Sunday, June 2, 2019

sunday stories

From Sundays whirligig, these words:

dance, need, care, tumble, salt, yet, best, dead, bind, dread, crying, wind

He found himself crying by the tree in the front yard. How embarrassing as a strong man. Or was it?

Loss is universal.

Salty tears tumbled from his kind eyes. Eyes that had witnessed many moments of love and grief over the years.

Now the tears were being dried by the wind swirling around the tree and the steadfast man who stood there.

His best friend was gone, not just dead but gone from his life. He would no longer feel the soft touch of that little nose pushing into his hand as he walked.

 He had no little dependent creature to take care of, no one to greet him and care that he came home.

He swayed a bit while keening inside.

It felt unreal still, even though each person knows there is a limit to time on earth, they dance while here, dance with the feeling of connection and joy.

That is all we have actually, the moment, then the memory of that moment.

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  1. Which shows that we should engage ourselves with others to make life complete whether it be partners, friends or pets or even fish in a pond so that we are never alone.