Saturday, June 12, 2021

sewing round up summer sweaters to improv geese

 For this week's sewing round up... it's too hot for sweaters!!! (but....)

the collection grows with the addition of a purple one this month. 

Did you know I studied ballet for a long time? I still have a fondness for ballet-pink shoes, it's automatic to "spot" while turning in any dance form, and am too limber for my own good.

the color of the month at Rainbow Scrap Challenge is purple, and I've been obsessed this week with improv flying geese making. 

I used to do geese with the flip method, then the speedy multiple method, and the paper pieced method.

They all make very orderly tidy in a row geese. 

not the look I want right now,  so I came up with the fun way I'm doing improv geese with tiny scraps and oddly shaped triangles in the scrap bin. To do this you need to stop caring if a point gets nipped, and angles are different, and just play with them. 

I started an improv piece with sections I had pieced last year to become enormous flowers. They became a mountain with a field of flowers in front, but I'm not showing it yet. The leftovers from THAT became my runner for table scraps this month, while sewing this week. (full pic on that post at the end of the month)

for now I just wanted to share some cute geese, 

I knew I saved these little triangles for something good!!! 

while digging through the green scraps, to accent the purple pieces, I found some scraps a bee mate gave me while I was back in Maryland. Can it be 3 years ago now already?

all together there were 8 large half square triangle pieces, kind of alike but not exact, cut from a border print. No doubt they were rejects in her project as they weren't cut right from her border print.

Well, I cut them right, then stitched them together into squares, then a big medallion piece to be made into something soon. This is fiddle-y as you must match lines exactly to get the affect.

but maybe after all the improv piecing I needed a balance of sewing something exact for a moment.

I was immersed in my audio book about an archeologist who found a 30 year old body on a dig, 


but the library snatched it back with no warning, unfinished and it's in demand so I started another called DaVinci's Cat

Da Vinci's Cat - Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
  about time travel probably written  for young adults. I tend to associate my current sewing works with books I'm hearing while working. 

Anyway, this story is drawing me back to the studio, which is a good thing. 

I feel best when I'm obsessed with an art project, how about you?

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  1. I love those sweaters. The other projects look pretty cool, too.

  2. The dancing pig on the purple sweater is just the cutest, funniest yet. I love them all and can’t wait to see what you end up doing with them.

  3. Your sweaters are adorable. I had that dancing pig fabric once upon a time. My sister took the last of it to make I Spy quilts. Thanks for the book recommendations.

  4. Wow!! That QUITE a contrast between those funky Flying Geese and that impeccably pieced block from an intricate border print, LeeAnna. Oh, look... You found a PURPLE sweater fabric, too!! :o))

  5. Very cute sweaters and love the purple geese quilting. The medallion would make a lovely pillow or sachet, I think. Yes, happiest when immersed in a project! Keeps me busy and out of trouble. Haha! x K

  6. Can't wait to see where you're going with that beautiful medallion. So different than the artistic improvisational work you usually show. I like your purple geese, too.

  7. LOVE the medallion! The stitching is perfect. It would make a great center for a small medallion quilt. Also, you can keep the library from snatching back your book if you turn off the wifi on your reader until you finish. A woman in a nursing home taught me that! Happy weekend!

  8. Your piecing on that medallion is awe-inspiring. I wouldn't have known it was pieced if you had kept quiet. Wonky geese are one of my favourite things.

  9. Oh, to be an obsessed by something arty is the best way to be. Love all your colourful playing. Fabulous and colourful geese. Love, love, love those whimsical sweaters; why they make me want to get up and sauter, glisser and elancer here, there and everywhere, but alas I have no pink ballet shoes. =) poor toes! I did not know you were a ballerina. How wonderful!

  10. Love the little sweaters and the way you're flying through the geese blocks! Ha! Yes, time flies and the mind wanders down many paths while sewing along listening to an eBook. How rude of your library to snatch that book from you! *wink*

  11. all your projects are as great as they are diverse! well done!!

  12. Your little sweaters are adorably cute but just seeing them made me break out in a heat rash! Only 99 days until the arrival of autumn. 🤪

  13. Love those purple flying geese and your summer sweaters project. So cute! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  14. LA - love those sweaters, especially the one with the two poodles. And no, I am not just writing that because of Milo! That medallion is gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS. The pattern, the colors - it reminds me of Irish and Gaelic patterns. Yes, I get quite absorbed in a project, but thankfully these days most of them are quick so I don't get bored!

  15. What's not to love about a ballerina pig. The perfect feature for your purple sweater. Love how one project is improv with the occasional mismatched fabric or nipped corner, while another is matching perfection. Hard to believe both projects come from the same person.

  16. LA - certainly an impressive piece with fussy cutting and sewing

  17. So many fun and beautiful pieces. You are so versatile -- going from improv to precision work! A little hint about thwarting (or possibly thwarting) having a book sucked back to the mother ship. Try putting your device on airplane mode. It should make it impossible for the mother ship to call it home. (I have a friend who does that but I haven't tried it. But I bet it will work.)

  18. interesting seeing your fun improv, and then your precise medallion!