Thursday, June 10, 2021

I Like Thursday #248


Welcome to this week's list of likes. Short this week, starting with pin cushions... I made this one from a cute vintage plant holder. 

Summer is popping out all over

I planted the beans saved from last year's plants, and some bell pepper seeds, last weekend. Fingers crossed they thrive. It's hot enough! 

bush breaks out in flowers this week!

this week's coloring page

using a mix of watercolor pencil (prismacolor) waterpen, and staedtler fineliner pens

videos on youtube:

 Trying to eat better?

thinking about a new hairstyle and return to the salon? Watch this first!

I have seen some good videos on The Quilt Show recently on hand dyeing and landscapes with hand dyes. Messy though, I won't be racing to do that again any time soon. Maybe now that it's hot, I'll go out to paint on fabric again. 

Speaking of fabric I'm having a lot of fun sewing my abstract mountain, meadow piece this week. 

On TV the bachelorette show returns and I'm in, all in. Other favorite shows had finales this week, the Good Doctor's season end was so good... as was New Amsterdam's. Watching the NY  and Beverly Hills housewives on Bravo. Midsomer Murders and Murdoch Mysteries are both in season and good. 


Listening to a great audio book this week, 

Hardcover Burials Book

solving a mystery this modern day archeologist returns to her husband's home town to solve a mystery from 30 years ago... thank you to Colette for the referral but then I found out it's book 10 in the series!!! I have to go find the earlier ones now 

Reading Jude Devereaux's latest book on ebook and I am now into it and enjoying the storyline. Two sisters grappling with following their hearts while doing what is needed for each other.

Milo's Moments


"Mama, I want a big pancake like yours!"

Mama: well, you're not as big as Mama, so I gave you a Milo sized pancake

Milo: I could be bigger if I had a bigger pancake!

come out and play Mama!

these fine people have likes to share please visit them too and let me know if you wrote a list this week so I can add your name in!

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easyweimaraner said...

I totally love the coloring page... it fits to my feelings ;O) said...

Oh I love your pincushion! You always have such beautiful coloring pages. Poor Milo, Bobbin only gets 1/2 a full size pupcake.

Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna,
248 !
248 divided by 52 weeks per year is rounded up to 4.8 years
That is a lot of great stuff to like at Not Afraid of Color !
Super pin cussion :)

Sara said...

Your pin cushion is so cute! A friend made me a pin cushion out of a beautiful cup and saucer set with violets on them. I love the whimsy of such fun pin cushions. My big "hat pins" live in that pin cushion on my sewing desk.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your pincushion is so cute! Finding things growing is the best feeling! I'm impressed that you save seeds and successfully grow them again. Looking forward to seeing your mountain and meadow scene!

Shannon said...

I did the new haircut this week, it was very exciting. That doggie hairstyle video was absolutely hilarious!!!!

grammajudyb said...

Boy, it did get hot in a hurry in our part of the USA. My flowers are needing water twice a day! And we’ve had wind, hot wind! Bleck! I like the recycled planter to pincushion! Adorable’

Susie H said...

OMG! Love "I Eat Dirt". So typical of dogs & toddlers! Hahaha! Your pincushion is very pretty.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Lots of color and fun this week Milo. We will leave the "Eating Dirt" to you pooches MOL

Rebecca Jo said...

I didnt know that was a pin cushion till I read it - so cute.
I need to color more - it always calms me down - it just hurts my bicep tendonitis to do it too long though - BOO

Kathe W. said...

Very fun post! Darling photos too!

Scrapatches said...

Thank for all the Thursday smiles. I want to play with Milo ... :) Pat

Brian's Home Blog said...

I like the pincushion and goodness, that dirt dog sure is funny. Hey Milo, you do need a bigger pancake pal. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Feline Opines said...

The Human says "wow" that pin cushion is purrfect!
Purrs & Head Bonks,

Catscue Cat Mom said...

The quilting landscape and painting fabrics sounds lovely, you'll have to share your results. Milo, how can anyone argue with THAT logic - LOL!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi LeeAnna! Aww, that pincushion you made is so darn cute. What a great way to repurpose the plant holder. Poor Milo, sitting outside wishing his mama would join him. I'd be inside, too, since it's so hot! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

PaintedThread said...

Yay for growing/sprouting things! I need a few more things to sprout. Mmm...pancakes!

piecefulwendy said...

Apparently many of us are liking the beauty of the blooming things lately. You have some pretty ones! That pincushion is so cute - what do you use to stuff the pincushion? I need to make a few of those, but could use some tips!

Angie said...

LA - adorable pincushion! Good luck with your gardening experiments! Plants are really taking off in the garden now that we have had some warm days. You can almost hear the rustling and see the growth from one day to the next! Enjoy your weekend!

Michele Morin said...

I love a good audio book!

MissPat said...

Great pin cushion. I have a mint green plant holder like that with a duck. I should make one, too. Good luck with the seeds. I planted some parsley seed and at the rate it's growing we'll have frost again before I pick any. I see that the western half of the country is due for more scorching heat, while we get a cool down and still no rain.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Loving your post today but the video of the little dog was just so funny mainly because it reminded me of my own girl dog Maisie. She walks around the lawn picking up anything she can and eating it. Yesterday she found a massive May Bug and just gobbled it down before we could do anything, luckily it doesn't seem to have any effect on her if you know what I mean! And Milo of course is just perfection. Have a lovely weekend xXx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Loved that vintage inspired pin cushion. And those dogs at the hair salon were a hoot. What a fun ending, too.

Where are you finding Midsomer Murders and Murdock Mysteries. I thought Murdock went off years ago. I would LOVE to see it again. Have a super Friday with Milo who always makes me smile, LeeAnna.

Michele McLaughlin said...

I love Midsommer Murders too! Milo is a mooch like Scout is...she can be very difficult about eating her dog food, she thinks she should have a chair at the table when we eat....:D
Have a great day!

Tails Around the Ranch said...

What a clever idea for that pin cushion creation. Too cute. Love your potentilla bush. That cheerful yellow is a nice bright spot in the garden.