Thursday, June 25, 2020

I Like Thursday #199

I like robins!
Welcome to this week's list of likes! Remember if you do a post, just tell me in comments!

1. I like growing things...I hate to waste food, and we had a tomato on the counter that went fast... I sliced it and planted it in the empty raised bed. Our growing season is short, so I doubt it will make tomatoes for us this year, but I will be able to watch it grow.
Like wise, like the beans in "into the woods" I saved and dried from last year's meager crop, I sprouted them in water and planted them in the other raised bed container. We put in the cut stump of our lettuce too after a few days of sitting in water and it's making lettuce for us!
... I like to see things growing in a garden.
I also like the idea that I was the one to touch them if it comes to a harvest and I hope it does.

2.I only painted a few pictures this week.

KOI paints, pens, brushes, imagination!
They don't all work out, but I love this one... more tomorrow on paint party Friday

3.I am listening to a book on disc in studio as I sew on pink scraps...  by Tasha Alexander and it's quite well written and read out loud.
 A woman in turn of last century in Greece solves a mystery about her deceased husband.

4.I watched a video on blueprint, Jennifer Raymond,  on fixing holes in hand knitted items, pretty good, give it a 6/10 for clarity of image, but she never told me how to repair a hole in older (sort of felted edges) socks. Still she was better than most tutorials I've seen.

5.I watched a class on blueprint by Laura Waisolowski on fusing, and I've done a lot of fusing but she does it slightly differently than I do, and I know her so it's fun to see her again. She fuses big pieces of fabric first, and uses the transfer paper with ink line of the piece to mark where to cut.

6.The grocery stores are empty here again, but dh found one loaf of buns and they were good, and scored one tube of ground turkey (no ground chicken or sausage or other poultry) no lasagna noodles. I wanted to make lasagna again, so I'm substituting bowtie pasta they had, using the turkey to make a bolognaise tomato sauce, layering best I can ricotta cheese, meat sauce, pasta, mozzarella to bake. I might put in some seasoned panko bread crumbs to sort of try to meld it.

7.I liked joining some questionnaire blog hops this week , one on Sunday and one on Tuesday. It's like going to a social and chatting with friends... see post here

8.Our pool reopened in the 'hood... grrrr..... and there's nothing to like about that...
( not on your life would I enter that petri dish!!)
but one day I saw a mom and two girls headed for it... wearing masks! Yea! So far in a 'hood of 1000 homes, I've only seen 5 other people wearing masks in the last 3 months, the rest blissfully spreading their germs as they walk/'run/bike by.
I can't express how good it was to see another human actually wearing one!
(BTW, some hairdressers who were working on lots of people's hair, came down with the virus and because they were wearing masks, the people they worked on didn't get it.... yet....)

9.I liked the zoom meeting with my fellow I Like posters last weekend. There were only 5 of us this time but we had a nice communion of spirit between us. This kind of sharing will get us through the general insecurity of our times


this is the best video I've seen on unusual embroidery stitches...I had to fight blogger to embed the youtube video, OMG I am so frustrated with the changes in blogger! 

11.This video explains how animals communicate, and that they are very in tune with humans, we're not quite as tuned starts and ends with a cat who visits the grave daily of his long time human friend.

I liked this quote in the video by an anthropologist:
Man is not the only animal that thinks... but he is the only one that thinks he's not an animal" Pascal Pique

12. I took this personality test and it was fascinating! It's kind of like the Myers-Briggs but the results were very informative, so much so that I thought... there must be other people out there like me!!!
I'm an enfp on Myers briggs and this too, but this went into detail about why I fell like I do.
On this test I'm the Campaigner

13.This was kind of funny...

Milo's Moments
poor octopus getting surgery!

Heyyyyy give that back Mama! No fair you get to play with my toy and I can't!
Mama: I'm just repairing it Milo

Milo: you're undoing all of my work!!!
Mama: wouldn't it be nicer to have a toy to play with, instead of eating it? It's not an animal
Milo: you're right about that, it doesn't have much flavor but it's filling!
Mama: that's because you're eating fluff

Milo:  It's fun to tear up toys! That's how I play!
Mama: I don't get it, you're so happy to get a new toy and tear it right up!
Milo: think of it like this mama, you go shoppy-shop to buy fabric, then tear it up into little pieces!
Mama: but I make something with them!

Milo: details, details... just think of it this way, "it's a dog thing" "you wouldn't understand"

Mama: There! Finished! All sewn up and ready to play with
Milo: fine! The next sound you hear will be R IIIII P!
S I G H.... let's just go outside now

Editor's note: currently it is a Tri-o-pus instead of an octopus if you get my drift

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easyweimaraner said...

we think grrrr... too when we see the canned sardines on the beach... close together but with masks

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those are pretty pink scraps underneath your audiobook! I love how you can grow things from the leftover parts I would throw away - I've never tought to do that with the stem of the lettuce. I'll have to try that!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, your painting is pretty, I love the flowers. I try to avoid crowds if I can.. Our stores seemed to be well stocked right now, but that could change. Most people I see are being kind and wearing the mask. I am not sure why others feel like they do not need to wear the mask, are they being vain or what? Love the cute Milo images, I think most of our old dogs tore up the toys on the same day we bought them. Take care, enjoy your day!

Sandra Walker said...

Well I never! Heard of planting lettuce in that way! I am for sure going to try it, though the farm across the road where I buy my tomatoes now has organic Romaine and it was delish! Did you ever capture Milo's thoughts well - love the tearing up of a toy and fabric analogy! Blogger IS frustrating for several things. As for the masks UGH! As of tomorrow it is mandatory in our county to wear masks in a commercial establishment. Enforcing this? up to the establishment... And what about the bozos who wear them under their nose? on their CHIN? around their NECK? Enter a cloud of blue from my mouth. My husband the research/stats guru, said the chances of getting the virus go from 90% without a mask to 3% if one is wearing it to 1% if both are. Thanks for the videos, such a true quote. I'm so sorry I was a dolt and forgot our Zoom meeting. Next one! Thank you again for hosting these LeeAnna.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Love your "I Like" posts, even though I don't always comment. Always so thoughtful!
Milo's not the only pup who's hard on toys. Our Murphy had a moose that went from whole body to just a head through a series of repairs over the course of about six months. Why do dogs like to eat the stuffing???

Sherrie said...

Great the quote about animals and true. Have a great day!

colleen said...

I love the animal quote! I did the test but haven't read the results yet. I'm a INTJ on Meyers Briggs.

sandyland said...

darling Milo

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Went to Sprouts this morning and found lo and behold white and wheat flour for the first time in months on the shelves. Woohoo. I stopped buying lasagne noodles ages ago and use spinach filled ravioli (from Costco) instead. Makes for a tasty and quick meal. Don't even cook the ravioli in advance, just layer it and bake the whole kitten-kaboodle. 😋

Brian said...

That was a really nice list. We miss having a garden, nothing much grows in our hard read claw. Milo, you sound like a champion destuffer! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love that you include so many good links and you really have a lot of interesting blogs taking part this week too! Love your art and would like to listen to more audio books while I putter around the house. I just bought the ingredients to make lasagna...come on over! We'll wear our masks and sit outside! lol Hugs!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Most people wear their masks in my area (Massachusetts). I've seen a few people not wearing them and I find it upsetting. Our grocery stores are fine now. I hope yours get better. I hope your lasagna comes out good! I love reading about Milo!

CountryDew said...

I never thought about trying to grow lettuce like that. Does it come out as leaf lettuce or will it be a head of lettuce? Do you put it in water first and then plant it, or just plant it? said...

I am constantly amazed at what people do not have in their stores, while mine is pretty well stocked. I like how you are growing things. I just watched a video about doing that recently. Great list of likes. Bobbin is with Milo, she was very unhappy that mom was fixing her unicorn. There is a toy in this mess she is unstuffing, but I cannot locate which one yet.

Lea said...

I enjoyed reading your list.
Using whatever food we can find in the stores may be the path that leads to fantastic new recipes!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

That's a great title -
An Adventure in the Making with Milo and the Tri-o-pus
The test says I'm a Mediator INFP-T. The description sounds like me.
That fusing video sounded intriguing. I've a lot of fusing with no notion on how to use it.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Very cool I need to try that lettuce growing. It would be so convenient! We have a community pool but I would never go there. Even though as a kid I was in them as often as possible. I go in my son’s pool once or twice a summer. I can’t handle any heat anymore so it’s difficult. I really miss swimming tho. That was a pretty interesting personality test. It concluded I am an Adventurer which at first thought was hysterical but I sure was when I was younger. And I had to read the detail to see that it was mostly true. Thx for sharing that.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

So much news, LeeAnna. I don’t have a lot of success with veggies but, like you, I enjoy trying to grow them. Our supermarket is very well stocked but oddly, the Walmart is not. Only older folks here wearing masks as it seems we have done well containing the virus in this area. Almost all the local cases were in old aged homes. Continue your creative pursuits...I enjoy seeing the results. Love to Milo.

sonja said...

I like that you have spirit and have many likes!
i like to read them and i comment on them!
don't like where blogger is dragging us \ but love the ted talk lady and want to be her when i grow up.. am almost caught up with her and love she is smart and funny. a wonderfully dangerous combo ! More later , my lan over chicken catchatory sp is almost ready and my wine glass is almost empty!

Michele McLaughlin said...

Hahaha Tri-o-pus! What a nice big list of likes! I didn't realize that your growing season was so short! Stay safe and keep on wearing your mask!!!

Joanne said...

Hi LaaAnna,
It's Summer, 30+ C and warm!
We've got crazy folk here also... they think Covid 19 is a hoax, G5 masts that give us wifi/cell phone possibilies is a corona source and they don't respect the social distancing. The scientists are all part of it they say. How stupid can those folk be!
Luckily our Minister President says otherwise....wash your hands, avoid busy areas, keep your social distance...1 1/2 meters, stay/work at home if you can. if you're not feeling well, get tested, stay at home. Wear a mask when using public transportation.
There are a few relaxed changes from July 1st. But if the numbers change and the second wave of Covid 19 comes we'll have to change plans.
Other wise we're fine!
Post 199 ! and quite a long one!
so many creative things going on!

PaintedThread said...

Poor pus! You need to start out with a dodecahedrapus or bigger. The embroidery video was interesting. I'd never even heard of those stitches before. Lots of good likes! :-)

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi LeeAnna! I also didn't know your growing season was so short. I remember when I was a kid, my dad and I planted a potato that had rooted in the garden. I was SO amazed that it actually grew into more potatoes! ~smile~ Roseanne

Tom said...

...I've always said, when your lose your sense of humor, you've lost everything! Keep laughing!!!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I enjoy your "likes" post. Always nice to see cute Milo. Take care! Thank you for linking up your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

Jean said...

Cute little robin. Hey, looks like next Thursday will be your 200th "I like" post. Congrats! Hope you are having a terrific weekend so far!

Linda said...

We still have shortages in grocery stores. Sigh!

Virginia's governor mandated masks inside stores but a lot of people think that's some sort of insult to their freedumb.

Anu said...

Milo is cute :)

Anni said...

Your post today is a treasure. I enjoyed every minute here and want to thank you for participating at IRBB this week. Your conversation with Milo is adorable!

Michelle said...

I have read much of Tasha Alexander and love those books. I like seeing your painted work and admire your talent. I don't have that! I also like to grow things and am glad for our regular type of growing season. Thank you for linking up and have a great week.

Sandee said...

I think Milo has a point about his toys. I really do. That conversation made me smile.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to Milo. ♥

Angie said...

LA - I am a little behind on commenting this week … glad you found so much to Like last week - you are amazing with how much you explore on the web and the connections you make! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and a Happy Fourth of July!