Friday, May 31, 2019

paint party Friday... learning, trying new things, expressing myself

The love affair with paint continues... I am painting every day. I try new ways to approach it in my sketchbook, using new to me supplies like the white gel pen, and these tombow watercolor pens...
which do blend with water but lay down a sort of harsh line on paper, so blend immediately.

I am learning from videos too, as well as looking for sketchbook prompts. Yesterday was draw animals in clothes
Loving words, I chose alliteration... bird in bathing suit, poodle in pants and seal in a sweater

I liked the lessons by Jay Lee and am combining those with some song lyrics or quotes I printed then tore out.

I choose different fonts and sizes so even that's a fun exercise. I have saved a list of quotes to use in future. Sometimes I run the side of the tombow pen along the torn edge to accent it.
Jay Lee demonstrated trees one day, so I tried it too
When my inner critic comes out, and says "you draw and paint like a 4 year old!" I have to remember it's all learning, and experiencing, not about comparing myself to others.

I was struck by the bare branches of our tree out back, with black birds on it. I had just purchased a new KOI travel paint box, with metallic paint so I tried it out. It makes a wonderful effect but the light has to hit it just right to see it. The magic lamp at the bottom is awesome in person. I used the tombow brown marker for the tree, then went over it with a wet brush to soften the lines.
I also enjoyed a bit of pentangle doodling to make an edge.
I suppose this is on it's way to being mixed media. A torn painted (by Sonja) coffee filter, a magazine cut-out in poodle shape, and song lyrics. Then since my sketchbook and journal writing are both a part of me, I combined them, writing around the images my words for the day. I like how they formed a kind of decorative border in aqua uni-ball ink.
Whether painting on paper or fabric, beading, writing or other media, it's all good. All expressing myself and learning what works for me. Artists must be brave, to show who they are so openly.

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  1. love it!! specially the animal clothing... you have a hand for creating beautiful things ;O)

  2. Lovely! I really like the brush pens - my faves are Tombows and Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers :) Happy PPF from Number 19 :D

  3. Looks like you are definitely enjoying the process - which is important. I really like that blue tree!

  4. You paint nicely, and I love all kind of them.
    Happy PPF and weekend 🌹🐕

  5. I don't think your watercolors look like toddler paintings at all. I love the flowers and your trees. We are always our own worst critics. My irises are starting to bloom!

  6. what lovely art play! Love watching and learning from Y T videos too:)Happy PPF!

  7. I like that you are following different tutorials and finding ways to have so much fun while you learn. I also admire your drive to improve and expand your abilities. My favourites here are the little houses and the trees - though maybe that's just because they prompt textile-y ideas for me.

  8. The words around the edges are a genius border. My favorite of all these are the cul de sac of homes. I'm partial to trees because we don't have many here in the valley and so I love your set of trees. Although, we have many more trees now than when I grew up here. I am really enjoying your growth through painting.

  9. Hi LeeAnna,
    Take "you draw and paint like a 4 year old!"
    as a compliment! They have no "rules"in their head. no boundry's to go by. no critic in themselves! Just the joy of paint and paper!
    Love your images of flowers and garden things today!

  10. The Tombow pens are wonderful. Nice choice. Looks like you're definitely having fun!

  11. Lovely art and some of it whimsical...all of it wonderful!

    Happy PPF