot of episodes made to watch too.

I'm looking forward to using these library books!
I know when a bandana goes on, I'm going with my peeps for a rideinnacar. I liked hanging out with them on Saturday. I couldn't go in the art gallery here because the shop dog didn't like other dogs.
hmph. I worried that Mama wouldn't find her way back out to me.
I like to keep my wits about me on walks, and like to keep watch of other people out walking. I made Mama stop while I hid behind this tree to keep an eye on the guy back there. Oh sure, she pulled on the leash and said "come on Milo" which could have given my hiding place away, but I stayed til the guy was well ahead of us.
you're welcome.

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  1. Hi LeeAnna! Oh, I love old houses and architecture as well. We used to make and design Victorian houses in cross stitch way back in the day. Gosh, I just barely remember the Donna Reed show - but I remember I like it. And before I forget - there is a new show on Bravo called Spy Games. Average people go through a "spy" boot camp of sorts. It's pretty cool and only one episode has been shared so far, so you haven't missed much. Milo looks so fetching in his snappy bandana! He can really rock that color. Good job, Milo, on keeping your eyes on that guy and keeping momma safe. You just never know, do you?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I went to the library of my MOST favorite places to spend time! I love the idea of reading different types of books. I should take that challenge! Hope you feel lots better today!

  3. I saw the big boot at the Cheyenne airport when I was there a few years ago and took a picture. I even blogged about it. It's interesting to see local art. Love that tree bench. There is a butterfly bench in a little flower garden near our house that is a memorial for a little girl who died in a car crash. I smile at Bella's Butterfly Garden every time I walk or drive by.

  4. So many wonderful things you capture on your outings esp. Milo in that cute kerchief which he sports beautifully. Yes to discovering the oversized book many beauties are kept there but folks forget about them. Libraries are such great places to hang out and for free too. You will enjoy those quilting books I know.

  5. Glad you figured out the computer! You found some cool sculpture in Cheyenne - you have such a great eye for those things. One of my favorite things about teaching was access to all those children's books. I, too, lived those big nonfiction/picture books about a topic like castles or dinosaurs or... Glad Milo is always on the lookout for you!

  6. Interesting and eclectic bunch of information and photos here! I like that you went down each library aisle and learned something. Cool idea.

  7. Loving those benches--so pretty...nice likes this week hugs, Julierose

  8. Those benches are super cool! And they don't look uncomfortable. How cool would they be in the backyard. That Don Quixote quote is so hopeful, most of my dreams are filled with anxiety!

    And I love your library browsing idea! What a cool way to find new things. Hugs to Milo!

  9. the what beautiful benches they are and the boot !!!
    frozen tires, it's really very cold brought nice things
    sweet the Dog!!
    beautiful evening

  10. You hit a new bench mark...I know terrible pun for the I Likes today. Great list of likes. LOL Milo waiting for the guy way down the block to pass by.

  11. I've always enjoyed The Donna Reed Show. I've only ever watched the reruns but liked it. Love that old house. It's beautiful. Milo has such a cute bandanna to wear!

  12. excellent quote love doggie always

  13. That house is lovely as are all the themed benches. Milo is so good at watching out for you.

  14. Big boot! Big butterfly - I love all those benches.

    Milo, you look pretty spiffy in that bandana!

  15. You find the most interesting things each week! Milo is so classy in that bandana!

  16. the house is wonderful!!! I would love to live there!!!

  17. You and Drew are always going exploring! It's so interesting to see where you will be next and what you will see! Love Milo in his bandanna! :)

  18. When asked what my mom was like- I often say Donna Reed! Of course, younger folk have no idea what I’m talking about. That butterfly bench is gorgeous. What talented bench makers they have.

  19. Was that botanic garden in Cheyenne or in Denver? Either way, what fun. Didn't know you could take dogs in there.

    1. in Cheyenne. We could go into the children's garden area with Milo not the building.

  20. So many enjoyable likes and that Milo is adorable!

  21. LA - thanks for the tip on the Donna Reed show. I love shows with women, especially comedies. Brings to mind the master - Lucille Ball!