Thursday, June 17, 2021

I Like #249 surviving the heat


welcome to this week's list of likes, and number one is the coloring page on my weekly calendar (Joanna Basford) 

I didn't know how much I'd enjoy doodling away, shading and highlighting these pages

but I look forward to turning the page to a new week on Mondays!

It didn't take long to finish coloring, so I played with my watercolor pencils on the calendar side drawing flowers I hope to see in my pots soon! 

scribble in color, then use water brush to blend

speaking of flowers, we sowed some wildflower seeds last weekend and they are popping up
tiny but there!

speaking of growing things, the beans are filling out, 4/8 turned into seedlings

I love watching growing flowers and vegetables. The basil is also sprouting! 

I sewed a lot, finishing this month's table runner in purple, and finishing the mountain piece with three sections of improv. flying geese. More on Saturday.

After painting flowers I started cutting some bits out of fusible scraps, hopefully they and some pots in earth tones will become art quilts next week

 I tried a recipe for applesauce chocolate brownies but it was a dry mess. Not recommending.Then with the heat I wanted dessert but not using the oven so I went far back to my teen years and found my old recipe for cheesecake pie... no baking! (recipe: HERE)

I made a graham cracker crust,  9" pan, one brick of softened cream cheese, 1/3 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice, and one can sweetened condensed milk. Blend cheese/ milk til fluffy, then blend in juice, pour in pie shell and chill. I leave off the pie filling everyone used to pile on top. It was so very good all week.

 The Kominsky Method Poster

On TV this week was the next season of The Kominski Method on netflix... laugh out loud funny. I LOVE Alan Arkin, and Paul Reiser...Also enjoying the bachelorette, Mental Samurai game show, the housewives on Bravo. Just finished the first and wonderful season of FireFly lane... come back soon....


a three generation story full of good characters. I'm in a race with the library to finish it before they come in the night and snatch it away. 

Listening to the  first book in the Faye Longchamp series, that the library took before I was finished, and I found out I was reading book 10! I am listening now to book one, which explains a lot about the series. I recommend it!

I've watched a lot of painting videos this week, Freesian Horses videos, and dyeing videos on The Quilt Show. It's been blistering hot outside. I found this series on Youtube... are told what their ancestry dna results are in percentages, then the fun begins. A phone like thing tells them where they are to go next to experience their heritage... Hello! Time to go to Scotland! Time to visit Oregon, USA!

Milo's Moments

 It's been so hot, especially if you wear a black fur coat all the time! Why one of my ears might be melting off my head! I still want to go out and chase my ring toy around though!    


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  1. no worries milo, our heat is gone and now it rains without a break... maybe that comes to you too ;O))
    love the coloring page... I would like to have a tea service like that ...

  2. Glad your seeds are sprouting! Those fusible flowers look like you have something fun in mind for them, too. Blistering is definitely the word for this week's temperatures!

  3. Poor Milo! I thought of him when I published my blog post. Glad he is a dog allowed in the house! Some aren’t!
    I’m always impressed with your coloring pages. I have none of that talent! What will those fusible-ed flowers become?

  4. This heat is everywhere! It was 106 yesterday when I left to drive to my granddaughter's softball game. A high of only 91 today is predicted. Thankful for AC in my house. My oldest daughter is doing a 5-day long distance cycling event in Nebraska this week. She said it was 100 when they finished their 61 mile ride yesterday. Coincidently I had just downloaded Artifacts earlier this week, but haven't begun reading it yet. I am reading The President's Daughter (Patterson & Clinton).

  5. I like your coloring page and hooray for flowers and veggies. Oh Milo, I hope you keep cool pal, but you're always a cool dude. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. Hi,
    Love all your coloring pretty. Haven't read any of your books, but I'll be checking them out. Your plants are looking good. Have a great day!

  7. Those were some really nice colors and it is always good to little seeds come up. Hi Milo

  8. Your coloring pages are such fun, and I always enjoy seeing where your creativity is taking you! And Milo, sweet Milo - stay cool!

  9. Yeah Bobbin wants to be outside, but then lays under the car on the gravel, and comes out all greasy and oily, but refuses to go into the house where it is cool. Love your coloring pages, and seeing what you do each week. Glad you are enjoying the Faye Longchamp mysteries.

  10. I love watching my plants come up, too! Your fusible flowers look neat - it will be interesting to see what they become. Stay cool!

  11. What wild weather we all are having. At least we dob't have that kind of heat. I think I'd die, since we don't have AC. And now there's a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf. Impatient for Saturday to see your current projects. I still need to quilt my Table Scraps runner.

  12. Not sure anyone Keeps as creatively busy as you do, LeeAnna. SO wonderful to visit and see what you are making whether with those amazing pencils or in fabrics. Love the sweaters, btw. And I so empathize with not enjoying the heat, especially if sporting a black fur coat!

  13. The colorful art really does lift our spirits. We aren't hiking as much now because of the heat so I really should see what books I have and get my colored pencils out! Happy weekend!

  14. Oh! I've been wondering how you shaded so beautifully! Then you go and share your secret! Gotta try that this week! Thank you so much!

  15. Look at those baby wildflowers!! Squeals-so cute. It's always so exciting to see Nature germinating seeds. Stay cool!