Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Life is so Daily


uh oh the coffee maker leaked again but that's okay, who of a certain age hasn't leaked something from their body?

It's old and has a broken toggle so if you don't put the caraff back in just so, the coffee dribbles down and leaves a mess on the counter. Then I spilled the cup a bit picking it up, so who's to judge?

Life is quirky if you notice. Little things that make you wonder if you've gone crazy or if everyone has these kinds of things happen. That's if you're lucky because those quirks and weird things are what keeps things interesting.

They may be odd but they are YOUR oddities.

habits and weirdness doesn't grow on trees, one must form them over time. The surprise weirdness shows up like a new TV show, and can be as entertaining if you let them. 

No More Wine!

Suddenly my poodle does not like the opening of a wine bottle, an all too frequent happening these days. He is content watching out the back slider to see if a neighbor is threatening our safety, by maybe going to their mailbox. One of us asks the evening question, "do you want wine?"

He pops up like the guardian of the gates of hades, barking and running to the daddy. It makes us laugh still, happens all the time now, and yet we laugh. He is so sincere in his new weirdness about wine, we take turns supplying a running imaginary  commentary for him.

"No !!! No more pops! No more noises... haven't we had enough noise? You two should stop drinking wine! Think of the Poooooooooooodles!"

I watched a video the other day ( find it here ) that explained to me I am a highly sensitive person. I suspected it... I think all the time and cannot stand noise or violence, am overwhelmed by too many frightening daily circumstances, I pick up on unspoken clues others miss, I am highly empathetic.

I feel shell-shocked.

When it all gets to be too much I hear myself say, "I need to go to the studio and make something" I found out I am not odd, nor neurotic (well that's not proven) and 20% of humans are born like this too.  In fact 20% of over a hundred species of animals have it as well!

We just need some methods to enable us to cope with this crazy world we live in, and to stop judging our selves. We need to inform the 80% of people who are not like us that we are not just weird, we are people too and if they persist in judging us harshly and dismissing us, we will not believe their assessment of us. So there.

We are sensitive to noise at our house, the popping of corks, loud cars, jets flying over on training missions, sudden barking of poodles who are startled. 

If you want me, I'll be in studio making stuff. 

Linking to  T stands for Tuesday... like a "drink' post 


  1. seems milo is no wine-raner, if he dislikes that noise ;O) we agree for you for the crazy and weird things around us... we decided to become hermits... ;O)

  2. There's a good reason why people call certain locations their "happy place" - my sewing room is usually mine too.

  3. I'm glad you make stuff LeeAnna.
    You are good at stuff ! I came across this text soemwhere.

  4. Dogs can be silly, can't they? But the good news is they make us smile and laugh. I think I need that sensitivity test too. I bet I am highly sensitive also. I'm always being teased about it by my husband, in a loving way of course. Your wine bottle quilting is just amazing. Perfect for T day. Hope yours is good. Hugs-Erika

  5. This post gives me a lot to think about. Humans or dogs, we all need our space and our quiet times. And wine (except for dogs).

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  6. Sorry I'm late visiting. Blogger is making my life miserable again. Seems up to now I've been unable to access blogger blogs, but can WordPress and TypePad.

    I feel for Milo when the fireworks start going off around the 1st of next month. I had a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who should have been bred to accept gunshots. Not so with this one. He was afraid of gunfire and hid on the 4th. I feel for Milo.

    LOVE your design wall and your wine table runner. It is very cleverly created and perfect for T, too. BTW, I have a coffee maker that leaks if you don't get the carafe directly under the basket. I totally understand. Thanks so much for joining us this week with your coffee, wine, and your incredible sewing for T.

  7. LA - coffee and wine are my go-to comforts, my ports in the storm, and all the better if I have some cross-stitch in hand at the same time! (No, not drinking wine and coffee AT THE SAME TIME! Although, one time someone gave us a bottle of red flavored with coffee ... I am not sure what happened to it, come to think of it! Anyway, I ramble ... I hope you find peace in the studio for years to come!

  8. Aww, poor Milo. Maybe switch to box wine? There are a couple of decent ones out there.🍷For the record, we think being sensitive is one of the better qualities for a human. 😍