Thursday, January 9, 2020

I Like Thursday #175

does this weather make you want to curl up in a cozy chair with a soft blankie?
Welcome to this week's list of likes

I liked coming up with my word/s of the year, see post here.

I liked starting the latest season of the Great British Baking show on netflix and finishing the great american bake off holiday edition. I agreed with the winner and all the special bakes were fun to watch.

I liked the Bachelor coming back, here we goooooooooo
snowy mantel for January

I liked putting away some Christmasy decorations but leaving up lights to get me thru January

I liked finally getting this massive comforter washed finally. Wrestled into the washer, dried best we could, then air dry.

because of the writer's almanac this week, I continued researching further some articles. That led me to some interesting youtube historical accounts: a woman and her baby survive Auschwitz,  a book by Zora neale Hurston interviewing the oldest surviving slave about his life, and a family vacationing by luxury boat/plane attacked by bedoins and living to tell the story to Look magazine. I liked the article and cool to see the ads from 1960 too.

I liked sorting some bright and light green scraps to start this year's rainbow scrap challenge:
are you ever leaving this room?
 and listening to a new book on disc
set in MD and VA
I'm loving the newest Rhys Bowen book in Her Royal Spyness mysteries! Love and death among the cheetahs   I even watched a documentary on Wallis Simpson because she is a character this time.

I liked going to the Monet exhibit at the Denver Museum of art and then purchasing some paints to try his techniques. Again, painters put that history and art lesson on youtube for my pleasure. Maybe I'll write that up for paint party friday

I got a paper watch (tyvek) and a pencil/brush there.

look at this great metallic hand bag
a paper necklace at the art museum

I liked visiting the Rocky mountain quilt museum again, this time alone in order to visit with a group of women doing EPP. There were lots of people there, all different levels, and most seemed very friendly so I hope I make the hard drive there and back again next month.

I'll leave you with two favorites... elephants and piano version of clare de lune. Paul Barton plays classical music and the elephants love to listen. He has a whole lot of videos. Plus I saw one where a woman sings a lullaby to one elephant who always falls asleep as she sings. Love.

Milo's moments
I am getting sleepy just thinking about it!

I love to sleep on the big bed! Every night, I go up with Daddy, get on my pj's, and he lifts me into the big bed where I find the absolute best place to sleep!
I'm sleeping on just my turf now!
Mama: yes... usually right where we want to sleep. I have a hard time getting in the bed when you get there first. You act like you can't hear me!
Milo: awe heck mama I just want to be where you are! How do I relax unless I know right were you are all night?

Mama: when I come in, you're on your back, legs all directions, and I have to shove you over to squeeze my legs in, have you considered lying longwise on the bed?
Milo: why?
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  1. I love your mantel idea... that's a super idea for the season after THE season!!!

  2. Hi LeeAnna! I enjoyed the Great American baking show as well. I was a little surprised that Brother won but so very happy for him. I thought the contestant that went out 4th was going to win for sure. Wow - that's one big comforter that you were able to wash at home! I usually take mine to the laundry mat only because I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fit well at home. Good job! It looks like you've had a great helper in the sewing room! And dogs hog bed space - that's their whole job in life. Good job, Milo! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. So many fun likes!!! I like that idea of leaving some winter on the mantel. We are supposed to start putting Christmas away today but I may leave the shelf as is. Monet is my favorite artist. Maybe it's the softness.
    Thanks for including me.

  4. I have many thoughts on your last post, LeeAnna. Love what has evolved from all your ruminating and your phrase to move you forward.
    Meanwhile, I wish we could get that show on Canadian Netflix. I would enjoy it. Piano and elephants...two of my favourite things.
    Love your and Milo's conversation about bed sharing. :)

  5. I haven't begun the newest Bowen book but did download it. It may have to be next on my reading list. Milo in your bed made me chuckle. Usually the cat comes to bed with us but only stays for about 15 minutes. And since he has to be lifted up and down I have to help him. But lately he has settled in and wants to stay, so he isn't very cooperative when I try to lift him down again so I can go to sleep.

  6. I love Susan Wiggs' books! Glad you found her, too. I like your idea of leaving up some lights after the rest of the decorations are down - I need to find something like that for our house. Milo in his blue chair always makes smile!

  7. Your sewing space is so uncluttered. Lovely!!

  8. Love the mantel art. Delicate, very January looking. And Milo is a treasure, for sure. Oy, the face.

    Ive seen how animals respond to music, its charming. I found one YouTube of cows gathering as a woman played a violin, and another where a man with an accordion charmed the socks off of them.

  9. Great to hear you got out to the museum to join in Epp! part of Opening The Door !

  10. It sounds like you've turned up some really fascinating things in your research! And I'm glad to have another friend in the leave the lights-up-through january camp. I got my other decorations down (though the tree is still sitting in the front yard waiting for me to do something with it), but I love leaving up the lights...

  11. You explore so many fun places. I'm glad you are making the trek back to join the EPP ladies. That should be fun! How delightful it must be to snuggle with Milo!

  12. LA, I love this post! And thank you for your gmail message! I know...Disqus isn't the friendliest. Ugh.
    I responded out loud to so many things in this post...1) Monet! One of my favorite things there was to learn that he started out by 'cartooning' in the back of a town shop! Not landscapes--caricatures! And the RM Quilt Museum: I've only been once, but when I was there, I fell in love with Crazy Quilts and have since wished to be a quilter. Okay--lights? Last Christmas I started leaving my white lights up in a couple of rooms ALL YEAR ROUND! I love them. I even exercise by twinkle lights. I could probably scrub toilets, happily, if by twinkle lights.
    Lastly, WELCOME to Colorado Kind of funny. About an hour before I saw your message, I had just come across a DC metro pass in my wallet from summer 2018 :) I love serendipity.

  13. Mom still has Christmas lights up too for the very same reason. They keep her happy. I wish I liked sleeping with my mom but I don't, Milo. I like my own beds better.

  14. I love that necklace and hard to believe it is made of paper. Thank you for linking up and I always enjoy seeing Milo.

  15. Ooh. Good likes. I like that necklace. That handbag is pretty cool, too. The latest spyness book is on my list!

  16. I did curl up with a cozy quilt this afternoon and took a little nap. But now I'm at my computer trying to catch up with work this evening. But it was nice while it lasted. :-)

  17. There is nothing better on a cold day than to curl up with your best furry bud, a quilt, a cup of your favorite beverage and a book. Read, nap. The winter scape is lovely.Oh looks like you enjoyed the exhibit. Excellent likes.

  18. You reminded me of many happy visits to the Denver Art Museum and RMQM. Both have good exhibits and friendly staff and docents.

  19. I've seen the man playing piano to the elephants before and I love it!

  20. Awww Milo you are so funny to sleep width wise on the bed :D Have a great week LeeAnna~

  21. Didn't you just love the DAM gift shop? Such wonderful things to see and buy. And who wouldn't squeal their delight at the poodle all curled up. Milo is just too cute!

  22. Awww, you're so handsome, Milo. I love seeing what you're up to each week.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. My best to your mom. ♥