Thursday, January 16, 2020

I like Thursday #176

Welcome to this week's list of likes! I like poodles (don't most people?) so when I saw these on sale at Pier One last weekend, well, one to keep and one to share with my poodle loving friend Diane, who has two white poodles!

I liked being able to take Milo to Pier One too, and he sniffed and looked at every shelf within reach!
All the clerks had to pet him too, so he felt like a very important poodle.
The garden center in a nearby town also had a Christmas sale, so I got this lovely BIG snowflake to hang over the mantel
I like glitter
I also got this winter planter on sale, and plan to corral some stuff on the desk!

Trader Joe's often has the prettiest flowers, and this time they are the most delicate shades of pink roses! Heavenly!
They also had two baked goods I like, that cinnamon bread is moist and yummy toasted with butter.
I love getting mail, and Monika sent me a gorgeous pair of poodle earrings and this beautiful hand painted card, that, ahem, has glitter on it! It's on display next to the Baltimore cow.

Oh what a lovely surprising week it was! My good friend Pat in NY sent cow fabric. She said it called my name, so she had to send it.
Oh my heart! Artsy cows, and cute staring cows! They were still moo-ing my name as they got here! Now how to best use such perfect fabric?
I also loved getting two bags of lovely scraps, including so many half square triangles, of all blues and greens from my Maryland friend Ellen. Out of the "blue"! I felt so rich in friends this week!

I liked TV again this week, the bachelor, two new shows on PBS, a dating show where the two people meet doing a choreographed dance! How fun! This is Us and the Good Doctor are back, yea!
Howard's End is a wonderful period piece, and Sanditon is a Jane Austen work being finished for the show by a current writer. So good!!!

I know tomorrow is all about Painting and drawing, but I loved finding a new drawing class on my alma mater, YoutubeU  lol. I even ordered the book right away, and found a brand new sketchbook to draw in. More tomorrow!
I am so enjoying my current two books. One on disc by Susan Wiggs has characters who are figuring out a family mystery that took them from VA to France. The nightime book is the latest Rhys Bowen spyness book, so delish I can't wait to get to it every night!

this applies to all people, especially artistic souls... wisdom here!

Milo's Moment
I love all these toys equally... the best!
 Mama, I wrote all about my likes on Tuesday, (read about me here) tell all your peeps to go see that. I was highly entertaining as only a poodle can be! Oh, yea, I like all of you guys too!

Now sit! stay! and visit mama's friends who kept a list of likes this week too! And if you write your own list, tell mama and she'll add you in!



  1. oh how great a trip to pier one!!! with Milo!!! Mark loves shopping with the pups, I can not buy anything with having an eye on them LOL

  2. We don't have a Trader Joe's near us--sadly--I love cinnamon bread...and..
    those cows are so neat!! they made me smile... hugs, Julierose

  3. Cute ornies....I hear many pier ones are closing. I love cinnamon bread, makes the most awesome french toast too. LOL your Alma mater YouTube made me giggle. Surprise packages are the best.

  4. Love the Poodle ornies and flowers in your home this time of year always bring a smile. I loved Sanditon!

  5. Love the winter planter! It will be perfect to corral that random stuff that collects on our counters. Can't wait to see what winter scenes you draw with that interesting new book.

  6. Hi LeeAnna,
    It really snowed in Victoria British Columbia this week! Now that's crazy!
    Love your posts! You really are discovering all sorts from Monet to fun shops and eats!

  7. I really love reading the "likes" but as you know I am not so good at keeping on track with them. I posted today (surprise!) That cow fabric is calling my! I have a huge picture on my wall of an artsy cow so I'll be looking for this fabric. Milo is so cool and I wish my dogs were calm enough to take to a store. They'd escort me out if I took mine because they'd be barking at everything. They are such brats! Thanks for sharing, LeeAnna!

  8. If i saw that rose I would have got it-soooo pretty. Thank God for good friends! Very thoughtful, too. What an interesting book! I taped those same PBS shows-just need time to watch them.

  9. Hi LeeAnna! Aww, who knew you could take Milo into Pier One?!! Our store is closing, darn it. But of course Milo had to be petted by all - he IS an important poodle. HA - I watched the Batchelor for the first time this week. What champagne drama! I do believe that girl didn't know there was two bottles of champagne, and I don't think the other girl is ever going to believe that she didn't do it on purpose. Drama! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Love those little poodle ornaments - so cute! Those pink roses are lovely, and such a nice thing to have in your house this time of year. You're making me want to go shop at Trader Joe's again! We missed Howard's End on PBS, but did enjoy Sanditon.

  11. Oh how lucky to have such great friends! I didn't know you could take dogs into Pier One although it has been forever since I was there...that was my favorite store for decorating my room when I was in high school! Love the cow fabric!

  12. I adore Trader Joe's, but don't live close to one. I love a poodle, but hardly see one around here. Thanks for linking up today.

  13. Very sweet list of fabulous likes! That sketchbook looks interesting. I always admire the flowers in Trader Joes. I saw tulips this week!

  14. The poodles are adorable! Love the cow fabric! I wish there was a Trader Joe's around me. Pier One always seems to have interesting merchandise. I love going in there and looking around!

  15. Milo! You are a cutie. Those ornaments are cute. I like that snowflake, too. Such a pretty card. The cow fabric is fun.

  16. I don't think I remembered that you like cows -- I'll have to keep that in mind. Just saw a really cool cow painting - had I known I would've snapped a photo. You found good things this week!

  17. The poodles are very sweet!the cow fabric is fun and all is great!
    Greetings Elke

  18. Great array of likes starting with such very cute poodles! I need a snowflake like that for over our mantle, but I'm not sure it would suit a wooden house. We have some vintage snowshoes somewhere that we keep saying we will put there. I'm glad you are back in school-Youtube can find just about any course you want there. I'm just starting The Good Doctor. You and Milo are keeping busy-which is a good thing. I heard too the Pier One is closing.

  19. How cute those poodles are! Stunning pink roses too!Happy Pink Saturday!

  20. Great likes! We have no Trader Joe's and our only pier one closed last year. Those pink roses are enchanting! Have a great week!

  21. Those white ceramic poodles are gosh darn adorable!

  22. LA - this post is overflowing with love. For glitter, for poodles, for good friends, for staring cows!!! How encouraging. And I might just have to order that drawing book, and spend a little more time at YouTubeU. Have a good rest of the week!