Saturday, June 15, 2019

Using the blues

back in the studio this week... to make blue flowering snowball blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Color of the month is blue, and I'm assuming dark and medium blues as there will be light blue as a monthly color later.
No surprise, I have a lot of blue scraps, so it was good to use some of them.
I really like using this template and the effect. When you lay them all out, it's fairly quick to sew.

I made 12 blocks, and it took a few hours while watching a rerun of Gilmore Girls. I do use a variety of tone on tone white and beige blocks but it doesn't show here. I worry the whites are too similar and boring.

Just like  with people, it's the variations in our looks, experiences, and personalities that keep life interesting.

Speaking of people, I quilted my orange petal woman, my orange Mona Lisa, and now am kind of stuck...
Do I keep this as a one-off piece, or do a series of stand alone flower ladies? I painted five other ladies as possibilities
It's a decision to be made before I finish the background quilting. If they go together I need to leave a margin for joining. Do I want a big quilt with people staring at me? Or ones I could hang alone each month.... endless choices to make!

How entertaining it is to make original work. I went to a small local quilt show yesterday and 90% of the quilts were made from patterns or kits. The original quilts stood out. I am making the flowering snowball blocks from a traditional block so I do enjoy working from the quilters who came before me, but... mostly it's more fun to create something from my heart.
It's more satisfying and exciting to me.
It's more restful to make something from traditional sources so that has it's place, but whether I'm writing, painting, beading, cooking, or quilt making it's better to express myself.
Know what I mean?

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  1. Love, love, LOVE your blocks in dark BLUE (and your quilted Flower Lady, too!!!) On a side note, Angela's Link Party opened at noon.

  2. OOOOOO - I love those blues. And your orange petal woman is amazing with the quilting lines added.

  3. She is glorious! Your blues are pretty as well. Maybe a one piece for her and then the different colors or versions to be hung up as the color meets your mood... although a nice quilt of 6 ladies brightening up a space would work.... sorry I am no help at all!

  4. Your blue blocks look great and so does your lady. I enjoy seeing both traditional and modern quilts but I am not a fan of kits - how difficult is it to choose your own fabrics for goodness sake! xx

  5. And who wants a quilt exactly the same as someone else's!

  6. Good morning, although I suspect with the time differential, it is afternoon there! I live at PST. I agree with you about original versus patterns. With your beautiful lady, I'd be tempted to make a mini and then swap out depending on my mood and the mood of the lady. That said, since I have very little drawing ability, I'd not be making faces at all. I love the personality in your face. I do look forward to seeing the other faces and what you decide to do with them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Thank you!

    You must forget all your theories, all your ideas before the subject. What part of these is really your own will be expressed in your expression of the emotion awakened in you by the subject.”
    ― Henri Matisse

  8. Your orange Mona Lisa has a mysterious smile just like the real one. How wonderful to be able to create something like that.

  9. Blues! I like how your orange-haired person is coming along. I agree with you on original work!

  10. Love your blue blocks and I enjoyed watching Gilmore Girls. Fun series!

  11. You do outstanding work! Love your petal woman!

  12. I can see the women framed to hang individually or in groups. Could be very saleable Continue having fun.

  13. I think the women framed individually would be cool. Those blues are so pretty but the block looks difficult. Yes, I agree on original work. Enjoy!

  14. Lots of pretty blues in those snowball blocks! I enjoy seeing the different prints you have. Your quilted lady is wonderful! The stitching gives her personality!

  15. I do know what you mean and I am smitten with the Orange Woman (wasn't that a Batman villain?).

  16. Beautiful snowball blocks--I purchased the die for my GO cutter but have yet to use it. Blue is a color I seldom use so recently had to stock up on it. Love your painted and quilted ladies. Original art/craft is irreplaceable.

  17. Those blues look so good! I've always loved the flowering snowball block but I've never made one.

  18. Love your blues, and the petal hair for your orange Mona Lisa!