Friday, June 21, 2019

paint party Friday Fabric, paper, ink, paint... it's all fun!

I've had a good time with color this week!
The poodle was from free coloring pages, an the font was from this free list of cool fonts

I used my tombow markers to color in letters done in sharpie
yesterday's session started with a little box from Michaels to hold my tiny stamps and stencils
As I chose ones to put in the little box, which is how I wish I could store all my stamps since it's one layer and easy to see, I tried some out on some scraps of fabric

using my fabrico markers to brush color onto the stamps...
to make art...

and the cute little stencils were used on my leftover painted daisies strip (used to finish my painted birds background!!)

I used a subtle blue fabrico marker to color in the fairy stencil, and the tan and pink ones for the mushrooms

it all worked, the markers on top of the painted fabric
I have been drawing or painting each morning, and loved finding the artist Shayda Campbell as she is clever and a great teacher. She has a large video collection of lessons on youtube!
She recommended a warm gray pen to outline, and shade with so I bought a staedtler triplus fineliner in gray and amazingly to me, I LOVE IT! I did all three with it above!
she teaches a lot of botanical lessons, and I combined a printed quote in one of mine (sorry for the warped shot of it)
quote by Antony Douglas, painting by me!

This is a trial of blending tombow markers on paper.... even a painted doodle can come out good, right?

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  1. love this quote... and I love the things you created...

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time creating the entire week, how nice for you.

  3. I've copied down the quote to post at my door for the upcoming open studios event in July. I certainly want to credit it to you, if it is original.

  4. what fun art play! Love your pretty botanicals. Happy PPF!

  5. Beautiful.


  7. Your work is always so beautiful! Love the Poodle!

  8. I love this post! What an eclectic artist you are! I just love the variety and creativity in your artwork!

  9. So cheerful! Wonderful variety! Happy PPF!

  10. Wow looks like you had a fun week. I love the saying you put on your beautiful art.