Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday Sewing Round-up hexies to gardens


All the colors so far!
I've been sewing a lot this week, and avoiding the blistering heat outside. For the Rainbow Scrap challenge color of the month Purple, I made some more hexie fan blocks. 

even these remind me of flowers!
I cannot remember now the designer's name but I had to reconfigure her pattern a bit. I saw her make these on tv. (anyone remember?) 

I finished the table scraps piece with improv flying geese, and finished the mountain piece top. What an accomplishment to get all the improv sections together into a balanced straight quilt top. I love it but will only show it now when it's finished. The runner will go in next week's link party for Table Scraps at thejoyfulquilter

since we planted flower seeds last Saturday

and I've been practicing color blending and shadows on my calendar pages

I looked again at my older experimental painting on fabric, using inktense pencils. To set the color you add water, dry, and iron

that caused some bleeding of the purple and blue inks, but as I looked at it I saw another goddess piece, this time a garden goddess!

A while back I did a painting video class cutting out vases and pots and applying them to paper, so I just cut them this time from fabric. The original flower piece was on a scrap of muslin, so it wasn't big enough to support the pots. No worries, I just stuck another piece, of what I saw as tile floor fabric along the bottom to look like a patio.

here it is quilted with metallic thread and with turquoise beads sewn on. I used rayon to secure the pots, quilted in a golden leaf design on one pot, appliqued the cutaway from another applique on the brown pot. 

Of course when it needed the goddess I saw the original bleeding as her shoulders and had to sketch a head over them! Using prismacolor pencils and inks, she began to emerge... I think she's pretty

Quilting threads help to define the flowers, her hair, face and the painted butterfly in the corner. There was a missing corner to the muslin scrap so I tucked in a butterfly, that I painted onto black and white butterfly fabric a while back. It was in the painted scraps box. Like her purple hair?

about 8" X 9" "Beautiful Magic"

It is much larger than the other goddess pieces so far... I let the piece dictate it's size if I can

I fiddle with any art piece til I feel it's done. This time I didn't like the shadow in her eyes so I finished her with a white gel pen for highlights and used different embellishments to give meaning to the piece. 

rayon thread defines flower petals, beads add dimension

swirls and metallic thread bring your eye to the butterfly

To finish the edge, I wanted something kind of rough and organic, like outlining a bed of flowers. I zigzagged first with gold sulky thread, then over that I zig zagged over a double layer of thick gold embroidery thread.

Once I started looking at the painted scrap, and the idea came to me, it took one afternoon to complete. 

Of course as I looked at the "finished" piece I decided to add the beads... so that happened the next day. 

I am finding that my creative endeavors, painting, drawing, sewing, beading are coming together to inform my mixed media pieces. How fun to see how one art form influences the other. 

sorry to tease you with the two improv pieces but their day to shine is coming soon! 

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  1. Looking the Goddess!

  2. What fun you are having adding your creativity to these projects. Such a good way to use your practice pieces and leftovers and incorporate classes.

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    That is a wonderful looking goddess to join the others !
    It's fun to see how this theme develops :)
    It's great that we have an indoor hobby when days are to warm.

  4. I'm always intrigued to see how your art pieces develop. You seem to do this so effortlessly, but I know you put lots of time and thought into it. Excellent goddess design.

  5. I love your hexies, they looklike pretty flowers. Well done with your godess, she looks fabulous!
    Thank you for sharing and linking up ;)

  6. The hexie fan blocks are fun and they make me think of flowers. You goddess piece really was a lovely blend of medium. Great job!

  7. I really do love your goddess piece. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. I like this Goddess’s purple hair very much! Your thread painting is remarkable!

  9. PURPLE piecing and a new Goddess mini, too? Way to go, LeeAnna!!

  10. Look at those colorfully pretty hexies! They'll make up quite nicely I suspect.

  11. Both the hexies and the mixed media goddess works are fabulous. Someday I will get around to trying out those Inktense pencils! The possibilities are just tantalizing!

  12. Your goddesses are filling your world. I wonder what goddess will visit next? Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  13. I love your colorful hexie fan blocks. They look like flowers to me. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. The inktense art piece worked up beautifully. You are sew creative. Thank you for sharing in my linky party ... :) Pat

  14. Beautiful Purple!!! THis is going to be a fun quilt!

  15. Those hexie blocks are so pretty. I still not have attempted to sew with hexies.