Saturday, June 6, 2020

sewing Saturdays

welcome to this week's sewing round up! Looking back at my pictures, I realized I got a lot done this week. (I posted the week's paintings HERE)
The top picture is from one of my paintings from last week.
the black and white with the color version to the left
I painted a pretty pink flower, printed it out on fabric. Unknown to us, the printer setting for my computer was set on black and white so I figured I wasted a precious sheet,but then turned it into a design challenge.

 I put tiny squares of florals I had already, around it, a sparkly white to fill in the space around the outside, all kind of unmeasured and improv.

I used the B&W thumbnail detail images to try pencil coloring it. The shading is really too dark to showcase the delicate colored pencil though

As it turned out, I liked the finished black and white piece! That surprised me. The painting is so bright and happy.
There is room for a lot of experiments with this process, with photo manipulation and finishing techniques.

see my attempt at colored pencil over print
 I ended up machine free motion quilting in neon rayon threads, just enough color in stitch to marry the two sections.

What do you think?

the bottom one is the color print on fabric, and I'm deciding what to do with it.

I might like to have a trio of styles of this image to hang together actually, so plan to do that one 12" too, then a third experiment.  I'm so pleased that my painting and quilting are merging. Thank you to those of you who  encouraged me to print out some of them onto fabric!


I keep fabric with fusible on the back, in a scrap bin, and this week opened it up to just do another intuitive piece.
I did Three!!
All the random leftover letters went on that yellow strip above, fun to do.

all the random strings and hearts went on this one... with a few flowers and spirals

tiny squares went on this one!
A few years ago, I taught a mini make and take workshop for the Annapolis guild quilt show and these were leftover.
I quilted in one of my fave mod random right angle patterns, with variegated rayon thread. It looks messy here, and those bindings are quick and really messy, but it's a cute mug run, right?

It served it's purpose, to keep my mind off the larger situation we're facing.
I also took an embroidery class from Sue Spargo via blueprint til it goes away, and there are some really pretty effects but too many for this post so that has to be for Monday.

a teaser

just for fun, here's a pink puzzle to do


  1. Wowza!!! Great results with the thread painting over the black and white print. Such wonderful pieces to reflect a very creative week for you!

  2. I love the black and white flower with the pink florals bordering it. And then to have the color version right there, too, is fun. It will be interesting to see what other colorway you can print it in!

  3. So many great posts...I just read them all in between my outside chores today. I've always admired Marilyn Van Derbur and read her book. What a brave choice she made and esp. considering the times.
    We loved Schitt's kind of have to get into it. I've watched every video the Colt family have made...I just love Bellamy's little face. You are right; she has star power. Loving what you are doing with your creative pursuits. Fantastic stuff. Also enjoy the image now of your hubby and Milo chasing each other around the coffee table.

  4. Wow!! What a lot of fun this week!! I'm looking forward to what you'll do for the third piece in your painted flower series. LOVE what you've done so far!

  5. I really like your flowers - both of them. It is such fun to see them together and know their history. Keep having fun!

  6. So fun to see the b&w flower and the pink flower together. I like them both, since each has a different dynamic. Love, love, love the random strings & hearts!!

  7. Hi LeeAnna,
    The results look great! So happy you kept going! making a third...great idea!
    Lots of colour creativity !

  8. You are so creative. Love your work!

  9. Wow! Very cool LeeAnna! Thanks for the inspiration! Love these!

  10. Good job of making lemonade out of lemons with the painting on fabric snafu. Looking forward to seeing the next version.

  11. Hi LeeAnna :)) I love what you did with the black and white piece! The colour one is lovely too, I can see that piece framed and put up on the wall. I've always wanted to try embroidery, yours looks really well done! :)

  12. Hi
    Love all your paintings to quilts...they are
    awesome...have a great day!

  13. Gorgeous painting and stitching!

  14. The B&W turned out beautifully. But I have to say...I absolutely am in love with the color version. So alive and bright. Well done.

  15. Love watching your creativity happen! Thank for the puzzle...that was fun!

  16. Wow -- I love what you're doing with your painting+fabric printing+thread painting! That black and white version was a delightful surprise! And your fusible scrap bin projects are simply glorious. I would never have imagined they were not deliberate abstract pieces. This makes me want to start doing some fusible appliqué, just so I can accumulate some fusible-backed scraps!

  17. Look at you - having fun exploring all these new techniques!

  18. I like the idea of thread painting. It looks great. Thanks for linking up with Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday.