Tuesday, June 9, 2020

learning from experts

buttonhole filler around center, backstitch, flystitch, featherstich
I am taking a class thru blueprint with Sue Spargo.
so much to learn from experts, right?
I have been doing embroidery since I was about 7, and made a Christmas gift for my mother.
When we were allowed to wear jeans to school, I embroidered the legs of my bell bottoms, until it was mostly crewel threads holding them together. I sure wish I had those today, wonder what happened to them?
I've done this a long time, but there is always, ALWAYS, something to learn...
At first I just watched, but realized being kinesthetic learner (touch) I needed to make up a little scene to practice on
wool on wool
I'm still in the class so I need to finish that today if possible, and try to take enough notes to remember how to do the intricate stitches after blueprint closes down. Thanks NBC for that.
The above image us fly stitches on petal, leaves and feather stitch on stem. Some French knots and straight stitch for grass

This is one of her woven stitches, create spokes and weave round and round. The outside is maybe crested stitch.
I already can't remember all the stitches I've tried.

For one of the first times in my life, I could not learn a stitch too. I tried and followed, I slowed the video, I tried and tried and tried. Never looked like hers

I put little hexies to try stitches on
Now I'm learning how she uses beads. Yes I've done a lot of this, but her techniques are different from mine. I also dug through some embellishments to maybe use
herringbone stitch and french knots, back stitch with thick thread

and some thick misbehaving metallic threads to weave through a closed fly stitch. Oh I'll do that again for sure!

 She didn't say to do that, but she inspired me with her woven stitches to do it my way.
I fell in love with the way she used coral stitch to secure an edge while adding a bead. The hole shows, I usually tip them but I love the orderly way they frame that wing!!

I decided to try a closed fly stitch around a hexie using bead soup, a mix of styles and colors.
To Do today, work on learning more stitches
To Do today, sew waistband buttons back on DH's shorts
To Do today, finish the binding on the "life is messy" improv fused piece

Also getting embellishments
Ain't it the truth!!!


  1. Very pretty. I love the things you create.

  2. Loving your stitches, and the addition of beads is so pretty! Sort of boho style embroidery I guess. And your 'life is messy' is great, a very inspiring post thanx!

  3. How fun to take a class from Sue Spargo. I love her style, and of course, those bright colors. You know I am loving that quilt!

  4. Hi LeeAnna! How fun to have you join us today. I used to do embroidery on my jeans way, way, way, WAY back when. Some of it was pretty darn nifty, too. Good luck with your to-do list and thanks so much for linking up today. See you on Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I enjoyed seeing how you added the embroidery to a design to embellish it, not just to make the design itself! It'sxalways fun to learn new things!

  6. that's beautiful... and we love the quote... maybe it comes true now as you have created it?

  7. What lovely work, Lee Anna. This fits so well with your own inclinations. All those lovely colors and textures. You will have many great skills to use in the years ahead.

  8. Hi LeeAnna,
    That's great that you are giving it a go! Trying it out! Looks like a creative colourful joy !

  9. Isn't it amazing how those stitches just add to the texture and fantastic color in a piece? I'm intrigued by the woven stitches. I have never tried any "fancy" embroidery stitching beyond the basics.

  10. I took a Craftsy class from Sue Spargo. She is great. I like what you are doing! Have fun!

  11. these are wonderful, imaginative works by you! It's great how you sewed it by hand!
    Greetings Elke

  12. Life is Messy is perfect, LeeAnna! Joy and fun are dancing all through it.
    Your stitching has me wanting to try it. I once thought it would be fun to stitch with beads. With the Internet, I have no excuse to learn anything I want.

  13. I am a kinesthetic learner too. I used to do embroidery and loved it. I embroidered a jean jacket once for my mom. Now my niece has it. It must be almost 50 years old! :) Thanks for sharing what you are learning from your classes with us!

  14. LA - fascinating work - love the colors, textures, stitches, beads - oh heck - all of it! And even if you don't remember some of it, just think of how much you HAVE learned! And (sigh) life is messy - would be pretty boring otherwise! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  15. Thanks to your blog, I learned that Bluprint is shutting down! I was a big Craftsy fan and was disappointed when Craftsy changed to Bluprint and now that is going away, too. I never became a member but liked to shop and have access to my old Craftsy classes. I remember when I was in high school, I wanted to make a purple wool cape and embroider and bead it but I never got beyond cutting out the wool. I just did not know how to carry out my design. It is so wonderful to have computer access to so many tutorials and blogs now!

  16. I haven't done any embroidery in years. It looks like you are having SEW much fun! Here's hoping that you were able to finish the binding on Life is Messy.

  17. Your bits of embroidery and beads are making a pretty little piece. I love your Life's Messy mini!

  18. What a great class! Love the variety of stitches you're using on your practice piece.

  19. Sue Spargo embroidery is on my to-do list. Wish I had known about an online class. I have two of her books and the felt, sewing needles, and some thread to make one of her quilts. Too chicken to cut into the wool. I need to practice the stitches first. Thanks for sharing your progress.

  20. I just adore how your Life Is Messy piece came out, and your embroidery looks fantastic! Were you able to download your Bluprint class with Sue Spargo? I don't have any of their online classes, but friends who do have been figuring out ways and I feel like I heard someone say that Bluprint came up with a way for customers to keep their "forever" classes? But I was only half paying attention to the conversation... I have only done a smidge of hand embroidery, like dipping my big toe into a swimming pool to test the waters. But I was totally smitten with Sue Spargo's glorious threads at the Wonderfil booth at the AQS Quilt Week last Spring, and ended up buying a variety of threads as well as her little spiral bound book with illustrations and step-by-step instructions for different embroidery stitches. If you don't have that book, you might like it as a reference to remind you of different stitches when you're not sure what you want to use in a particular spot, or to refresh your memory on some of the stitches you learned in her class. I wish I could see those bell bottom jeans of yours -- they sound amazing!!