Saturday, June 5, 2021

sewing saturday Time Flies goddess of procrastination


some projects take a while... especially hand pieced work. 

My grandmother was probably ecstatic when her mother bought a treadle machine back in rural Alabama. 

They were poor... poor enough that they picked cotton as work. She introduced me to quilt making and sewing on that same machine and I was in love from about age 6 with fabric and sewing. 

Today I am showing you made by hand like granny worked... and by machine but most of my quilting takes time because I dither over design decisions. 

I started the week by pulling out my bin of painted bits... and found some squares I used to test stamps and inks... in them was one with a flying watch and the words time flies. I painted a " goddess" artist next to it (using permanent pens)
and turned her into this!

She has joined the two other recent painted goddesses to protect the muse!

Basically I start with something stenciled or painted, and look for a way to see a guardian in it. She is quilted of course and embellished with appliques rhinestones and flower beads

holding either a paintbrush or pen... you decide

Another project taking time this week was the runner I finished last week but decided to surround the binding with tiny iridescent white beads

the pic is kind of dark as it's already hanging in studio two but the beads are beautiful around the binding. 

Since the color of the month at rainbow scrap challenge is purple, I got out the scrap bin of purple and looked for some leftover blocks to start an  abstract. 

and found these I meant to become a field of flowers. I started moving them around and adding bits of oddly shaped greens for leaves, and blue for skies and some of them started to look like a mountain to me...purple mountain majesty

While I listened to my audio book Spies of Shilling Lane, I sewed. Cut random curves, added in areas, with a vision in mind it became more focused 

these blocks went on the wall for later as I concentrated on the mountain emerging in the other piece

ahhh with tall grass pieces I can see this as a field of crocus. 

green compliments purple, blue is next to it on the color spectrum... yessss this is going to engage my creative side this month!

I found these two painted bits I might use somewhere soon... just waiting patiently in the "container of painted things"

metallic greens and blues thru a stencil from an art supply store

I know at the time I just kept painting on a long fabric scrap thinking I'd cut it up to use. Now I'm not so sure... I kind of think it looks like a scroll, and I like unusual orientations... 

It feels good to have projects going. I am doing some final long seam joining the tumbling blocks so I hope to have the top together this coming week. I'll miss that one so I might have to continue with another one in the series.

thanks for coming over... get a cookie before you leave!


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  1. Wow! Your wealth of creative endeavors impresses me. From the painted and quilted "bits" ( awesome) to the improve piecing ( jaw dropped) to the paper piecing. Just love your work!

    1. awe thank you so so sew much! you made my day!

  2. Cool stuff. I really like the purple scrap.

  3. Crazy PURPLE Crumbs being tamed into a mountain scene? Incredible, LeeAnna! I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide about that sweet bird stamped piece.

  4. Loved seeing your mountain scene emerge! That is beautiful!

  5. Your process is fascinating. I do love those tumbling blocks especially

  6. I so love your tumbling block project! Those colors are gathered together wonderfully! How cool to add beads to your slow stitching projects! Saving the recipe for the cookies...maybe this weekend? :)

  7. I’m excited to watch where purple mountain majesty goes! Lovely lovely! You goddesses are so special!

  8. Thank you for the cookies...delicious. May I have two?? So much creativity and imagination inside that studio...or is it studios?? Tumbling Blocks is always a beautiful pretty to revisit and those goddesses are fabulous. I rather love your that is clever and as for your blue, green and purple mountain....I cannot wait to see where these fabrics take you. Everything is rather glorious.

  9. You amaze me with your talent. I love the tumbling blocks so much (but I have a different EPP project going and really need to concentrate on that). And the way you take all those crumbs and scraps and turn them into a mountain. You bring joy to the world.

  10. Incredible work! Looks like it definitely pays off to wait. 🥰

  11. So fun to see your projects! Love the free form scraps and the painted scroll with the birds... wonderful to see you having creative fun!

  12. Thanks for the cookie LeeAnna :)
    Such an array of colour coming from your stash ! Doens't maater how long it takes as long as you are enjoying the process.

  13. Hi,
    Love all your Goddess pieces. I can for sure see a purple mountain coming out of the pile. Have a great day!

  14. Great projects! Looks like your artist muse is doing her trick! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  15. Your creativity is pretty amazing. I love what you've done to create the "Time Flies" piece. Have a magical day!

  16. Love your "scroll work" especially the blue bird. The cookies sounded delicious so I took the recipe. Thanks for the link!