Saturday, June 26, 2021

sewing Saturday table scraps and new projects

 Welcome to this week's sewing round up!

Let's start with my Table Scraps offering for this month... a table runner in purple for the rainbow scrap challenge color of the month. 

just playing with the units before adding geese units

I made two art quilts from some improv blocks made a year ago, plus lots more pieces sewn in! The mountain piece is a finished top waiting for quilting. The leftovers from that, plus improv flying geese units turned into the table runner above. 

close up during quilting, before it was finished.

I did a lot of quilting on this, and pulled the border to the back and hand stitched it in place for an edge treatment. 

finished close up
 Thank you to Joy at thejoyfulquilter for the impetus to make this!

I put the little quilt above on Thursday's post in detail, but mention it here as I found this little table top stand this week, and put this on my cutting table as inspiration. It's all painted on white muslin, with blue sparkly borders. 

Ending the month in purple are some wine bottles for that project. I like them! 

I looked through some of my books this week, for a quick summer project, and decided on the little beach cabanas with blue snail's trail blocks...

I didn't realize the block was just 2.5" so it was very tedious and the scraps needed to be higher contrast and less patterned. Live and learn and move on.The centers are 1.5" 4 patches... but I did get to use a lot of leftover tiny triangles out of the scrap box.

 I just jumped in without realizing how small they were. I do not want to make more so I'll fill in with some cute water prints under the houses. 

I also pulled out two painted pink flower tops ready to quilt so watch for those! 

I've watched a few videos on The Quilt Show this week, and more on making art and painting. It's all good for creativity!  

have a cookie before you go... made from my fave chocolate chip oatmeal recipe, with chopped pecans added in this time

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  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    Thanks for the delicious cookie this afternoon :)
    Goes great with a cup of coffee :)
    And a bottle of red wine made from purple grapes from your private collection for this evening!
    What a great way to spend Saterday !
    take care,

  2. Those cookies look delicious! And lovely projects, too. I would never have attempted those tiny snail's trails so kudos to you!

  3. Wish I enjoyed baking because I sure love to eat. Your cookies look scrumptious! I really love how your purple project turned out. Such great texture and movement! And that green on the edge - perfect to set off those purples.

  4. Love the purple and green. Those cookies look good, too!

  5. LOVE that super scrappy, zingy-wingy Flying Geese Crumb runner, LeeAnna!! Nice PURPLE wine bottles for the RSC, too.

  6. So very pretty and so colorful!

  7. Your flying geese play is alot of fun. I am glad that I got to see it. The weather gods think we live elsewhere, in Victoria it is 30 with a humidex of 38. Thank goodness for a heat pump.

  8. The cookies are delicious, Thanks.
    Love your scrap table runner for this month, LeeAnna
    The wine bottles are perfect.

  9. The purple wine bottles are great! And your improv piece turned table runner is stunning! I like the idea of pulling the borders to the back for the edge treatment! Genius!

  10. I love the variety in this post from freewheeling improv to teeny tiny snail trail piecing. What a range you have! I'm sure those tiny blue blocks were tedious although loveable. I bet those colorful cabanas will be more your cup of tea.

  11. Funny I mixed some of them up tonight but didn't get to put nuts in mine.

  12. Boy oh know how to make scraps look sensational!

  13. I really like the wine bottles because my husband is a home winemaker and those are such cute blocks.

  14. A table runner makes a beautiful use for your leftovers. Gorgeous fabrics. I've made Snail's Trail blocks and found them very fiddly, too. They sure are lovely.
    I found making tiny blocks changes the fabrics required. Medium to large prints cut up poorly.

  15. Don't know which is yummier -- that beautiful table runner or your chocolate chip cookies! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  16. Lovely impro scrap table runner. The geese are a nice focal point. The purple wine bottles are sew nice. Yummy looking cookies. I like oatmeal in my cookies, although Mr Scrapatch does not. Usually I make both. I bake a pan or two without and then add in oatmeal and a bit more butter for my batch of cookies. Makes everyone happy. May you have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend ... :) Pat

  17. Love your table runner! So fun... but those wine bottles made me smile.

  18. That is an interesting way to use up your scraps.

  19. How awesome is your Table Scraps challenge!! with the green in there that really makes that purple shine!! Great job!

  20. Leeanna, The cookie was delicious, thanks. You have been very creative this week. I like it all. Of course, I like the little snails trail blocks best because I like small, but they are a lot of work. I think ocean fabric will be a good idea to substitute for some of them. Hugs, Judy