Thursday, June 3, 2021

I Like Thursday #247

 Welcome to this week's list of likes!

I like watermelon... this one is tooooooo small!


I like fresh fruits and vegetables... but have to accept what whole foods delivers

I like the scent of the flowers growing on our bushes right now!


I throw vegetable peelings out on the plants where they will either feed squirrels or become tree food

I only eat vegetables cooked with butter on them

We discovered on youtube a documentary called Genius of the ancient world, about socrates, confucius, and buddha: the trailer

It was fascinating. On Acorn we started watching Martin clunes show on the islands around Australia... first of all we love him, and we love travel shows and now we want to visit Australia to see the islands

I love my book on audio playing in the studio now

a mother tracks down her missing daughter to find she's working as a spy... well read too!

I'm reading this on ebook

but the jury is out.... I love the author but so far the story line is **yawn** and my library doesn't have her most recent book following the one I did love in the Providence Falls series

I have many on hold... and tried to join hoopla but having trouble... 

Over the holiday we had rain and cooler weather so I baked. and baked. I made scones with cherries, molasses cookies:

with orange zest

and one bowl lemon bars... not your usual lemon bars, and dh asked how many thousand we'd have to eat before we got tired of them! 

My friend Cindy sent me a recipe for parmesan cream sauce that we usually make with chicken. This time we made it with shrimp... yum! Link is (here)

Wednesday we made souvlaki for lunch

the spices are parsley, oregano, garlic, paprika, thyme and we put them on the chicken with olive oil and lemon juice to cook

Unluckily the feta went south, so I had to sub other cheese, luckily I made enough for tomorrow's lunch too, and an appetizer the next day! 

I boiled potatoes on Friday and kept enough for dinners, plus made greek salad with the rest. Let's see, I use a mix of yogurt and mayo, lemon juice, parsley and oregano, S & P, and balsamic vinegar for a zing. a bit of minced red onion. 

so, we're fat and sassy. 

I like working in the studio adding beads to quilts, starting others and coloring in my calendar. 

this one got gold on top and bottom, and iridescent

beads along the outside of the binding all the way down. Pics on Saturday!

I like Milo freshly bathed and hair trimmed, here he is (longsufferingly) at the spa
He was busy last month growing hair...
stop gawping and get 'er done Mama!


I had just written an entire Milo dialogue and blogger erased it. Can't get it back... don't think I can repeat it. The back button did not work. It's gone as I was typing this. 

I'm. tired. of. blogger. trouble.

It was the doggie logic of why he barks... an abbreviated rendition of what was very clever and funny and would have won a writing prize... (thanks blogger)

Mama: Milo stop barking!!! Please! you are so loud, we heard you and are not worried about the neighbor who is checking their mailbox or a dog walking by. 

Milo: I'm not barking for you, I'm barking at them so they need to hear me, Mama, not you! silly mama! You need to learn poodle-ish.

please get vaccinated if you can, wear masks for a while longer, there are still about 350 deaths a day in America to covid. 

Do it for me... I had an allergic reaction to the first shot, so I'm at risk and am begging everyone who can get it, do so. It's okay to do it for the common good of a country you say you love. A country is made up of people, like me, who would like to return to a fuller life.

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easyweimaraner said...

we totally forgot the water melons, yes it's that time now... somehow this crazy hermit life makes us dizzy LOL milo we love your hair cut, you look fantabulous!!!

My name is Erika. said...

Your baking looks and sounds yummy. And I'm with you about smelling the lilacs. They are the best!

Libby in TN said...

Those little watermelons are called Sugar Babies around here and they are the sweetest!

Brian's Home Blog said...

We like watermelon here too. Those are all nice thankfuls and you look fabulous Milo. I wondered who I heard barking Milo. Hey, we've both had our shots here and I'm sorry you had an allergic reaction. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Michele Morin said...

Milo is gorgeous!
And watermelon is a definite favorite!

Sandee said...

We shop for our own food. At some point we'll have to take what they give us, but I'd rather pick my own food out.

Milo looks most handsome.

I'm sorry about blogger. I'm glad I went to wordpress some years back. I don't like their proving you're not spam. Those pick out three boats or stoplights run me crazy and I know many don't want this feature on their blog.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to handsome Milo. ♥

Sara said...

Poor Milo - suffering through that grooming!! LOL

Cherry scones sound delicious! So does that parmesan cream sauce. I'm just sick to death.

Shannon said...

Molasses cookies sound really good. I should make a batch I haven't made them in ages. And your flowering bush is gorgeous! Give snuggles to Milo for me- Spooky is going in to get neutered next week so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Kathe W. said...

Yummy cookies! and I'll take a watermelon any size!

Sherrie said...

Watermelon is one of my favorites. We have an area out back that we throw scraps..the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks love it. Your cookies look yummy. Have a great day!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I like Jennifer Ryan's books, too! Your gingersnaps look yummy. Milo is looking very handsome after his groom. Give him some scritches for us!

piecefulwendy said...

The Spies of Shilling Lane was one of my favorites, but I like all of Jennifer Ryan's books. That watermelon is just the right size for Milo, I think! I'll bet Milo feels much better after the haircut :-)

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi LeeAnna! Boy, that is one small watermelon, and your bananas are WAY too ripe for me. I'd definitely have to make banana bread with them. Lilacs! That is a scent from my childhood that always brings back wonderful memories. I had a bush right outside my bedroom window, and I can remember the soft cool breezy lightly scented with lilac. Ummm. Those molasses cookies look deeeelicious. YUM. The shot and masks - I could not wait to get vaccinated and I still wear masks every day. {{Hugs}} I happily do it for you and the greater good. Any death to COVID is unnecessary at this point. We just had a KINDERGARTEN STUDENT who contracted the virus. The virus that some think doesn't exist and isn't contagious. She is sick as a dog and infected some of her classmates, unknowingly and unwillingly. I am praying that she recovers and can live a full normal life. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne said...

Was the watermelon from whole foods? The one thing about organic type fruits and veggies....not pretty, and they can be smaller I have discovered. Bobbin loves bananas. You always have such neat recipes. The flowers look lovely. Milo you are so handsome after your spa day.

Michelle said...

I have to say, I like those small, sweet watermelons. I have loved watching Homeworthy, a link you shared a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

MissPat said...

Every time I see the results of your baking, I think I should get my act together and make some goodies. But the feeling passes, sigh. I'd have trouble having fresh vegetables and fruits delivered. I'm pretty picky when it comes to produce, but I understand your situation. I hate all these incentives they are now offering to people to get vaccinated (including guns in WV, ugh). What ever happened to doing things for the public good? We're in for another spell of temps near 90 and the rain we were supposed to get yesterday and today amounted to one tenth of an inch. Didn't even wash the pollen (achoo) off the cars.

Meditations in Motion said...

So sorry about your technical difficulties. They are so frustrating!

I love fresh fruits and veggies too, but I think those bananas would be smoothie bananas. I like them when they are still a little green.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

A wonderful post that I enjoyed reading with my coffee this morning. Thanks for the roundup and showing those yummy cookies too. We love Martin too and have watched his show on dogs and horses both of which he adores.

PaintedThread said...

Cookies look yummy. I like those gold beads. Milo must feel cooler! Yeah - blogger disappearing stuff is a pain. I find that doing ctrl-Z (undo) works most of the time (I've had once or twice it doesn't).

Linda said...

I saw your cookies on Joy's blog and came over to see if you would share your recipe! My husband bought one of those little watermelons, seedless, and it was delicious. What a great idea to put those peelings on plants. I've been throwing mine into our garden compost, but I love the idea of putting them at the base of our crape myrtles.

Tails Around the Ranch said...

The beasties love watermelon and cantaloupe-will have to get some for them and me. 🍉

Miaismine said...

I so love fresh produce! Ever since my husband got so very ill, he's amenable to eating more produce! I'm loving it! Admittedly, your post today made me so hungry! I love how you experiment with different foods - at least different to me. :)

rustamkhan said...

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